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  1. For a guide, I personally used this. It's got some minor errors in it, but it's guaranteed to get you all quests and Lil' Cactus entries. It doesn't get you Deathbringer II or the "optional" encyclopedias though. This isn't entirely accurate as far as I know? There are characters and monsters you can miss (Alex and Deathbringer II, for example) as well as characters who don't need to be talked to for quests (Louie, for example). Some entries I personally unlocked by talking to the characters before or after quests (Roger and Putty didn't unlock their entries after their first quest, for example), so not sure which quests would have unlocked their entries. Also, you can miss the Equipment Encyclopedia (don't think you can miss the Item Encyclopedia) if a guide doesn't point it out to you (the guide I used didn't, but the GFaqs ones do point it out), which requires getting it afterwards at the start of NG+ if missed initially.
  2. Techs are learned by having certain skills (and weapons) equipped for a certain amount of fights. Use this for the amounts required:
  3. I personally got quite lucky with my planting as Toadstool Shed, Dialaurel, Orange'opus, and Sweet Moai all got planted at the same time for me Mangoelephant was my very last produce to get (Bellgrapes was second last). I recommend looking at this guide for some additional seed options:
  4. It does not work that way in the remaster.
  5. Invasion of Privacy and Fingers in Every Pie are both very much missable on a blind playthrough.
  6. Final Fantasy Tactics (or the War of the Lions remake), Tactics Advance, Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift, and (unofficially) Vagrant Story are all set in Ivalice which was created by Yasumi Matsuno (he also worked on Tactics, Vagrant Story, and XII) and have several recurring characters between them. They are also very good story-wise (especially the first Tactics game) if you indeed want something similar to XII in that regard.
  7. It's an online only game, no offline mode in it. You can play the campaign alone, but you will have to be online to do so - all saves are stored on the servers.
  8. This would be my list at the moment: Dartmoor (H3) New York (H2 DLC) Haven Island (H2 DLC) Whittleton Creek (H2) Isle of Sgail (H2) Mendoza (H3) Hokkaido (H1) Bangkok (H1) Berlin (H3) Miami (H2) Dubai (H3) Sapienza (H1) Chongqing (H3) Paris (H1) Carpathian Mountains (H3) Marrakesh (H1) Colorado (H1) Mumbai (H2) Santa Fortuna (H2) Hawke’s Bay (H2)
  9. I just did it and can confirm it did unlock for me at the same time I completed my easy second playthrough.
  10. Same problem. Flipped it several hundred times while changing other things (the stones, the crystals, leaving the room, etc), still no trophy. The two people who unlocked it got it at the exact same time as they finished their easy mode second playthrough, so I'm thinking the trophy unlock is set to the wrong trigger.
  11. From your list, these did auto-pop for me: Overdesign II Flying Eivor These did not auto-pop at all: As It Was Foretold Builder Calling in a Favor Completionist All The Way! Disorder of the Ancients Home Sweet Home Orlog Champion Silent Viking Skadi's Hobby The Order is Revealed Ultimate Refinement
  12. Good advice to keep in mind for when we can actually log in to the game to begin with
  13. Looks like the support is active even during the weekend
  14. Based on their Twitter feed, it's not just PlayStation players, not just people who transferred before starting the game, and not just people who never got to play before the errors started 😬
  15. The Sniper Assassin trophies for 1 million points and completing them as Silent Assassin are at least intended not to unlock since they are based on data the carry over progress can't or won't check.