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  1. A real one percenter
  2. This month has been pretty hard for me since a lot of the real good games that win awards I’ve already played, so I had to go weird art game with it to get three more for that 4 in a month star. add Life is Strange: Before the Storm (which won some Webby awards, Games for Change awards, and nominated for a bunch more.) Virginia (won the award for best writing in a video game at the 2017 Writer’s Guild awards) Tacoma (nominated for a bunch of awards but didnt win anything. first two qualify HC, all three qualify for starting this month, and that’s four games that for the theme for the month.
  3. Bioshock Infinite comes with Bioshock
  4. You can’t even do their second quests until it’s level five. i fixed it by completely deleting the game from my hard drive and reinstalling. This is another major bug, much like the double cross bug, that really destroys any enjoyment this game might have.
  5. So I finished all 6 missions from the three main npc’s but I cant get the last mission “Project Dagger” to start. Everything is checked off and completed but it just says to “work with your allies to get Project Dagger operational. Nothings on the map, and when I drive the tank to where the mission is supposed to be nothing happens. I can’t find anything online about it and I just wanna finish this buggy ass game. Does anyone know how you force the start the last mission or am I screwed until a patch?
  6. I regret buying this game. It’s pretty boring and most of the time is spent driving to a point, killing the enemies in a minute or so and then spending ten minutes trying to find pink boxes and usually finding all but one and banging my head against my desk trying to find the last one. avoid until it’s like $20
  7. I have 10 plus Guardians. Batman Batman: The Enemy Within Game of Thrones Heavy Rain Life is Strange Life is Strange: Before the Storm Tales from the Borderlands Until Dawn The Walking Dead The Wolf Among Us Special Emblem Games: Guardians of the Galaxy
  8. Card #2 complete New games in bold. B1 - Historical Fiction - The Invisible Hours B2 - With Minigames - Reverie (PS4) B3 - Released in 2019 - Super Weekend Mode B4 - Forieng Developer - Shadwen B5 - Sci-Fi - Planet RIX-13 I1 - Started but didn't finish - Pac-Man I2 - For another event - South Park: The Stick of Truth (PS4) I3 - Play as an Anti-Hero - Days Gone (Deacon St. John is definitely what I would classify as an anti-hero, being an outlaw biker and all) I4 - Player Choices and Multiple Endings - Call of Cthulhu I5 - One Word Title - Celeste (Played it due to some friends recommendation. Didn't much care for it.) N1 - Oldest in Backlog - Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight (Bought the 3&5 package back in December. Finished 5, finally got around to 3) N2 - Redeemed from PS+ - Tales From The Borderlands N3 - Players Choice - Peasant Knight N4 - Platform Exclusive - Hidden Agenda N5 - Last Game Acquired - Sega Mega Drive and Genesis Classics G1 - Takes "Forever" to Beat - Tom Clancy's The Division 2 G2 - Female Protagonist - Queen's Quest 2 G3 - Player-Operated Vehicles - Borderlands Game of the Year Edition G4 - Recommended by a PSNP member - Zero Time Dilemma G5 - In a Series New to You - Metro 2033 Redux (Never played a Metro game. I enjoyed it the first one on Spartan. Survivor was just kind of annoying in spots.) O1 - Gives you "The Feels" - Life Is Strange (That feeling is annoyance. These characters all suck and I wish they could all die.) O2 - Arcade, Rhythm, or Puzzle - One Word by POWGI O3 - Indy Developer - Daggerhood O4 - Number in Title - Mortal Kombat 11 (Best story mode in a fighting game ever.) O5 - Adventure - Yesterday Origins And that's it for me. No more categories to fulfill. Hands down one of the best events i've played here, thanks so much for a great time.
  9. And i'm all done 1. It's Summer Time: Reverie (PS4) 2. Asian Traditional: Arcade Game Series: Pac-Man 3. Blessing: Borderlands Remastered 4. Peaceful: Shadwen 5. Movement: Sega Mega Drive and Genesis Collection 6. Lady Songkran: South Park: The Stick of Truth (PS4) 7. Spend time with Family: Mortal Kombat 11 8. Play Together: Life is Strange 9. Release the Bird and Fish: Days Gone 10. It's a New Year, New You: Metro 2033 Redux Finished my last category, "New Year, New You" with Metro 2033 Redux. Required two full playthroughs for Spartan mode and Survivor mode and also featured a good and bad ending. And with that i'm done. Thanks for the great event.
  10. I’d platinum this game for a second time but I’m not looking forward to playing that shmup part again.
  11. On April 26th i platinumed Life is Strange in which the main character, Max, wears chicken-based pajamas. As far as the Eurovision songs, I listend to all of them. Six stood out as songs I would listen to. Tamata - Replay from Cyprus. Big Kesha vibes. Maybe my favorite of them all tied with Norway. Michela - Chamelon from Malta. Real fun and the chorus beat reminds me a lot of a song that's on the tip of my tongue. Something about over something something water. KEiiNO - Spirit in the Sky from Norway. If you told me this was aqually Aqua, I would believe you. Tied with Cyprus for my fave. Ester Peony - On a Sunday from Romania. Real deep beats. Love it. Serhat - Say Na Na Na from San Marino. This song is just fuckin' goofy but I like it. It's catchy. Miki - La Venda from Spain. Just a fun summer song. Makes me think of Fast and Furious movies. thanks for the opportunity to win.
  12. Secretly is Ken Levine.
  13. Final Fantasy 14 I tried to do it but 1000 fates was my breaking point.
  14. I mean it sounds like it’s Sony’s fault. They submitted the patch but Sony hasn’t pushed it out it.
  15. First game for May Celeste Winner of multiple Game of the Year awards of 2018. I don't see why though. Just a Meat Boy-like with nicer graphics. Only bought it originally cause of a lot of my friends going on about it. Finally played it, whatever. Qualifies for hardcore, played for another event (Bingo) and started this month. also i've yet to update my stats so here's that. Plats: 202 100% 200 Completion %: 80.01