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  1. Question for everyone. I’m trying to pick games I have to fill in all the categories and I have a few lined up but I’m a little iffy on one. I want to play it but tell me if this makes sense for be a hermit. you know who the ultimate hermit is? Wolverine. He just wants to live a peaceful life lone in Canada but motherfuckers keep trying to get him for reasearch. Does X-Men Origins Wolverine fit for be a hermit or is that too much of a stretch?
  2. Cathrine. Holy shit congrats on that one.
  3. Yo, quick tip. For put on a show, Just Sing is about to lose its servers which are needed for the platinum, but this game is mad cheap. Just picked up a copy at lunch for $9 from GameStop. Gonna bang out the ones that will be unobtainable and then save the rest of the game for the event. i like the idea of having getting a platinum right before it become unobtainable forever.
  4. Red Dead Redemption. I hate Rockstar mp trophies, but I love their single player stories.
  5. @Dessane I totally forgot that was coming out. Sorry to bother ya. if anyone here still owns Far Cry 3 for PS3 and wants to bang out those co-op maps, HMU literally any time. I’d drop anything to do them. It’s one of the oldest incomplete games on my profile.
  6. Oh I just thought this would a fun but totally 100% unofficial thing. I’m gonna play this game anyway because it’s been sitting shrink wrapped on my shelf for like a year and it seems like a good thing to play while I waited for June. I just also realized it kinda fit in the theme of waiting for summer. Didnt mean to cause any trouble.
  7. Also @Toogie53 I just had an idea that I wanted to throw past you. Everyone seems really hyped for this to start but it’s still three weeks away. And just like a real summer camp vacation we’re now all stuck in the final days before “school” gets out. So how about a pre-event challenge? I’d like to propose the “Last week of school,” bonus challenge. Between now and June 1st, when the event starts, try to get one Platinum or 100% in any game that takes place in or revolves around a school or college. The only twist? You can only earn trophies on weekdays. Schools out Saturday and Sunday, and so is this challenge. I’m going to try this and finally play a game that’s been on my shelf for almost a year, Life is Strange.
  8. @Dessane I messaged someone else who had Far Cry 3 on their list but just in case I’ll put this out there too. I’ve had everything in FC3 except the multiplayer maps done since the game came out but could never find an online partner. Whenever you get to that part of your plat, please HMU. I would love to finally clear that out of my backlog. Plus I could use it for the make friends category. Because I had to make actual real life connections to finally get it done.
  9. My plan is to complete my four, and then use whatever time is left after that to clear out some of my backlog from games that fit the other categories I didn’t pick. Two birds with one stone.
  10. So I have some ideas for more than just three categories but for now I’ll just put the first three I know I want to do and if I finish those plus my bonus game maybe I’ll come back and fit in some stragglers. but for now Hang out at the lake: what is the ocean but the lake of the world? I think I could get some good summer sailing practice in Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas. Go hiking: sounds like a call to adventure. I bet taking a little string boy out into nature to find what’s out there sounds like a great hike in Unravel. Shoot something: Archery is an important skill for all campers. I’ll go get some practice in 10,000 B.C. with Far Cry Primal. Bonus game: I mean the theme of this whole thing is summer camp. So for my summer vacation I might as well go to a summer camp, a psychic summer camp. I’m playing Psychonauts. So that’s my for sure list. But if I run through that too fast I have some ideas from my backlog that can fit in some other categories. Also how do I put that badge I got from you for Halloween in my signature? I’m real dumb when it comes to web stuff.
  11. I would love a spot if there’s room!
  12. I think NCIS is one of the worst shows ever written but I need this platinum now because its blowing my mind that there is an NCIS platinum trophy. I need because of how ridiculous the phrase "NCIS video game platinum torphy" sounds to me.
  13. I didn't know there was an NCIS video game with a platinum trophy. That's so dumb that I need it. Like I know the point of this game is pick the hardest or most obscure one, but THERE'S AN NCIS PLATINUM WHAT THE FUCK???
  14. Lemme snag that For Honor platinum. No interest in trying for that many MP trophies, especially the one that takes like six months.
  15. Hey I am so sorry but some real life stuff came up and I totally forgot about this am I apologize and I think I’m going to have to bow out. Maybe next year.