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  1. BTW here's my list. 1. Saw 2 - If its Halloween, it must be SAW 2. Yoku's Island Express - You're a dung beetle fighting other bugs in pinball. I have to play this. 3. Zombie Driver HD - Classic tale of killing millions of zombies with a car. 4. Ruiner - There's a trophy for being the game without ever dying. 5. Kona - All alone in the snow. 6. The Inpatient - Classic insane asylum experience in VR. 7. The Invisible Hours - You control time to find who murdered Nikola Tesla 8. Batman: The Enemy Within - I did the first Batman telltale game last year, so this year, gotta do the sequel. 9. Guardians of the Galaxy - This game takes place in space. Its got tech falling out it's butt. 10. Spiderman - Y'all know there's gonna be tall buildings. There has to be. 11. Persona 4: Dancing All Night - I suck at rhythm games. Gotta get myself out of my element. For Risette. 12. Oxenfree - You're a teenage girl and also someone told me there's spooky shit. Seemed to fit. 13. X-Men Origins: Wolverine - Freddy would be proud of those claws.
  2. Oh, then sure. Use them as challenges, if that makes it more fun for you, go for it.
  3. Got my first letter for my word. An O from Old Man’s Journey and it was kinda boring. But it was an O and I needed it.
  4. UPDATE: So we are gonna start splitting everyone up into their groups, this does not mean sign ups are closed, we just wanna do this now to make it easier later and to let you plan for your thirteenth category if you wanna go for it. This is gonna take some time, so stay tuned. if you're tagged in the first four teams do me a favor and send me your list in a dm for now. If you weren't tagged in the first post Meso is sorting you and please wait for instructions on how Meso wants to do it. Thanks
  5. Hey I’ve been out of town for the weekend. theres no cap, it’s just at 40 we can start splitting into teams evenly and people can plan for their thirteenth category. However I’m tired as hell from driving all day so look for this sometime tomorrow or Tuesday. I’m going to bed, forever.
  6. Whoops, thanks good catch
  7. Once we get one more participant and get to an even 40, I think it’s time to split everyone up into the 8 teams so you can meet your team captains for category lucky 13.
  8. I’m not 100% on the games but I am dead set on having my word be BIOLOGY.
  9. I'm having the same problem. everything I can think of is either cheap but will take way more than a month to complete, or short and like $50 used.
  10. So this category is actually based on the team you’ll eventually be put on. Now if you think the team you’re on fits your team theme once we assign them, then go ahead. But this category is kinda a mystery till we get closer to the event. Probably like two weeks out.
  11. For everyone asking if X game fits a category. If you think it does, then it does. This is a fun event for fun. Unless its like a really flimsy excuse just play what you want. This is about us coming together as a community.
  12. I’ll say that the month between now and start for sign ups is due to @Dr_Mayus‘s awesome spelling bee event and ours overlapping. We wanted to give people who wanted to do both time to plan for games that could fit our categories and also be used to spell their words.
  13. I'd say that depends on a case by case basis. You wanna complete the dlc hard more for Horizon? sure. You wanna just do like that new 45 minute map for Far Cry 5. nah.
  14. The games don't have to be horror games in nature, as long as you want to play them and they fit the category. Horizon would be a great choice.