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  1. I was over 500k before the 4.4 update, with much of that score coming back in May before the time when the issue with the stats not being saved started. Everything I've read recently says that the 'fix' by DICE was a complete wipe of progression towards the stats for the trophies on the server side, so you were basically starting over. However, after the 4.4 update I played a Recon class for 104k points and then got to only ~65k on the support class when my Jack of All Trades trophy popped mid game. That tells me that either it was not a complete wipe of your progression on the server side, or this trophy is still glitched, but possibly in a good way. I'm hoping that means I have to play for something less than 100k more points to get the Elite trophy to pop. I'm not there yet, but I'll let you know when I get there if that holds true... EDIT: Just confirming that my 500k Elite trophy popped only 60k points after Jack of All Trades did, so you do NOT need to start from scratch if you had points started prior to the bug.
  2. There's a patch scheduled for tomorrow (July 25th) that "should" fix the issue, at least if what I can read into what their community manager is saying is correct. Fingers crossed...
  3. This has been an issue for over a month, so unfortunately it's wasn't quite as quickly fixed as the BF1 issue was. The thread on the EA forums regarding this issue is quickly approaching 350 posts and their Community Manager for the thread has stated it has reached their 'Top Issues' list, so we can hope it gets resolved soon..
  4. I sent a follow up inquiry 2 weeks ago, 4 months after my initial one. They took a week to get back to me and replied with " Please rest assured that our teams are investigating this issue, but we are yet to have news from them."
  5. The trophies are all buggy after the last update. I'm at 515k and no trophy for 500k. Also at 125k+ for each class and haven't gotten the Jack of All Trades trophy.
  6. My backlog is currently 412 games - more than half of what you have listed is in my backlog as well. It's a good mix of PS4/PS3 games, although my Vita backlog is dwindling fast and would be dwindling even faster if I could ever finish Super Monkey Ball Banana Splitz - curse that game! I keep my backlog in a spreadsheet otherwise I'd lose my mind figuring out what to play next...
  7. The completion time is based on the difference in timestamp between the first trophy you earn in the game and the last trophy you earn to get 100%. This particular game really only has the one trophy that takes any length of time which is the 500 challenges. That will take you around 8-12 hours IMO. The other trophies are very quick little one offs where you just do a specific sequence of tricks and shouldn't take more than a few minutes each. If you play the game through from start to finish, completing all the challenges as you go, the first trophy you earn will be the 500 challenges trophy, then you can go and quickly clean up the other easy ones and that makes your overall completion time for this game very short, even though you actually play it for 10+ hours.
  8. I sent them a notice on Jan. 18th and received a reply back on Jan 24th saying that the team was working on it, but, of course, no firm dates on when it might be patched.
  9. Thanks! I'll go put in my 2 cents!
  10. Thanks muukuhh! The Europe 1912 (Expanded) map worked for The Mole trophy.
  11. Can confirm. I beat 4x Vanderbots on the base map and no trophy pop. I'm also still having a heck of a time with other trophies popping even though I have completed them I believe. Other people seem to have gotten them though... The Mole - Win while using at least 23 train cars in tunnels. I played two games after the 1.01 patch on the standard Europe map, once using exactly 23 trains and once using more than 23. I won both games playing with only 2 human players, and no trophy pop. Blue, white, and red - Build each tracks of the triple routes between Marseille and Paris in the color of France's flag I won a game last night in v1.01 with 5 players (3 human, 2 AI) where tracks were placed and built upon in each of the 4 triple track sections in the order, from left to right, of blue, white, and red. No trophy pop, which is painful considering a 5 player game takes like 20-30 minutes. All colored tracks were placed down before any of them were built upon. I did not build them in the order starting from Marseille and going up to to Paris, but rather randomly. Not sure if that matters... Impressionism - Build each of the 8 tracks of length 5 in a different color Build each of the 8 tracks of length 5 in a different color Again, in v1.01, I played a 5 player game (3 human, 2 AI) where I placed 8 separate colors on the length 5 tracks and built upon each of them. I think the computer built one of the triple section tracks but them rest had trains placed by human players, not sure if that matters. I won the game and......no trophy.
  12. I also believe it's glitched. A lot of the trophies seem to be a little tricky to get. Some of them will only pop on certain variations of the maps even though not explicitly stated in the trophy descriptions. Others I can't get to pop at all even though I have definitely achieved them. The Germany maps I cant even play. As soon as the final player chooses their destination tickets the app on the phone exits. I restart it and it brings me back to the destination selections and repeats the closing over and over.
  13. Might & Magic: Duel of Champions - Forgotten Wars - Even with myself and my second PS3 searching, and no one else in the world playing the game, it's near impossible for us to find each other since the matchmaking is so obscure which makes it nearly impossible to get to Champion rank. This might end up being the only 1 of the 400 games in my list that I never get to 100%. EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis 2 - I platinumed Virtua Tennis 2009 and VIrtua Tennis 4 and decided to try this. The difficulty spike at the start of the 3rd season in Career Mode is insane. I can't win a single match! The only saving grace is that the remaining trophies are offline so at some point I might be able to figure it out. Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz - Again, it could have been a fun game, but the difficulty on some of the trophies requires some serious dedication, which I just haven't been able to muster yet...
  14. Ouch! I just picked up the Disney Infinity 2.0 Starter Pack for PS4 off a clearance rack at Target for $5 just last week. I guess I need to knock out the online trophy ASAP if the servers are still up. Fortunately I haven't started playing it yet, so I have some time to confirm server availability before I put it in my trophy list.
  15. I'm having the same issue! I've played the level 8 times now. I've tapped the sap out of that tree... Fast, slow, hard, soft, pintpoint touches, gentle drags....I cant get it to pop the gem out. I've had it spawn on the very edge of the map and also in the very middle of the map. I've tried tapping it in the fog and also waiting til its out of the fog. I tried targetting it with the d-pad and spamming the X button. Doesn't seem to make a difference what I do, it won't give me the goods and it's getting rather annoying! EDIT: OK GOT IT! Was on my 9th play though of the level. The time that I got it, I walked up within a few spaces of the tree without tapping it at all. I then selected the square the tree was on using the D-Pad and then relentlessly spammed the X button as fast as I could until it came out. A bunch of standard loot gems come out first and then the red crystal pops out last. In my previous failed attempts I possibly paused in the releasing of the standard gems from the tree or wasn't fast enough and that caused an issue. That or it just truly is really buggy and will be luck based for everyone....