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  1. I bought pubg on sale for 15 euro and after few hours I got code with 25 percent off, that's nice move from Sony. Second thing is that I already owned metal gear solid 5 and ground zero, but in store showing me price for 100 euro for each metal gear.
  2. Motorola Moto z2 Force European version with 6gigs RAM, 64 GB memory and of course the best feature support for Moto mods. It's I think 2 or 3 years old model but bought brand new on sale for 250 euro, regular price was around 700 British pounds. Already bought 4 Moto mods, JBL soundboost 2 speaker, Moto gamepad ( not recommended because you can not change buttons mapping) Moto 360 camera, and my last mod and the best, Moto projector, now I can watch movies up to 72 inches on my wall for less than 100 euro. I bought my mods on Amazon USA version, it's cheaper 2-3 time than in Europe even if you add custom duty and tax and shipping. I forgot about that Moto z2 force is supporting Google daydream gogles, barely using it, but it's strange experience, when you watch Netflix or YouTube in VR version.
  3. Ok, let's go. First, maybe my English is not good even more, is very basic, but keep your dictionary to yourself. If you don't understand that's not my problem. Next thing is word discover, maybe I used wrong word, but everyone knows what I am talking about, if not just watch video. Next, I will keep video on yt, there is plenty of videos witch glitches in that game but you want to remove my video, it's strange. You are coming here to not talk about games but what other people should say or do, that's sick behavior. Bye.
  4. Oh we have badass over here, when did I say I discovered bymeslef even wrote thanks to people who showed me that. Anyway glitch with container is live long time and they did not fix, almost finishing mission and earn more gold make sense on extreme, you have regular YouTubers who posting new boosting methods every week, but my video is hurting wwz community with 20 few views, no logic, no sense in your post. Now I give you solution if you don't have nothing to say, just don't say nothing it's so easy. Now delete your comment.
  5. I am interested only with Just Cause 4 gold edition, that's amazing price. Love that series but stuck on challenges in Just Cause 3.
  6. Ok I have new grinding money farm method, I think is the fastest way to earn gold. Just watch video or read my comment under video. Thanks to Jake, Frank and my brother to discover or share info with me. Update: fixer has breaching charge too, and it's better to play because it has masking granades too.
  7. I won't press yes or not because how you define cheating? What exactly you mean by cheating? For example, using another apps in background on PC to play and win multiplayer games is cheating for most of players, but for many non-trophy hunters ( so majority of players base) boosting online trophies it could be called as cheating, but in same cases it's not possible to get that hard trophy without boosting. So this poll is a little bit useless. Unless you redefine your poll once again.
  8. I was asking fella who got trophy after update, and he confirmed that you need new mission in Tokyo to get trophy. If they add more difficulties this game will be 10/10 if already is 9/10 difficulty for me... So only option is to get trophy before next patch.
  9. Just finished new mission on normal difficulty and it was still hard, played on hard and no success, but it's nice mission and it's for free. Hope so in the future they will add more content because you can finish missions in few hours.
  10. Ok thank you, just understand that now, every perk has yellow label, with this label you choose which perk to use Thank you again.
  11. I have question, just started yesterday but have problem, I want to level up my primary gun I think is first SMG (Uzi) and I am choosing first class but I unlocked good few perks what's giving me different weapons to start mission with, but I want to start with SMG (Uzi) how to change it?
  12. I loved first one, finished on vita and ps4, very enjoyable game, hope so number 2 will be a little bit longer.
  13. What's wrong with you people, why you complain about games that you will not buy and play? Of course ratalika games producing games for easy plats so trophy hunters will buy it, first that's their business and they have customers so they produce more, that's capitalism. Ratalika games are supporting dying platform like ps vita and that's good too. Yes they are devaluate trophy system but if Sony let them to do it it's ok, account managers know better what to do. Different companies are devaluate trophy system too, and trophy system is not fully fair expample sometimes for long and hard trophies you will get bronze trophy and that's not fair. Just let people do what they want to do. And last thing when I was playing devious dungeon I had more fun than in some AAA games, game was very enjoyable, even my brother who is not trophy hunters got plat I'm this game. Respect and waiting for devious dungeons 2 on ps4 or vita.
  14. Ok, that's what I need to know. Thank you.
  15. Do I have to finish all side missions from mike's bar? Because I don't see trophy for this, only trophy for 1 mission, but guide says finish all side missions?