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  1. Preordered one at Webbhallen on the 24'th of January 2020, the preorders had opened up in april/may 2019. Closer to launch l was notified i would not get a PS5 in 2020. On launch day I got information that Elgiganten would open up for orders at 09:00, created an account and did some practise runs with the checkout and at 09:02 I had my order. Selected the free delivery option so had to wait until the next week for delivery. The preorder from Webbhallen showed up just before chrismas and I sold that to a friend for retail price. /Viktor
  2. Thanks, got my platinum 👍 /Viktor
  3. Sent an request vg132, thanks! /Viktor
  4. Also need invite to crew level 50, psn: vg132, thanks! /Viktor