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  1. I got my #100th platinum about two months ago but just saw this topic. add me to the list for Persona 4 Golden. Finally sat down with a giant list and knocked out Hardcore Rissette Fan, diligently marking off each line as I saw it. Def not something I would ever do again. But everything else about that game makes it one of my all time favorites.
  2. Holy shit dude, I didn’t understand your trophy case and then it hit me. That’s the best one I’ve seen yet.
  3. Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag. All I’m missing is the multiplayer and I’m sure it’s dead at this point.
  4. I’d like to sign up. i just finished The Inpatient today which is a 2. is it cool to just update as I do each number instead of commit to a list right now?
  5. @Yen-Pop I bought the white Vita that came with that game and I played it for about 15 minutes before putting it down. Didn't even get one trophy for it. Thank you for reaffirming my choice to stop before it was a stain on my profile.
  6. @Dr_Mayus yes, I completed Batman in time and finished the word Libido
  7. Yeah there’s a lot in Cat Quest that make it a great Halloween game. It’s also the best kinda game to put on while you’re watching or listening to something else.
  8. First four teams updated. I myself just completed Persona 4 Dancing All Night and Oxenfree. Oxenfree was pretty wild, if you like creepy surreal graphics and visuals, I recommend it. The third play through was kinda boring in that you cant say anything, but I had a great time with the other ones.
  9. I finished Batman before October's end. Just got too busy to get to a computer. Thanks for the event.
  10. I want to apologize for my recent absence, life just got busy for a bit. @Mesopithecus has been handling this like a champ and is really the one putting this whole thing on. I've learned I am not good at this. Probably won't ever do one again. One the plus side, i'm currently updating the first four teams, sorry you got stuck with me.
  11. @Zippyhammer @fabiansc83 @Kent @FielVeredus Got you guys updated. Damn Fiel, you almost have this whole thing wrapped up. Keep killin' it my dude.
  12. So, i've had a minor setback Yoku's Island Express glitched on me at 80%, and I would have to start from the beginning. I dont feel like doing that. I'm gonna have to play it next month for my Halloween event, but I need some time before I start over. So it's time for a new word. I has going for 7 letters but I guess now i'll have to settle for 6. L - LEGO Jurassic World I - Inksplosion (ps4) B - Batman The Enemy Within I - Inksplosion (vita) D - Donut County O - Old Man's Journey Gonna start Batman tonight and play it over the next few days.
  13. Just finished Marvel's Spider-Man for September and that had progression, leveling and a skill tree that went to level 50. Great damn game. current stats Games: 193 Completed: 108 Plats: 113 Completion: 70.50%
  14. @JoocyMan welcome to team jason Y'all are killing it. proud of everyone. Everything should be up to date. I myself just finally finished Marvel's Spider-Man for Team Freddy and man that might just be my game of the year now. It's neck and neck with God of War. I just never got tired of swinging around the city and punching bad dudes off of buildings.