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  1. I don't have to many games yet but add me anyways i'll be buying Splatoon, Arms and Pokken soon SW-6319-9595-5298
  2. Kinda disappointed that it doesn't have a "get 3333360 high score" it would have been the ultimate challange well at least its obtainable now
  3. Man i have 2 games ready but both have troublesome online trophies i hope i can make it in time
  4. we might be able to resurrect it cause its a very neat idea
  5. Hey can i join the club still ?
  6. Playing Rainbow 6 now hit me up if you want to play

  7. Looking for people to play RB6 Siege with i play a lot of game so you're welcome to add me if you don't play siege just put PSNP in you're request ID : Zz-Vanguard-zZ
  8. Damn, that list keeps taunting me it would be a nice addition to my collection though
  9. Divinity Original sin 2 Kingdom Hearts 2.8 XV Uncharted 4 Hyper light drifter PERSONA 5
  10. Dude you just called inafune the worst. he made Mega man for god sakes i know this business with "MN9" and "Red Ash" is kinda shady but hes not just another guy who makes a game,plus this is just at concept level if the game doesn't do well(which is very unlikely)he'll probably scrap it. PS. What do you have against Greg Miller?
  11. Just beat persona 4 for the first time and i gotta admit its one of the best things ever

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    2. Galactic Hyper Balls

      Galactic Hyper Balls

      quality game :), but made a huge mistake and didn't know you had to be on the true ending to get you last persona's made *face palm*

    3. Zz-Vanguard-zZ


      @Titanic Balls

      i did get the true ending

    4. Galactic Hyper Balls

      Galactic Hyper Balls

      You're on your way to success

  12. Paying for power that can affect others in game and gives you and unfair and unearnable advantage is pay-to-win i don't think many console games do that though(i might be wrong on that)you should see moblie games those are perfect examples of pay-to-win
  13. Have you played this games in the endgame this item literally does nothing, you pretty much can get to 25 within a couple of days so its utterly pointless there is no power involved so its not pay to win , don't get me wrong bungie is a huge dick to put something like this on the store but it does nothing, i got one of these items when i bought TTK and i still haven't used it so i really don't get why you're so salty about this
  14. I don't think i'll get to 10 at this rate after a 2 months of endless destiny i lost too much time
  15. Path of Exile it's literally The single best F2P i've played in my life and its what diablo 3 should have been for free