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  1. I decided to load up FIFA 16 again and try the draft thing again a few days ago. I've tried this several times over the years, and I always end up with the same result. It won't ever match me with an opponent, even though I know someone else is searching at the same time. Funny enough, if I log into an alternate account, it will find a match no problem.... The problem is that the account I want the trophy on, that won't find an opponent, is my main account
  2. Just finished this game. The Collector trophy glitched on me as well. It showed 20/20 in-game challenges completed along with the full picture displayed but the PSN trophy didn't pop. In this case, the last wisp I collected was the one for falling through the tree. I tried letting the game idle for 10-15 minutes as I had read elsewhere and no luck. So, I reset the game data (from the in-game menu) and started out again. It only took about an hour or so to get back to Mirrored II-II. My second playthrough I collected wisps in this order: Falling through the tree Non-mirrored wisps x 2 Mirrored world 1 Mirrored II-II Konami code Chapter 3 entrance and the trophy popped fine. No clue if the order truly matters, but it seems to have made a difference for me the second go round.
  3. It seems as though they are doing 2x XP again this weekend, which is super helpful for anyone wanting to grind to 100! I hadn't heard anything about it, but the screens in game are showing 2x XP and Im definitely seeing the result after matches!
  4. Sorry I wish I knew. I didn't plan any specific order to do them in so I don't recall which one I did last.
  5. Thanks for this tip! Worked perfectly on the PS5!!!
  6. The error has gone away now, at least for me, and I was able to sync my trophies.
  7. I'm also getting the NP-9849-0 error when trying to sync my trophies on the Vita
  8. I finally got all of the 100 KO trophies. I did the first 5 or so characters on my PS5 and for several of them it felt like they were taking longer than they should have to pop. That's what lead me to start tracking on paper when I started on Plink and noticed the issue. After switching to my PS4 and playing several additional matches to get the Plink 100 KO trophy, I remained on the PS4 for the rest of the 100 KO trophies. I tracked everyone on paper and each of them popped at exactly 100 KOs. I don't know if that is because I was on the PS4 or if it was sheer coincidence.
  9. Im going to try deleting and reinstalling today. I got 172 KOs with Plink yesterday (I counted on paper..) in the Co-op Arena playlist while playing on my PS5 and the trophy for 100 kills with Plink didn't pop. I then logged into my PS4 and upon doing so the trophies for 1000 coins in Treasure Hunt and 50 great recoveries both popped immediately, but no luck with the Plink 100 KO trophy. I played 4 more matches on my PS4 with Plink accumulating another 25 more kills and still no trophy. EDIT: Re-installing the game didn't seem to help. I didn't think it would since it seems like the stats are all stored server side. I had to play another dozen or so matches and get another 50+ KOs to get Plinks trophy to pop. In all I probably had 275+ KOs with him before I got credit for 100 KOs.
  10. I commented on the EA Support Forums on the thread about this issue. Hopefully they fix it soon, but you never know with EA. Based on my experience with EA, they will probably not patch it until after the Superbowl and somehow that will make the Already In Progress trophy no longer obtainable as the season will be over and there will no longer be any games in the Play Now Live games to pick from. Or some such similar nonsense... Basically they'll fix this one but it will take so long that another trophy will become unobtainable in the meantime, or their fix will introduce another problem..
