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  1. I have got 2TB for years and no problems, so don't worry, it's not too big and pretty cheap
  2. Sven coop mod was the best for me, do you remember that?
  3. Finished all multiplayer trophies, can I and is it worth it to start new game on elite difficulty to avoid another playtrough?
  4. Thank you, this is the best method, but small tip to people who still need it, don't open doors on both sides of the map, you will get 4 scans not 2 only
  5. Commandos 2 is on sale now, but could someone tell me are bugs fixed or same as on release date
  6. Somone said to me that you can but you need 4 consoles connected to LAN network, so basically trophy is unobtainable for most people.
  7. Don't get that game, servers are dead. You can only get 4 players trophy if you connect 4 PlayStation's to LAN network
  8. Could someone confirm, only shadow of Mordor servers are getting shut down or shadow of war too?
  9. Still love play on PS3, so many good games. Some series never really show up on PS4 like splinter cell. Playing blacklist and it's so good. But I have bad feeling that Sony wants to close online features on Vita and PS3 soon.
  10. So platinum is unobtainable again? Couldn't found daily challenges in SMI menu today
  11. Me and friends were trying to start first campaign mission but we couldn't connect to each other, doesn't matter who was inviting person, we could see each other in server browser but couldn't connect, any tips?
  12. Just finished 2 enemy camps for 100 percent but stats and challenges did not increased, are camps scavenging locations or not
  13. Unit 13 is great game. I give you recommendation, try to buy games physical. Vita is dead, nobody knows when Sony will shut down store, no more games on sale, games are still expensive and cannot share account on Vita.
  14. Why I don't see 191 scavenger locations in challenges menu
  15. Almost every new AAA games in PSN Ireland is 69.99 on release date, same in GameStop only places like Argos offers new game for 60 or 55 but not all games.