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  1. WEEK 3 UPDATE WE ARE ON FIRE Y'all kicked it into overdrive this week. A total 55 new vita platinums were earned since last update, putting us up and over the 100 mark at 119 total. MVP of the week without a doubt is @cr1s with 11 new plats. Yo dude if those games you played have physical versions let me know and i'll be on the lookout to get them myself. (I'm too scared to try any of that stuff to get other region stores on my own vita.) Also big shouts out to newcomers @qsire246 @JungleCat20 and @ElevExplorer64 Thanks for jumping on the vita train. So Personally, my first slow week. Had some busy days. Only 3 new Vita plats from me to report. Pic-a-pix Color 2, Pic-a-pix Classic, and Grass Cutter. Currently working on Adventures of Mana and it will be my overall 600th platinum, so that's cool. One I get over this hump though, I have a stack of games ready and roaring to go. I have a personal goal of hitting 50 by August 27th. See yall next week for the 1st month update.
  2. I just want to note we are 2 platinums away from a collective 100 earned Vita plats.
  3. Updated up to here. Been a busy couple of days. Dropped my personal one vita plat a day combo but ready to get back into the hunt.
  4. WEEK 2 UPDATE we're only 139 days from the death of the the Vita store and y'all have really started to come out big. Currently we're sitting a fat 64 total vita plats. We've added several new names this week to the leaderboards and we have a new current top dog in @dzstrpc racking in another 10 this week for a summer total of 18. Sick job bro. Shouts out are also deserved for @cr1s @FrumpleOrz and @MrHealthy for being the inaugural members of your non-platinum 100% leaderboard racking up 14 between the three of them. Keep up the good work dudes. As for my personal update, my streak of at least one new vita plat a day is still going strong. I put up 8 new vita plats since last Saturday thanks to Awesome Pea 2, Reed 2, Takotan, Pic-a-Pix Color 1 & 2, Random Heroes, Duck Soul+, and Distraint. Hope to see y'all here next week for your update and official Vita Summer Jam.
  5. Hey now that this is all fixed, how much of this platinum is an auto-pop? I have no interest in playing this game again, but i'll take a free plat if one is available.
  6. @colinmazzini @cr1s perfect thank you @MrHealthy got yours too, thanks.
  7. @Sendai-Horatio @faint-magician2 if you guys wanna do me a small favor and just put a total at the end of your posts broken up by total platinums and total 100%’s it’ll make it easier for me to keep a running tally. Thanks. Also Sendai i'm just looking for the ones you've done during this event, not every vita plat you've ever done.
  8. Please dont do that. I wont be coming back to look at an old post. Just post when you finish something. Thanks.
  9. Week 1 Update The Vita store shuts down on a Friday so i'm gonna be posting weekly updates every Saturday morning. Both personal and a general overview of this, our cruel, cruel summer. First of all, for those looking to get into the game, a great point has been made by @faint-magician2 and better explained by @visvoer18 the Vita store no longer allows automatic purchases by way of credit card. So if you're looking to buy new games you're gonna have to go pick up some PSN cards. Next, personally I am at 5 new vita platinums. Word Make by POWGI, Attack of the Toy Tanks, Breeder Howmgrown, Awesome Pea, and Sigi: A Fart for Melusina. Im also currently working on Word Search by POWGI which I am playing daily during my cardio exercise. Doing 2 blocks of puzzles a day so should have that done in a couple weeks. Also slowing going through Pic-a-Pix Colors every night before bed. My original plan before this announcement was to get to 599 plats before Resident Evil 8 so that could be my milestone 600th, but it looks like i'm gonna make it there too quick so I will probably go for Adventures of Mana as a nice 600. Shouts out again to @faint-magician2 for that idea. Lastly, the event as a whole. Well i'm glad to see people supporting the idea, so far we have only one other person up on the scoreboard. @Boooda put up one plat from Alphaset by POWGI. Congrats dude. Can't wait to see even more names go on the scoreboard. See you guys next week.
  10. Listen, I hate Epic too, but that says they're paying everything to make and release the game for 50% of the profits. That's a sweet deal for Remedy.
  11. Yeah, I have to do the same thing. Add them through the app or the PS4 or PS5 and you can use them on any system.
  12. Sign me up and also im already 1 out of 3 done. I beat Super Mario Bros. 1 on that game and watch thing they put out last year between some patients this morning. (Nintendo game) I'll beat an old game later and i'm gonna go on a two mile run at lunch. I'll post pics for those two.
  13. i am constantly stuck at a screen that says signed in and never moves on
  14. Eh, if people wanna do 100%'s also thats cool, we can celebrate those as well. I'll add is as a category to the OP. Also i'm officially putting the first Plat on the scoreboard with Wordmaze by POWGI.
  15. THE VITA DIGITAL STORE DIES ON AUGUST 27TH THERE ARE 132 DAYS UNTIL ITS DEATH So we all now know about the end of the Vita and PS3 digital stores, and while it totally sucks, Sony has given us 5 months to go out with a bang. The following community event has one purpose and one purpose only. Rack up as many Vita platinum trophies as possible before the system goes physical only forever. (I know you can redownload stuff, let me be dramatic.) There's no need for sign ups or planning out lists, this is about a mad dash to catch'em all before they're gone for good. So, starting today and going until August 27th 2021, if you want to join Vita Platinum Summer just post your current count of new Vita platinums. If you wanna list the games too that's cool, maybe we can all point each other to games we didn't know were out there that soon will be gone forever. I'll keep a running tally of how many platinums we've earned as a community and also a leaderboard of who has done what. I'll even throw in a random drawing at the end out of everyone who participated for an NA PSN gift card. Value to be determined later via how many people got in on this. This is the summer to say goodbye to the digital side of the Vita and go out with a bang. (P.S. just as a request to make it easier on me for the total scoreboard, when posting an update to what you've earned, if you can always end with your new total for the summer, that would be great. Don't wanna miss anything.) CURRENT VITA PLATINUMS EARNED : 119 CURRENT VITA 100%'S EARNED : 16 PLATINUM LEADERBOARD cr1s - 28 Dzstrpc - 18 DoctorDrPepper - 16 faint-magician2 - 15 Frumpleorz - 14 blu3st4rdust305 - 10 Damage_6-9 - 8 Pray_4_the_End - 3 qsire246 - 2 Boooda - 1 Kishnabe - 1 Colinmazzini - 1 JungleCat20 - 1 ElevExplorer64 - 1 100% LEADERBOARD cr1s - 12 Frumpleorz - 2 MrHealthy - 2