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  1. WARHAWK!!! Not Starhawk.
  2. Really excited for this one. Release date has been pushed back several times.
  3. Where is it??? When can we expect it??? I have been very quiet about complaining in regard to RDR2 because I value all of the time/energy that went in to making such an excellent game...but c'mon guys! Your online is dying. There's only so many times I can grind for daily gold challenges, or get my head blown off by a level 500 every time I step in a PVP lobby. Where's the new content? I'd even settle for new horse races/content...but that hasn't changed a lick since it started. I wanna keep playing...but when you've maxed out all the roles, completed every daily challenge at least 20 times and explored all over creation.....well....maybe it's just game over for me at this point.
  4. I'm in need of a good shave.

    1. EternalChaos72


      You know what you do?

      go shave lol

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      You gotta do what you gotta do.

  5. I always thought this was a GREAT game / EXCELLENT and fun multiplayer too! I had hours and hours of fun playing this when it first came out and recently wanted to go back and jump in on some MP matches only to realize nobody played it anymore. It's a real shame because I thought it had wonderful weapon selection/ fun maps/ great customizable options and cool stuff to unlock as you level up. Much, much more fun than Red Faction: Armageddon.
  6. I've been playing Tearaway for a couple days and know that I've gotten at least a few of the trophies in the game. However, they don't register on my psn profile, nor in my trophy collection via the PS3. Seems really strange. Anyone else have them not showing up at all?
  7. This just in: Tearaway trophies just magically showed up after a week. All is well, and everyone can rest easy now.
  8. Hmmm... It's never been a problem for any of my other vita games. I'll take a look-see. Thank you.
  9. So, I got my Vita about 2-weeks ago and while I do like it, I'm extremely irritated with constantly getting stuck on the "Preparing to Download" screen. You're left with no option but to power off your system and start it up again in order to do anything. The first couple times this happened I was really concerned I got a defective device or something... then I did a google seach and it looks like this problem has been going on for over a year!!! Really? Anyone else have this issue when trying to download games from the psn store? Are they ever going to fix it?
  10. Just got "Rayman: origins" a couple nights ago when it went free. Really, really liking it. It seems like the perfect handheld-type game. Very vibrant colors and great fun.
  11. Really liking "Rayman: Origins" for the Vita! Great fun

  12. Honestly... I'd just like them to fix the downloading from the PS store. It's gotten so bad for me I virtually can't download anything straight to my vita.
  13. Same here... it seems like it happens a lot though. I mean, I've only had my system for a couple weeks and have been stuck on that screen about 20 times already. This seems like a major issue that should be dealt with. The fact it's been going on for over a year is really disconcerting to me.
  14. Lee Daniels' Sitting on my ass playing games.

  15. Got my Vita a couple days ago... it is an awesome little console. It gets my official, unofficial seal of approval!

  16. I remember purchasing it for 3-months back when "Stacking" came out in the PSN store. It was $9.99 to purchase or I could get PS+ for $9.99 and Stacking for free. It was a no-brainer, and I've been a member ever since. Awesome service, tremendous deals!
  17. sitting in my cubicle.

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      I'm currently working for the Mall of America. It's not so bad... just sit, answer phones, dispatch calls... eh, it's a living.

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      cant argue with that

    4. JohnnyConsumer


      Yup, I'm an old man (35) and back in school... actually starts again tomorrow. Only one year left. Stay in school...or else you'll end up like me years later.

  18. Thanks for the suggestions. I am expecting my Vita to be coming in the mail tomorrow actually! I'm really looking forward to Persona 4 and the free games PS+ has to offer. It looks to be an awesome hand-held system and I've wanted one for some time. Finally found a really good deal on one along with a memory card so I'm pretty stoked about that.
  19. Ok, so I crafted a total of 3-items using Stalhrim and the trophy never popped. This along with the "Oblivion Walker" trophy have me sort of pissed. Has anyone else had this issue with this particular trophy? I've done a search using google to see if it's common, and to be honest I haven't seen anyone even mention it. I don't think I'm doing anything wrong considering it's a pretty straight-forward deal.
  20. I'm probably late to the party, but yeah... I've noticed a ton of glitches with quests/characters/trophies/etc. in the new DLC. It's disappointing, but the game's given me hours upon hours of enjoyment so it's somewhat forgivable. That being said, I still have no idea why I've crafted said item and still don't get the trophy. I even saved beforehand and tried it numerous times and crafting numerous different stalhrim items. Still... nothing.
  21. Haven't rented a game in a long time. Usually try and buy used, but if it's something I think will be amazing I usually pre-order it. I'd say about 75% to 25% used over new.
  22. I've been a Vikings fan since 1987 and I've had a lot of heartbreak over the years. Now that I'm older, I generally care a lot less about sports and am a casual fan. I've watched every game AP has played in and he's pretty special. As long as Christian Ponder remains the QB, I guarantee AP will get plenty of touches. Ponder is awful and couldn't throw a pass if his life depended on it.
  23. Let the hazing begin. I want to be your friend. I'm a swell dude.