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  1. Okay so I'm thinking THIS GAME JUST DOESN'T WORK ON NORTH AMERICAN REGION PS4. As far as I can tell, everyone who played the game on PS4 and got the platinum has either played it on a different region PS4 other than NA and/or has PS5 games in their game history which leads me to believe they played the PS4 version on PS5. If anyone has played it on NA region PS4 successfully please let me know. At this point I think I'm just going to try to get a refund for the game.
  2. I dusted off my old PS4 that I boxed up when I got the PS4 Pro and downloaded the game on there. Tried to play the game and Again I just get a blank screen after I select New Game and the difficulty. No idea what to do.
  3. So I’m ready to start the game. Playing on PS4. Main menu loads up, I select New Game, pick my difficulty and the black LOADING screen appears. Then the LOADING text goes away and….nothing. Just a black screen. I tried redownloading the game, restarted the ps4. Nothing is working. Anyone else have this problem?
  4. Same thing just happened to me..... EDIT: I’m thinking maybe the glitch happened because I called cassies number before the game wanted me to (thanks to knowing the phone number from an online source) but I don’t know for certain. starting the game from the beginning was the only solution to fix it.
  5. As a sucker for "scary games" and Halloween related things (honestly it only needs to have a spooky title) the only thing stopping me from these easy platinums is the horrible game image. If it had good artwork I would probably be adding every title to my marathon of getting the plat in horror-themed games.
  6. Now bring them to SWITCH! 😀
  7. same. The only thing that would get me to play it on PS4 is if VR support was announced for the PS4 version only or something. What a shame it would be if there was no VR support for any console after how incredible and gamechanging RE7 was in VR.
  8. I was looking forward to an announcement for another REmake (Code Veronica, RE4, Outbreak, or even RE1 with new gameplay), RE7 VR announcement for Oculus Quest or Rift, or even just VR support for RE Village. but instead we got this.
  9. Amazing in VR too! So immersive. I wish they’d update it for PSVR
  10. Yeah I loved that it let you reorder games by the last time you played rather than the last trophy unlocked. I reorganized my list many times to keep things like all the LEGO games together, all the Guitar Hero/Rock Band together, all the Batman Arkham games together, etc. But when Xbox One came around my whole list was rearranged. Everything was in a different order than it was on XBOX360. I don't know why it happened and I haven't found many people it also happened to. But it happened.
  11. Since I don't have a PS5 preordered and who knows if/when I can get one, what I would LIKE to do is maybe play the game on PS4 PRO and then, eventually when I get a PS5, maybe do the Complete the Game on New Game+ trophy on the PS5. They just announced that the first Spider-Man game will allow save file transfers to the PS5, but will Miles Morales do the same, and if so, how does that affect the two separate trophy lists?
  12. I absolutely HATE the change of the trophy list icons. I used to be an XBOX achievement hunter and the changes they made to the Achievement List on the Xbox One ruined the whole experience for me and it looks like PlayStation took notes and are doing some of the same things. Shrinking the PS3/PS4 rectangular icons into a square is hideous. I don't mind that the new PS5 icons are square because they fill the whole square, but all the games that I've played and added to my list for years will look different and ugly. On the Xbox One, the order of the games on my Achievement List also changed, and not even by date or alphabetical or anything. I took pride in completing games in certain orders and xbox just rearranged everything with no particular rhyme or reason. I hope the same doesn't happen on PS5. BUT, like it did with xbox, maybe this will get me to stop being so obsessed and addicted to sorting my trophy list and playing games in a certain order, and maybe even get me to stop caring about 100%ing a lot of games.
  13. After a long break I figured I'd give Infallible another shot while I check out season 2. The inclusion of this Gauntlet mode seemed to be a dream come true but as I tried it out I realized that you are almost guaranteed to play TIP TOE before the finale just about EVERY time. Tip Toe is one game where winning is often a crap shoot. The squares get too crowded and I somehow get flung off way too often, and usually right as someone discovers the final route to the finish. I'm good at spotting the final route but even then sometimes I can't even make it there because everyone is in the way. It's definitely a risky game, at least for me, when going for Infallible.
  14. If my save file would transfer it would be better 😁😁
  15. Literally my FIRST game of the night, the FIRST game after the update, I get 8 vs 7 Fall Ball. A couple games later I get 5 vs 4 Fall Ball. So much for the update...