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  1. Hi, i killed thunderjaw for errands but my inventory is full with thunderjaw hearts. Can not drop it becuause in resources there is no such thing like thunderjaw heart, can not finish this quest cant pick up cant go back to npc what to do? It is not glitch my inventory was full you can remove my topic.
  2. How to upgrade obstacles course, I did it run few times but still no upgrades in shop
  3. There is only 2 gameplay on YouTube, for me game looks fun. I talk with fella who got platinium and he is saying that it's easy and quick platinium, doesn't even need guide, you must play both way as axis or allied with missions and aim for specific trophies but it is still easy, will definitely buy this game.
  4. Ok will try tomorrow, thanks for help.
  5. I can't find there solutions for normal walkthrough I see only for tank truck which has more construction points then 2 truck maps, I stuck at the ridge bridge 6 checked Google but nothing works.
  6. Definitely only ball on the ground, thanks for help but game is glitched need to restart.thanks again Jeeez restarted game and still no tug toy. Edit: if you earn more then 500 buddy points you will unlock tug toy and buy it for 10 gold. That's it, so frustrating loool, thanks for help anyway
  7. Sorry but can't find nothing and can't buy nothing because have not enough money only 180 gold coins everything else cost 500 or more, still don't know what to do.
  8. How to go for a walk with pet, my dog is saying that he is too weak to open door, what to do.
  9. Hi Do somebody know good site with bridge solutions for normal trucks not heavy, because what I found on net is useless mostly, doesn't works. Site bridge construction net doesn't works too
  10. Ok after talk with ci games support I discover that you can play side missions through jurnal (touch pad jurnal left analogue stick) but you must be in your hideout connected laptop to computer. Now trophies works for me. Think w this will help.
  11. Actually I have same problem as you, can't finish missions because I don't see markers, see them only when I am in different region but when come back marker disappears.
  12. Hi, my last trophy is glitched, killed few hundreds enemies cleared whole map (in the jungle now) on my second playthrough on easy and still no trophy redownload game now. Any solutions I am hurting enemies with sword then killing them with 🔥 ball, maybe buy on disc.mean kill 300 enemies with magic. Edit just got it after redownload game
  13. I think it is not available in Germany because it's promoting Nazi symbols, and it's illegal #joke
  14. Trying few hours of getting duelist and 300 magic kills but still not popping up, any tips for duelist because Iam doing it right but still no trophy I killed more than 💯.
  15. Hi, sorry for my not fluent English. When I was very young I played gothic series and love it, even gothic 3. After reading bad reviews I thought it will be bad game, but after few good hours I can feel it gothic series soul inside this game. Of course graphic looks bad, fighting is hard and awkward but it is same like in gothic 1. Really recommend this game for gothic fans. Going for platinium.