  11. I'm trying to do the downgrade and am stuck. I have gotten the remapping part done in Charles using the link shown earlier in this thread for the US version: http://gs2.ww.prod.dl.playstation.net/gs2/ppkgo/prod/CUSA03652_00/73/f_cd2ab46d6e8f4f2c8f9b4e8653b83adcec07cb578ffc5278d41814381db047b8/f/UP1001-CUSA03652_00-MAFIA30000000001-A0109-V0101.json But then after cancelling the download and restarting it on my PS4 it won't download. The error message on the PS4 says it's a HTTP 403 error. Am I using the wrong URL and trying to access something it wont give me permissions for? Or did they change something to not allow this? I tried visiting the https://ps4database.io link shown earlier to try and locate and confirm the URL but that website isnt coming up either. Any suggestions? EDIT: I got it to work. On the step by step in the other thread for the comrades trophy, the screenshots there show the checkbox on the mapping pop up being checked. It says something like “Preserve host in header fields” or something similar. The walkthrough doesn’t emphasize that it needs to be set in anyway (and it's not set by default), but that’s what seemed to do the trick for me. I have 1.09 installed now! Cant wait to finish the plat and delete the game 😁 EDIT #2: Just finished my first play-through (New Boss) while using v1.09 and all of the trophies that glitched on me the first time around popped as they should have this time. I closed the game and powered down my PS4 multiple times over the course of the play-through and had no problems. EDIT #3: Just finished my 2nd play-though (kill) and, again, had absolutely no problem getting all trophies to pop as expected while using the v1.09. Got the plat and deleting the game!!
  12. Ill be hopping on tonight and will send a request or two out to those who were accepting members into 50 crews. Hopefully I didn't miss you and thanks in advance! EDIT: Thanks for the invite! Got the trophy!!
  13. I tried the game for the first time last week as well and had the same issue. I couldn't even get the game to load into my trophies list at 0%. Looks like they just patched the game yesterday to a newer version. I tried playing a game and still couldn't get it load or get any trophies to pop.
  14. I tried to start Madden 21 last night and couldn't get the trophies to pop or even to show up on my profile at 0%. It seems Im not the only one either. They apparently messed something up with their latest update. That might throw a wrench into someone's plans who attempts to get them all..
  15. I'd say there's definitely a little bit of luck involved. It took me forever to finally get that one done and now I'm stuck on the 10 Expert levels without a Continue as the last thing I need for the plat. You can practice the first two balance beams and getting to the lifts. That definitely did help me a bit, but those moving barricades on the conveyor belt definitely require some luck in getting them to cooperate with your camera angles (at least for me they did).
  16. 2011 Platinums: 10. Most Common - Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus (51.86%). Least Common - Madden NFL 12 (2.84%). 2012 Platinums: 57. Most Common - NCIS (84.51%). Least Common - FIFA 11 (0.57%). 2013 Platinums: 63. Most Common - The Walking Dead (49.05%). Least Common - Madden NFL 13 (0.22%). 2014 Platinums: 49. Most Common - CSI: Fatal Conspiracy (48.79%). Least Common - Madden NFL 25 (0.49%). 2015 Platinums: 48. Most Common - Magus (74.50%). Least Common - Far Cry 2 (0.56%). 2016 Platinums: 61. Most Common - My Name is Mayo (97.72%). Least Common - Neverwinter (0.70%). 2017 Platinums: 51. Most Common - Energy Cycle (96.58%). Least Common - LittleBigPlanet 3 (2.85%). 2018 Platinums: 63. Most Common - Little Adventure on the Prairie (97.55%). Least Common - Guitar Hero Live (0.97%). 2019 Platinums: 77. Most Common -Jack N' Jill DX (99.04%). Least Common - Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion (1.92%). 2020 Platinums: 77 and counting.. Most Common - Deep Space Rush (98.82%). Least Common - Gran Turismo 5 (0.60%).
  17. Few PS5 questions I haven't specifically seen answers to.. 1. You can be logged into PSN on PS3 and PS4 simultaneously on the same account with no problems, but not on two PS4s simultaneously. Can you be logged into a PS4 and PS5 simultaneously with the same account? Or will it kick you off of one system when you log into the other with the same account? 2. You are limited to TWO PS4s when it comes to downloading games with 1 account, your primary and secondary PS4s. Does a PS5 count against one of those two systems now? Or does it count as an additional system? I.E. Would I be able to download a PS4 game purchased with my main account onto both my PS4s and again, a third time, onto a PS5?
