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  1. I would start from scratch and earn all the trophies again if it wasn’t for the Infallible trophy. It was hard enough earning it the first time. I played the game on Xbox and a handful of the achievements didn’t unlock and I was happy to earn them again. Also maybe people really like the game but don’t want to worry about earning certain trophies again. Live free and auto-pop. Who cares.
  2. On Xbox I can’t seem to unlock Fall Throttle, reach Terminal Velocity trophy. I happened to get the Whirlygig once after playing for a while and flung myself around the whole match to no avail. there are some newer games that make you run/move/get flung fast but it doesn’t seem to unlock then either. Not sure if anyone who unlocked it on PS5 recently can shed some light on the matter. EDIT: ok I managed to unlock it. I did it on the game Airtime by just bouncing around on the launch pads. The same tactic didn’t work in other game modes, and the Whirlygig method didn’t work at all, plus Whirlygig is kind of a rare game now.
  3. The “must be below 85%” isn’t entirely accurate. I joined a game that was at 95%, almost done with the Super Shredder fight. Spawned in and helped kill shredder and got the trophy for completing Arcade mode on the hardest difficulty.
  4. I just jumped in but slightly too early before he was dead. He was stunned so I even went in and landed the final blow. Didn’t get hit by anything as he was stunned already. Didn’t get the trophy. Might try again… EDIT: tried again x3 and didn't get the trophy. spawned in when he was about to die twice, and once after the final blow but before his death animation. Probably going to just try to do it legit.
  5. I’m new to this whole transfer save file to PS5 thing so this may be a dumb question, but do you lose your ps4 save if you transfer to ps5?
  6. Thank you so much for sharing this! I played one match to test it out and I got the trophy for killing 50 units with the car. does anyone know if you can get the 30 wins as survivor in Coop vs AI?
  7. not impossible, at least for the reasons mentioned. I just started the ps5 version recently and managed to meet the requirements for the trophy 3 times out of 5 matches I played, but the trophy didn’t unlock. I loaded up a private match (pre patch) and had my buddy quit out and it unlocked. Now that private matches don’t unlock trophies, it may be impossible to unlock if it keeps glitching like it did for me.
  8. oh ok. I just didn’t know if that was the magic step to actually make the trophy possible to unlock. I actually have more than 30 wins legit and no trophy. It’s very irritating. Ready to try boosting but don’t want to waste the time if it won’t unlock.
  9. What’s the purpose of gaining the full bar of infernal energy?
  10. Spoke too soon I guess. Playing the PS5 version now and Effortless Evil, winning a match without possessing a boss unit, did not unlock for me after winning the match and not even putting a skill point in the boss section.
  11. The trophies for this game can’t be synched because the developer hasn’t uploaded them to the server or something.
  12. Out of the Cellar trophy unlocked for me as soon as I hit level 45 last night with no problems. Playing as Puppeteer, haven’t tried any of the other demon classes yet either. Also I hit level 45 by spending the points in the upgrade menu, not at the end of a match.
  13. So I want to create a game session for any day around 11:00pm EST but because the ps4 trophies aren’t synched I can’t create a session since the website doesn’t consider it a game I own. How else do people find others to boost trophies with since posting about it is against the rules? I wanted to do a private game and at least get the “finish a match with X characters” out of the way. Maybe the revives and resurrections too.
  14. Playing Solo with bots is different than playing Private Lobby matches. From what others have said: Solo with bots - no trophy, no XP Private Lobby with actual people - trophy and XP
  15. same! But it was my first match… surprised to see this pop 🤷‍♂️