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  1. I don't like to eat when I play games so if I am playing non stop I just have a protein shake since it takes the least amount of effort to make and eat/drink
  2. I would go for GTA 4, Resident Evil 5 or Tomb Raider I would go for GTA 4 since 5 recently came out
  3. The witch then
  4. Jimmy decided to
  5. The witch suddenly
  6. Dead Space 2 Completing the game on hardcore mode which limits you to no check points and 3 saves nearly made me go insane! Trophy was still a fun challenge to get though
  7. I would go for Saints Row 4 since it is one of the very few games I see you didn't plat yet
  8. I was wondering if anyone here was planning to get a playstation 4 at launch or wait until all the hype goes down. I planned on waiting a few years before buying one but seeing as most people I know are getting one at launch I'm not so sure anymore. What do you guys plan on doing?
  9. God I can't wait for the release of this game. All those weekends spent in my light deprived room were dedicated to Soul Calibur 2
  10. I gotta agree with you 100%
  11. Recently finished the platinum for Farcry 3, now trying to beat Dead Space 2 on Hardcore Mode. Not sure who had the sick and twisted idea of giving you only 3 saves and no checkpoints for the duration of an entire game but challenge accepted!
  12. Recently finished watching Death Note definitely worth a watch. I plan on moving to Attack on Titan next heard a lot of good things about it!
  13. Those are two of the main reasons I wanted to hold off the PS4 for a year. I'm pretty sure that the PS4 is going to feature some bugs as most consoles do at launch time and with a backlog like mine who really needs a new console. Really wish I had money like you do
  14. Going to try to beat Dead Space 2 hardcore mode soon. Wish me luck

    1. TheYuriG


      Good luck, mate!

    2. CaptainHorakthy


      Good luck, dude!

    3. greyfox1296


      Thanks guys really gonna need it!

  15. 10/10 that guy looks 100% badass
  16. 8/10 like the Star Wars retro ad
  17. Games I am looking forward to are •Infamous Second Son (I've been a fan of the series since the first installment!) •The Wichter 3 ( Game looks amazing and I can only hope it will blow my mind in the same way skyrim did ) •Kingdom Hearts 3 (I know many friends who have been waiting for a sequel to this game as long as I have) •Destiny (Co-op in this game looks epic!) •Starwars Battlefront 3 (When I heard the announcement my excitement could be compared to that of a tween girl at her favorite boy band's concert) Looking forward to many more games but these are on the top of my list not exactly in that order
  18. Completely true I used to play like 3-4 games at a time and felt like I would never finish them
  19. DeadSpace 2 hardcore mode is extremely difficult to beat. Limiting you to only 3 saves and no checkpoints is an extreme pain
  20. My pile is quite big since I still have great games I still need to complete like The Last of Us, Farcry 3, Mass Effect Series, GOW series ect. The List keeps going for me but on the bright side I won't run out of games to play
  21. I learned how to survive in the wild with nothing but the clothes on my back through Minecraft as well as how to keep my rage in check after going through two controllers in cod multiplayer.
  22. God of War Sagas Collection new to the GoW series and they are an amazing set of games!
  23. Batman Arkham City getting 100 percent in the game and beating all the challenges was a load of fun!