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  1. Hello, where in this world can I find these two trophies? Treasure Hunter Acquire a map from a cartographer villager, then enter the revealed structure. [Bedrock Only] Me Gold! Dig up a buried treasure. [Bedrock Only] Edit 2:19: Done
  2. Not in Germany? WTF 😡😡 @Infernofeuer1 My Name is Mayo (Not in Australia, Germany or NZ)8th November
  3. gave up the trophy
  4. 15x Dead End (incl. 4x after new installation) and again no Trophy
  5. 11x Dead End and 3x treasure room = no Trophy 😠😠
  6. Why unlocked the "The Path More Travelled" trophy not? 😠😠
  7. Was also after 3 weeks time 😅
  8. Thx for your help
  9. Tank you 😊 How did you make the 100% Explorer notes in 2 1/2h? 🤔😯😮