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  1. I don't love Naughty Dog, love only their games lol
  2. it is now in us store.. I don't know why in it not in EU store ??
  3. can I use US on Eu save ?
  4. perfect
  5. my first platinum was the walking dead game, it was easy and i start grab the trophy's
  6. Road Trip // FARCRY3
  7. Just waiting for the game
  8. not all the chapters is difficult on furbar, just chapter 6,8,12,14 and it's done
  9. In this moment, about 630 trophy ((22 games))
  10. Sorry my English sometimes poor I mean its new info for me
  11. trophy on Spec ops the line, that need finish the game on hardest difficult, I just far little bit to be crazy lol
  12. Resident evil outbreak Grand theft auto III
  13. Heavy rain