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  1. The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
  2. The Godfather II (PS3) - No issues, although EA killed the multiplayer servers. Hannah Montana: The Movie (PS3) - No issues Megamind (PS3) - No issues Minecraft (PS3) - No issues Nights of Azure (PS4) - No issues The Penguins of Madagascar (PS3) - No issues SpongeBob HeroPants (Vita) - No issues The Walking Dead (Vita) - No issues
  3. #98 - The Godfather II Difficulty: 3/10 Fun: 7/10 The second and last Godfather game. A fairly interesting GTA clone/open world crime game. My personal favorite part of the game is the choice of three open worlds to choose from: New York, Florida, and Cuba. The story is a bit lacking, unfortunately, and apparently deviates heavily from the second movie (though I have never seen any part of the trilogy so I can't confirm this), while the gameplay is pretty run of the mill. Nevertheless, as a fan of the style of game, it kept my attention and I did have some fun with it.
  4. Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion XL Saints Row: The Third Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell The Jak and Daxter Collection
  5. It'll be a pre-order bonus for GTA 6.
  6. This is why Sony allows these games on the store:
  7. Vendetta - The Godfather II Eliminate three rival families.
  8. But it can't be half as good as Sonichu.
  9. It's on my profile
  10. I'd be happy to chill with you as well
  11. The initial release of WWE 2K22 required you to pre-order the game to get the platinum. It was a colossal failure on 2K's part that they eventually fixed by adding free MyFaction card packs.
  12. I have some bad rage issues. Used to be even worse when I was a kid (just ask my three smashed PS3 controllers and a TV that was shattered after taking an iPhone to the screen), but for the most part i've learned to keep it to just yelling at the TV angrily (though I do occassionally bang a controller on the chair on a rare occassion). Most of the time when I feel myself getting absolutely furious to the point of no return I step back for a while and grab a drink (not alcohol), relax for a minute, clear my head, then get back into the game. Chocolate milk works wonders for human least for me.
  13. 4AM: 8 trophies 5AM: 13 trophies 6AM: 14 trophies 7AM: 35 trophies 8AM: 20 trophies 9AM: 32 trophies Not too much of an early bird, clearly...