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  1. I'm pretty sure I've read somwhere that the audio could have been put on cartridge for AE but for some reason wasn't. Or I'm just confusing it with Operation Abyss where NISA calimed it on space issues while there was more than enough space. And how Satoshi stated NISA has pretty shady history in this. The games they localize tend to have bugs not originally found in JP versions, changing personalities and complete tone of some games. And the reasons behind it are shady as hell most of the time. I think it's enough to look at 2nd Dangan to see the issues. The localization was lousy at best with some screens not translated at all. It was clearly rushed just so they could cash in on hype the first game created. I had a long list with some of their "sins" but can't access it at the moment. I'll post it later if someone is interested. Putting eng one as the main one makes sense. You don't have to like it but I don't think it's something to complain about. Though it does make it annoying since you can't import the game from different region (almost feels like they want to push LE sales on EU store by this but that's probably just me) and you have to ave space for it. EDIT: For anyone who's interested I'm adding the previosuly mentioned pic about NISA's localization.
  2. I would say that importing is valid option with this. Considering Vanillaware has probably hands full with new game I wouldn't bet on dlcs. Talking Vita ofc. For PS3/4 it doesn't matter either way. VGP has it also on april but different day. I would guess it's just placeholder date for now. Just question, english-only is meant for audio? Because jp audio was confirmed.
  3. As I said PS3 version should be released. At least according to stretch goal description.
  4. There wasn't though there may be possibility of it being eventually released if it does well on Vita. We got normal trilogy on Vita as stretch goal only because it was planned to bereleased on Vita in jp anyway (this is more or less guess so if I'm wrong correct me) and based on how well the port sells in all regions there will be possibility of Vita port. But I wouldn't be willing to bet on that. If it's any consolation PS3 version should be localized too. At least it was in the the stretch goal desription. The silent treatment the PS3 versions get now kind of worries me.
  5. To be honest he has kind of point because the market is flooded by these precisely for the fast cash. I don't think it can go for that long but at the moment you could say it's a "true japanese game". But attitude of these behind the game makes a lot of impact. Most of these are just cash crab you could compare it to Senran Kagura where it doesn't really hava anything over these games but it still feels better because of Takaki who's making these games what he actually wants them to be. Compared to this even things like FF feels just like large scale cash grab.
  6. In stretch goals it says "English Localization and Windows port of the PS3 Exclusive Muv-Luv side stories collection." So I would guess we'll get both. If not that description is pretty misleading.
  7. Honestly the game will be worth it for playable character voiced by Kobayashi alone. But at this point FF, MGS and Silent Hill are made with western market in mind just as with japanese market. You can't really compare them with this game when they are focused on much larger user base. And if you mean old titles in those series that actually had to get popular here you have to consider how much has market changed (for both western and jp). I'm not really defending the game though. It is kusoge at its best appealing to otaku for fast cash grab. But there are people who like that (me included) and oyu can't really except every game to appeal to everyone What if it was some revolutionary jiggle physics?
  8. It's ps3 localization plus pc port. vndb calims that Vita versions of these are part of collector's box but I kind of doubt that. I couldn't actually find anything about that so I guess I suck at searching or they deleted it on Clannad's kikestarter. Well, that was implied even by MangaGamer and JustUSA keeping (even though just barely) on market. For that matter Sekai plays it awfully safe going for quite popular titles that are known even in west and most of them are already unofficially translated anyway.
  9. Unless they add another stretch goal I don't think there is even any point in hoping for it.
  10. "I read it somwhere" doesn't make it true. The chance is same that you just think you read it or misunderstood something and I'll take it that way until I find something to prove otherwise.
  11. I would kind of like to read it on Vita. Honestly they could launch 18+ version of store on Vita and release eroge there (in JP ofc). Surely it would make enough cash. I still have no idea where you got the idea that Clannad was supposed to be on Vita. Yea, it has Vita port in jp but in its kikestarter is no mention of it. Though I'm worried too considering that up to this point we have zero info on Grisaia Vita ports unless I missed something
  12. Talking about selection usually implies that amount of games is relevant. If you said selection of good games while it's based of your opinion it could be considered more accurate.
  13. It had its falws and I would say it'll have them again. Though I don't think that experience in playing will be in any way worse on PS4 That's kind of funny considering Vita has more games overall. Considering they enraged original fanbase it doesn't really create that much of reason to get PS4. So previous statement is the more correct one.
  14. Well it does shout desperate pretty clearly so there's that.
  15. But we would get [email protected] fighting game with unlimited budget.