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  1. No, always finished last (or almost) with the best total time but less laps then the others. But I think it only happened during championship races for me so was not a big deal. /Viktor
  2. Yes this happens some times when the AI think it's a longer race then it is. When you finish check the number of laps completed, the AI has more laps completed then there is in the race. Very frustrating but only happened 3-5 times during my run. /Viktor
  3. I had the same issue but removed Jak 3 and the save and tried again and got the trophies. /Viktor
  4. Just want to say that I got the trophy today after doing both weekly events in both weeks with one DNF (first event first week). Did not get it the week before after only doing one event the first week. Thanks for the tips @wolfpack7-1 /Viktor
  5. Preordered one at Webbhallen on the 24'th of January 2020, the preorders had opened up in april/may 2019. Closer to launch l was notified i would not get a PS5 in 2020. On launch day I got information that Elgiganten would open up for orders at 09:00, created an account and did some practise runs with the checkout and at 09:02 I had my order. Selected the free delivery option so had to wait until the next week for delivery. The preorder from Webbhallen showed up just before chrismas and I sold that to a friend for retail price. /Viktor
  6. Thanks, got my platinum 👍 /Viktor
  7. Sent an request vg132, thanks! /Viktor
  8. Also need invite to crew level 50, psn: vg132, thanks! /Viktor