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  1. It's an online only game, no offline mode in it. You can play the campaign alone, but you will have to be online to do so - all saves are stored on the servers.
  2. This would be my list at the moment: Dartmoor (H3) New York (H2 DLC) Haven Island (H2 DLC) Whittleton Creek (H2) Isle of Sgail (H2) Mendoza (H3) Hokkaido (H1) Bangkok (H1) Berlin (H3) Miami (H2) Dubai (H3) Sapienza (H1) Chongqing (H3) Paris (H1) Carpathian Mountains (H3) Marrakesh (H1) Colorado (H1) Mumbai (H2) Santa Fortuna (H2) Hawke’s Bay (H2)
  3. I just did it and can confirm it did unlock for me at the same time I completed my easy second playthrough.
  4. Same problem. Flipped it several hundred times while changing other things (the stones, the crystals, leaving the room, etc), still no trophy. The two people who unlocked it got it at the exact same time as they finished their easy mode second playthrough, so I'm thinking the trophy unlock is set to the wrong trigger.
  5. From your list, these did auto-pop for me: Overdesign II Flying Eivor These did not auto-pop at all: As It Was Foretold Builder Calling in a Favor Completionist All The Way! Disorder of the Ancients Home Sweet Home Orlog Champion Silent Viking Skadi's Hobby The Order is Revealed Ultimate Refinement
  6. Good advice to keep in mind for when we can actually log in to the game to begin with
  7. Looks like the support is active even during the weekend
  8. Based on their Twitter feed, it's not just PlayStation players, not just people who transferred before starting the game, and not just people who never got to play before the errors started 😬
  9. The Sniper Assassin trophies for 1 million points and completing them as Silent Assassin are at least intended not to unlock since they are based on data the carry over progress can't or won't check.
  10. That's great 😑 At least in that regard it's good they didn't make the transfers available in advance or this would be a bigger issue.
  11. Same issue I have. Still haven't been able to play the game at all online.
  12. They actually were in the original Hitman 2 trophy lists
  13. Yes, this is also what they asked people to do 3 hours ago on Twitter:
  14. Yeah, unfortunately only possible with backup saves I read about the auto-pop details before starting the game and started keeping saves before certain trophies would pop (this did result in me being power level 400 + 50 mastery before pledging to a second arc in England xD). As a result I had very few saves to use for actual game advancing near the end of the game as I had assumed far fewer trophies would auto pop (I looked at Blackmaggot92's auto-popped trophies and incorrectly assumed from that). The auto-popping itself was quite annoying even with all the saves since Ubisoft servers were not working properly and refusing to do cloud saves on the PS4 version after a while. I lost the connection to Ubisoft Connect for an hour before my last trophy for beating all Orlog players could be cloud saved, so my time could be beaten easily if someone wanted to.
  15. Looks like someone beat you to that Blood Money one by half an hour Impressive nonetheless