  18. I also started the game only after the server shutdown announcement. Managed to finish the platinum in a few weeks and luckily didn't hit any glitches, although I went into them prepared just in case. I kept two save files going, always verifying the scavenger location counts before updating them. I also checked challenges frequently and made sure to complete as many of them as I could while going through each area. I actually really enjoyed the game. It was definitely a pleasant surprise.
  19. I had issues with these two trophies prior to the patch that was put out in April. After that patch, they both popped for me on my first attempt. 1) Impressionism - If memory serves, I think there are more than 8 tracks of length 5 on the board, but some of them cross each other so that you can only build a max of 8 of them in any one game. I believe I was the one to place all of the tracks down on those 8 spots, not the computer. You must be playing with enough players to open up all 3 tracks of the 5 length triple track section. I believe I placed and claimed all of the 5 length track sections with human controlled accounts and did not let the computer place or claim any of those sections, although I don't know if this was necessary or not. I believe my main account won the game at the end as well and the trophy popped after the game, but again, I cant confirm that winning is necessary. 2) Blue white and red - You will also need to be playing with enough human controlled players that you can control the placement and claiming of all of the routes in this stretch of track. I did place them in order of blue then white then red (as the trophy name implies) from left to right. I also won this game with my main account and I believe the trophy popped after the game,but again I cant confirm that winning is a requirement to get the trophy to pop. Hope you are able to get them soon!! I waited a year for that patch to finally come out and I'm glad it did. I had given up all hope of ever getting the game to 100%.
  20. Just out of curiosity, were these glitches only recently introduced with patches? I guess my question is....would I be better off going out and obtaining a physical copy of the game, non Definitive Edition, that is presumably on v1.0, and playing that version un-patched? Would that prevent this issue with the counters not working properly? Or has this existed ever since release? I see a good number of people got the platinum early on...
  21. While EA servers may stay up for years on most of their titles, that doesn't necessarily mean the trophies will still be obtainable. Prime example, FIFA 19 had an online trophy for qualifying for the Weekend Champions league (or something similar) that became unobtainable almost instantly when FIFA 20 was released because they stopped supporting that feature without any warning. I haven't played a hockey game since Blades of Steel on the NES, which i loved, but I can only stomach so many 50+ hour annual sports titles each year so I've always stuck to soccer, baseball, and football (which I'm trying to avoid now..). Long story short, I have no basis for providing you any proper guidance on anything you asked about specifically. I would simply advise you to start now if you really want to make sure you get it done I know that's easier said than done if you happen to have a backlog anything like mine.... (400+ games..)
  22. Im in the same boat as you in that I only need the Gold Standard trophy for the platinum. I play with a DS3 controller and don't own a wheel. I was never exceptionally good at the game and many years ago I made the push to grind through the A spec and B spec leveling. Last year, after a several year hiatus I decided to pick it back up again, and I managed to get gold on every race/license/event except for the 3 Sebastian Vettel X events. I only tried them a few times but after reading repeatedly how difficult they were online I decided to take a break from the game again before making that last push for plat. I keep telling myself I'm going to put the disc back in and focus on trying to complete it, but I always get distracted. I wish you the best of luck!!
  23. Just finished this game up myself. After almost a year and a half I had also given up on this ever being fixed, but the recent patch seems to have fixed the issues I was having with certain trophies. The 4 x Vanderbot trophy popped right away. Also, I got 'Impressionism' and 'Blue White and Red' to pop on the first try each. I had tried those two trophies a dozen times or so and never had any luck.
