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  1. Aw, sorry to hear that. I feel your pain. Having the same issue with Black Diablos. Stick with it
  2. Hey, so I'm not sure which measurements you're using, but just in case this is helpful, I used the right side front leg while Kushala is sitting to measure. There is a smooth oval on that leg. If it's a large crown, the bottom of the oval should touch your hunter's head when Kushala exhales and there should be a gap between your head and the bottom of the oval when Kushala inhales. The measurement works in Elders Recess too (that's where I got my crown; non-tempered investigation with silver and gold rewards) but his 'wind shield' pushes you back a bit in Elders. That's still fine. Just get as close as you can and these measures still work. See video and timestamp for the point to measure. I went through a fair few investigations...dropping in, measuring and leaving if not right. I fought three that looked marginal. The third was a crown so worth fighting if you're unsure. If nothing else, you can get a few investigations from fighting. I also picked up a few footprints each time I dropped in, even in the investigations I was going to leave, so not a total waste I hope that helps a bit. 1 minute 24:
  3. Yep, threw my controller at my TV. Shattered the screen. Broken 13 controllers, dented my plaster, dented my laminate floor and turned over a nest of tables that took a bookcase down with it. I was actually impressed. I'm a 50 kg girl with no upper body strength, so there was a rush of something that kicked in, mate๐Ÿ˜†. Anyway, I've been gaming for 25 years (I'm 36 now) and I still always manage to find a game that takes me to that point of uncontrolled rage. Weirdly, it's always kids games like Rayman or Ratchet that get to me. I never broke a bloody thing playing Sekiro, Dark Souls or Nioh. People tell me it's juvenile, not important, just a game, a waste of money...I agree with all of those things, but it still happens. It's impulsive, not rational, so don't be too hard on yourself. Consider yourself "aggressively passionate". Welcome to the club, my dear. Welcome to the club ๐Ÿ‘
  4. Hey mate. I'm currently measuring for crowns in investigations. If I assess the monster as a potential crown based on physical markers identified by Gaming with Abyss (check out those videos on YouTube), I progress with the investigation and send up an SOS so others can join. That's a really long way of saying, if you see an online investigation led by me (Chell_Clare), feel free to join because the chances are I'm going for a possible crown. I don't send up an SOS unless I think it might be one. No guarantees, but may help a bit. Visual assessment isn't 100% accurate, but it may lend a hand if you're still going for this.
  5. Anyone fancy doing the chocobo remiem 5 chests and chocobo <0 seconds trophies for me? Not got the time or patience. Should work on SharePlay. Name your favour in return. Can promote or host your channels etc. Quid pro quo, Clarice.
  6. Hey guys, I'll keep it short and sweet. I'm lvl 50, know the tricks, know the warlord and ammo replenish (suicide) glitches, but happy to learn from more experienced players. Looking for someone to join me on crushing to get 3 * and help me improve. I still need lvl 5 weapons, but working towards it on my own in parallel to co-op. Want to join? I play GMT 7 pm to about 10 pm most nights. Online now and happy to listen to others' advice and, hey, I'm a nice person. Add me if interested Chell_Clare
  7. Hey guys, I'm currently playing UC4 Survival and would like to get 3 stars on Crushing to get 100% in the game avec DLC. I'm level 21, but just enjoying co-op and getting used to each map. I was wondering if anyone else would like to join me and get some practice while working towards the trophy for 3 stars on each map on Crushing difficulty. At the moment, I need to get 3 stars on Hard mode before Crushing will unlock, but happy to just have a good companion to join me while we work up to it. Let me know if you're interested in some co-op sessions Chell_Clare
  8. Hi, I was hoping someone may be able to help with an issue I've encountered. I downloaded The Division and have played much of the game, so this is an issue that's arisen well into my game. I hadn't played the game for about 3 weeks and went back to it last night; however, it gets stuck on the loading screen where is says "connecting Chell_Clare". It simply ticks away trying to connect for hours. I tried re-downloading but the same issue occurs. Has anyone else experienced/managed to solve this? I would ask Ubi Support but they're notoriously poor at customer support and rarely have a solution. Thanks!
  9. I like the Axe of the Conqueror but it isnt so great against a fast the time the hit lands, it's often too late and it hits the ground. I quite like the Swords of the Wanderer because I have a think for dual swords Blade of the Mystic is the one I depend on when I need the hits...always works well against powerful enemies so I'd have to say that one
  10. All of my hits were warp strikes. When you warp strike and hold it you seem to be fixed to your target. You're also not a solid entity when you warp which means you shouldn't be affected by physical hits, which is what i found. Even if Adamantoise moves you continue to warp back in to the point on which you locked. Repeated warps drain your MP so I got to lvl 59, equipped Iron Duke and constantly moved between two warp points...the hanging one on the billboard nr its right paw (which restores your MP) and the one opposite on the rock by its left paw. For example...hanging from the billboard warp point, do a warp strike to hit the nearest paw, hold it to get repeated strikes (hold triangle + R1 I think) until your MP is running low then release R1 (still holding triangle) and you'll immediately fly over to the warp point by its other paw. Do the same in the other direction. You don't get knocked out of the arena. Takes about 45 minutes assuming approx lvl 59 and a strong sword.
  11. Thanks for the useful tips. I replayed the level to build up a stock of grenades and M4 ammo then took cover at the back of the carriage like you said. I was also countering too quickly - I didn't realise that if you wait a few seconds, a triangle trigger shows up...even on Crushing. Took a fair few tries, but he's finally beaten! Hurrah!
  12. Thanks - so I need more grenades for a start! Did he run at you after you'd done a certain amount of damage? It seems to be the timing of my counter hits in that first melee confrontation that lets me down.
  13. Hi guys, I'm struggling with the mini boss in the last carriage of the train on Chapter 14. Any tips on timings for countering/best weapons to use etc? Countering isn't normally a big issue for me, but this fight seems to be quite unforgiving on Crushing... Thanks, Chell
  14. It was Uncharted: TNDC. It's soon to be superseded by Just Cause 3
  15. Agreed. Another tip for avoiding overheating is to keep it dust-free. You can use the nozzle end of a hoover to suck dust off the various points at which it could make its way inside the console. Wouldn't recommend wiping it away because you can end up forcing it into the console while you're doing it. Ideally, keep the console off the floor as it picks up carpet fibre. I've thought about this a lot .