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  1. They had some region issues with the DLC early on, and then later it was only available by buying the Premium Edition. It may have been delisted since as it was delisted on Xbox earlier this year according to reports.
  2. Had this happen on Santa Fortuna now... which is part of the new Hitman 2 set and doesn't even have any of these problematic bonus missions :/
  3. Looks like we randomly played some Urgent missions together just now
  4. Just finished the Comrades trophies today. Did all of the trophies except for one (beating the final boss #2 for the last royal sigil) without crafting uber powerful weapons (I used the 30% craft bonus to craft level 120 versions of Dragon Whisker, Vitanova, Dancing Daggers, and Clarity Shield to ensure I beat him - the rest I did with level 50 versions of two Ashuras, a Golden Axe, and an extra pair of level 30 Dancing Daggers). All thanks mostly to getting lucky with random people I managed to join up with (couldn't have done the mandatory high level Urgents "early" otherwise). All your weapons combine their stats, so you can have the fire resistance spread around as much as you like - it does not need to be on one weapon.
  5. Depending on how they've set those triggers, it may even be both harder and easier as there are new murkrifts (are they required for the previous trophies?) but also new mirages (easier to ge those mirage board trophies).
  6. Extra dungeon is inside the Crystal Tower (take the red crystal there to reach it) and Yojimbo, etc are likely inside it. The hidden cutscene is apparently obtainable after beating the new powered-up Brandelis after meeting some secret criteria (beating Immortal Dark Dragon might be one?).
  7. Everything that was added (except New Game+ and Nightmare difficulty) is available in post-game
  8. After the Serah intervention quest, Shiva-Ixion shows up as a new colisseum fight (she'll be near the FF Mascots fight on the list). By the way, did you also get the Mecha Choco (not Chocobo which was in the base game) hidden in an airship murkrift? The dungeon is accessed from where the Ultimate Gate was in the game (take the red crystal from the Crystal Tower airship fast travel point).
  9. Shiva-Ixion is in the colisseum and Lich (probably Yojimbo, etc as well) I've heard is in the new ultimate dungeon. I would have confirmation on those by now but had to switch to playing Final Fantasy XV's Comrades due to the recent news Sorry!
  10. Haven't fought Brandelis again yet (but I'll have to for the new secret ending), but I've already beaten the Immortal Dark Dragon and Enna Kros. Personally didn't find them too hard, didn't even use mega mirages or gravity spells. They both feature gimmicks and more than one target (Enna fights begins with three opponents and IDD gains an increasing amount of low hp clone helpers that copy all his moves). The champion jewels are fairly easy to get. If you did everything in the base game, then most of them are already buyable for you from the tea room. The rest are from new intervention quests and key item collecting (and Noctis from fishing up Leviathan, maybe? Haven't completed that fully yet). The time attacks are the same fights you've already fought in the colisseum but with the added time limits AND level caps.
  11. What's the-new in this honking the-update (at the-least): New intervention quests, sidequests, and story scenes New items (including a treasure tracker) New mirages and characters New archive entries Avatar change system A third on-screen party member (not an actual party member, just a visible companion) Ability to bring 12 mirages with you (instead of 10) New (super)bosses and an optional, harder version of the final boss New colisseum fights and modes (time trial, consecutive boss fights) A new bonus dungeon A new secret ending with sequel hinting A new mini-game (fishing) New Game+ A new difficulty mode PS4 version didn't get new trophies, but the new Xbox version has achievements that are for Maxima content.
  12. I'm kind of sad Frogwares didn't finish developing this, but Cyanide is good too Will have to look into getting this later, though I'm not a big fan of horror games. As for the trophies, I do like the variety on offer for doing a bunch of different (missable?) things.
  13. Nope, I'm keeping this one.
  14. I'm happy to see more WoFF content, though I'm not sure how it's going to be handled for people who already finished the game (does it require a new playthrough due to new scenes and stuff or will all of that be post-game content?). They seemingly are bringing over characters and mirages from Meli-Melo (no Kimahri or Garnet though?) alongside some new ones. Also, good to finally see Serah show up in the actual game since they had a couple of hints of her in the base game.
  15. Human Head Studios only worked on the Wii U version of Origins, not the PC/the other two console versions.