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  1. I don't think it's possible. Right now, the highest score on the leaderboard is less than 230K. I ended up buying the Deluxe Pack 1 and snagging the trophy on Red Show Deluxe.
  2. Yeah, but only in Classic Mode on the Space Shuttle table. The update seems to have fixed the problem somewhat, but not entirely. I do see that some people have bagged the 90 Sec trophy, and it has to be on the Space Shuttle table since the others aren't available yet. I'm, curious what strategy they're using, since I can't get even halfway to the target score.
  3. Runs about $20 in Canada. Blew through it in 25 minutes. Used it as my entry in the Completathon this week, so it was worth the money.
  4. Can't really do a screenshot at the moment, but it seems to be named Max. Squarish body with a triangular head.
  5. I can't figure out where to find the character in between Richie and Foxy. Anyone got a line on it?
  7. I actually bought four controllers to bag the We Dare platinum. Got the first two new, and found the other two at a pawn shop for $10 each.
  8. Just wrapped up my latest tour through the series of Detroit Metal City. Now reading the latest volume of What Did You Eat Yesterday?
  9. Hardest was probably Yakuza 3, just on the grounds that you have to get good at an astounding number of different things for it. The easiest was the first of the Umineko no Naku Koro Ni games -- a visual novel without the choose-your-own-adventure element. Basically, it's like four twelve-hour-long movies, eight 30-minute mini-movies, and about 10 minutes of dicking around with the menu. You can let the movies run while you're working or sleeping. I got platinum on this thing, and I still couldn't tell you a single thing that happened or name any of the characters.