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  1. I don't like to eat when I play games so if I am playing non stop I just have a protein shake since it takes the least amount of effort to make and eat/drink
  2. I would go for GTA 4, Resident Evil 5 or Tomb Raider I would go for GTA 4 since 5 recently came out
  3. The witch then
  4. Jimmy decided to
  5. The witch suddenly
  6. Dead Space 2 Completing the game on hardcore mode which limits you to no check points and 3 saves nearly made me go insane! Trophy was still a fun challenge to get though
  7. I would go for Saints Row 4 since it is one of the very few games I see you didn't plat yet
  8. God I can't wait for the release of this game. All those weekends spent in my light deprived room were dedicated to Soul Calibur 2
  9. I gotta agree with you 100%
  10. Recently finished the platinum for Farcry 3, now trying to beat Dead Space 2 on Hardcore Mode. Not sure who had the sick and twisted idea of giving you only 3 saves and no checkpoints for the duration of an entire game but challenge accepted!
  11. Recently finished watching Death Note definitely worth a watch. I plan on moving to Attack on Titan next heard a lot of good things about it!
  12. Those are two of the main reasons I wanted to hold off the PS4 for a year. I'm pretty sure that the PS4 is going to feature some bugs as most consoles do at launch time and with a backlog like mine who really needs a new console. Really wish I had money like you do
  13. Going to try to beat Dead Space 2 hardcore mode soon. Wish me luck

    1. TheYuriG


      Good luck, mate!

    2. CaptainHorakthy


      Good luck, dude!

    3. greyfox1296


      Thanks guys really gonna need it!

  14. I was wondering if anyone here was planning to get a playstation 4 at launch or wait until all the hype goes down. I planned on waiting a few years before buying one but seeing as most people I know are getting one at launch I'm not so sure anymore. What do you guys plan on doing?
  15. 10/10 that guy looks 100% badass