  24. I just finished this plat a few weeks ago and I wish I had started it much earlier. The Global Giants trophy was by far the biggest time sink and I think it's even bigger now than it used to be. I may be wrong here, but it seems they stopped posting the special events/challenges you could compete in that allowed you to earn packs or special gold/black ball players in at the end of 2019. They also did what appeared to be a final "triple xp earned for playing matches" event at the same time. I haven't launched the game since I got the plat, but in the 4 weeks that followed the start of the new year, there were no events of any kind. Maybe they truly just don't do them very often, but it seemed like they just stopped altogether. That was frustrating for me when trying to get the Global Giants trophy, because it is exceptionally difficult to get decent non-loan players that you can play with and level up via matches nowadays. And with the sales of myClub coins ending back in November (?) 2019, the only way you have to buy packs is to play tons of games only to earn enough GP to buy 1 pack with a very low percentage chance of having ONE good rare player to improve your lineup! Ultimately I went the two team route. Your BEST option currently for getting good players for your team is to check the Loan area DAILY. The Loan players seem to get updated every 2-3 days, but I could never figure out the timing exactly. I would recommend checking it every day. Grab any Black Ball players IMMEDIATELY. Only grab Gold 84-rated players from the Loan menu for spots you don't already have a Gold 80+ player in. Create two squads. Set your Squad 1 as your Global Giants team, and don't even play with them. Most of your team will be built with Loan players and you can't renew their contracts. Once they expire, you lose them, and that is a very bad thing.... Create a Squad 2 as your play squad. With your squad 2, you are going to play hundreds of Simulated matches. Each match will reward you with 600 coins for a loss, 1000 for a draw, or 1600 (?) for a win. These amounts are for a 1 star squad and will scale up based on the quality (star rating) of your squad. Each match will also reward you with a Scout card which you will redeem for another player (don't combine these, you will need as many players as you can get). Once a player has used up their contract, convert them to an EXP trainer and replace them with another card from your bench that is NOT on your Squad 1 roster. You will basically continue doing this until you have enough coins (I think its 25k) to buy a pack of cards and hope you get a good player. More often than not you will get more fodder cards to put into your Squad 2 lineup which is your EXP engine. Use the EXP trainers you are creating with your Squad 2 to level up your Squad 1 players. I would double check EXP gains amongst multiple players. For instance, I found times when putting a GK that had been converted into an EXP trainer actually gave more XP to a RB/CB/LB than to another GK. I'm not sure of the logic involved, but try and get the most XP you can out of your trainers. The trainers also seem to 'crit' occassionally and give you 2x, 3x, 4x, or more of what the actual training value is. This seems to be random but can be a huge bonus to speeding up this process. I would also recommend leveling up your Black ball players first. Taking a Gold player from XP Level 32/33 (Rank 85) all the way up to Level 36-38 (Rank 86) can take a good bit of XP but might only increase your overall team rating by 2 points, whereas doing the same for a Black ball player seems to give you 7-10 points on your overall team rating for the same thing. A couple more thnigs... 1. Log in every day! Even if you don't play, just going into the myClub menus will give you the daily rewards, which seem to rotate between 1500 GP, 40(?) myClub coins, and some fitness cards I think. These can be super valuable! Since you can't buy myClub coins anymore and there is a fixed amount you can earn for accomplishing tasks in the game, these are a nice bonus. I believe this resets at around 7 PM EST (Eastern US) 2. Try and get at least one simulate match win every day. The first match you win each day gives you a larger amount as a bonus and is worth trying for. Same reset time as #1. 3. I think I had the Standard version of the game, and you do get a few free packs with it, but it's like 1 per week and they show up as Special Agents on Saturday mornings. Definitely grab those!
  25. I was over 500k before the 4.4 update, with much of that score coming back in May before the time when the issue with the stats not being saved started. Everything I've read recently says that the 'fix' by DICE was a complete wipe of progression towards the stats for the trophies on the server side, so you were basically starting over. However, after the 4.4 update I played a Recon class for 104k points and then got to only ~65k on the support class when my Jack of All Trades trophy popped mid game. That tells me that either it was not a complete wipe of your progression on the server side, or this trophy is still glitched, but possibly in a good way. I'm hoping that means I have to play for something less than 100k more points to get the Elite trophy to pop. I'm not there yet, but I'll let you know when I get there if that holds true... EDIT: Just confirming that my 500k Elite trophy popped only 60k points after Jack of All Trades did, so you do NOT need to start from scratch if you had points started prior to the bug.