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  1. Why I don't see 191 scavenger locations in challenges menu
  2. Almost every new AAA games in PSN Ireland is 69.99 on release date, same in GameStop only places like Argos offers new game for 60 or 55 but not all games.
  3. So any missable trophies or non? Just downloading now
  4. Trophy list online
  5. Games in europe cost already 70 euro since few good years, so it will be 80 euro, I don't care because almost never buy games on release day, don't want to pay "new item tax" for unfinished glitchy shattered games. Second thing is that if people get digital version of ps5 they won't get choice, buy for 80 euro or wait sometimes year for promotions. Sony and publishers will get monopoly and that's not good for all of us.
  6. Because New York defunded police and current police officers cannot aim and shoot at someone who is more than 2 meters away, only stormtroopers from SW have similar accuracy
  7. Just type in into Google outward achievement guide, no road map but there is solution for every achievement, should help you with creating trophy guide. Outward is for 18 euro on sale now.
  8. Have stupid question, but how do I start escalation contracts, I don't see anything like this in main menu.
  9. Excited? About what? SSD? There is not great games announced on ps5. Backwards compatibility is only working with small percentage of games (forget that every developer will test their game to ps5) Sony has more interesting games at this moment for me than Microsoft, but you see for me Sony fucked up, 9 teraflops is far worst than 12 (10 tera in boost mode) so how many great games from Sony we will get? 5? 6? Rest of games mostly played by players are multiplatform, like assassin's creed, fifa, cod etc. and those game will works better on Xbox. Sony plans was to make as cheap as possible console, and funny thing is that Cerny was talking about compatibility in new ps5, so they couldn't bring too much powerful processor but even compatibility with ps4 is fucked up. This is basically ps4pro upgraded version. Sony knows that price of console is important so they have created budget console for casual players, to those people who plays only fifa on boring Sunday. After 1-2 years they will bring ps5pro, with maybe 11.5 teraflops.
  10. I have more opposite opinion, yes bf5 has plenty of issues not fixed which exists from release day, that's shame, but firestorm is amazing, and they added new maps on Pacific, so basically multiplayer is very good for me. I think bf5 multi is still better than bf1. But single player campaign is horrible, story is complete bullshit, Norwegian teenager attacking few Germans camps to save her mother... but that story is still more real than in new call of duty, where almost everything in story is opposite to facts, or story in BF4 especially ending... But I understand people with that opinion about bf5. P.S. I still love most bf3 on ps3, with my m60 with full mag or m249 (?) with 200 rounds in clip and proned on metro releasing democracy and freedom few houndreds bullets per minute and still loving hated bf hardline. If you don't know in one of patch they have added workbench and you could create your own skin to any weapon, and your real wallet wasn't charged for it.
  11. I bought pubg on sale for 15 euro and after few hours I got code with 25 percent off, that's nice move from Sony. Second thing is that I already owned metal gear solid 5 and ground zero, but in store showing me price for 100 euro for each metal gear.
  12. Motorola Moto z2 Force European version with 6gigs RAM, 64 GB memory and of course the best feature support for Moto mods. It's I think 2 or 3 years old model but bought brand new on sale for 250 euro, regular price was around 700 British pounds. Already bought 4 Moto mods, JBL soundboost 2 speaker, Moto gamepad ( not recommended because you can not change buttons mapping) Moto 360 camera, and my last mod and the best, Moto projector, now I can watch movies up to 72 inches on my wall for less than 100 euro. I bought my mods on Amazon USA version, it's cheaper 2-3 time than in Europe even if you add custom duty and tax and shipping. I forgot about that Moto z2 force is supporting Google daydream gogles, barely using it, but it's strange experience, when you watch Netflix or YouTube in VR version.
  13. Ok, let's go. First, maybe my English is not good even more, is very basic, but keep your dictionary to yourself. If you don't understand that's not my problem. Next thing is word discover, maybe I used wrong word, but everyone knows what I am talking about, if not just watch video. Next, I will keep video on yt, there is plenty of videos witch glitches in that game but you want to remove my video, it's strange. You are coming here to not talk about games but what other people should say or do, that's sick behavior. Bye.
  14. Oh we have badass over here, when did I say I discovered bymeslef even wrote thanks to people who showed me that. Anyway glitch with container is live long time and they did not fix, almost finishing mission and earn more gold make sense on extreme, you have regular YouTubers who posting new boosting methods every week, but my video is hurting wwz community with 20 few views, no logic, no sense in your post. Now I give you solution if you don't have nothing to say, just don't say nothing it's so easy. Now delete your comment.
  15. I am interested only with Just Cause 4 gold edition, that's amazing price. Love that series but stuck on challenges in Just Cause 3.