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  1. Sorry what i mean is can i just play games and plug them in over the course of the event, or do you want a solid list before i start?
  2. September Update Game #1 Bioshock Remastered Counts for HC, Another event and started this month. Game #2 Dishonored (PS3) Counts for HC, Another event, same first letter as my PSN name, and last trophy over a year ago. Game #3 Vampyr Counts for HC, started this month, and another event. Game #4 Minecraft Counts for HC, another event, and 10 years or older game (if you count from original release in 2009). One more month with 4 completed games, i'm on a roll.
  3. Can I sign up and build my pyramid as I come across games I want to play or do I have to have a solid list before the start?
  4. November 2020 Medieval Indivisible
  5. Coming in with a respectable 46 trophies. I was gonna do a bunch of easy game but then I got sucked into playing Bioshock and then realized ive never played the Minerva's Den DLC. Also I had to take a break to mow the lawn at my office before it started raining. So not the biggest number, but one I can be happy with.
  6. I think this is my final bounty for Mystery Inc Sci Fi Monsters - Mutants Bioshock Remastered - Splicers This has been a real fun event and I had a great time.
  7. October Knack 2 Medieval
  8. A zombified goblinoid is both a zombie and a goblinoid, IMO. also i'd like to use my EZ game to add another bounty for Mystery Inc Biblical Monsters - Infernal Creatures My Big Sister - Demons
  9. I'm turning in another bounty for Mystery Inc. Incorporeal - Specters LEGO The Lord of the Rings - Ring Wraiths and Ghost Soldiers
  10. Serious question. Do you still enjoy using Rick as your user name with the weird turn the Rick and Morty fan base has taken over the last few years?
  11. Rack up another bounty complete for Mystery Inc. Undead Monsters - Skeletons Minecraft (PS4) - Skeleton Archers
  12. do you have a link to where they said spiderman has a new list? I pre-ordered the normal Miles Morales cause i figured it wouldn't.
  13. What are the odds these have separate ps5 trophy lists? If not, it’s a great deal for new players but I own like almost everyone of these already. But that’s okay.
  14. Sign me up yo. Thanks.