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  1. Thanks y'all
  2. I've gotten that new power up a few times now, I can move the crosshairs around but no button makes anything fire to destroy bricks. Help.
  3. Did a speed run, and still no key. So I saved right before the end of my last chapter on this run, Delores, and just kept loading and beating it for a while. Finally showed up after the sixth or seventh time. Still, very very unreliable. I'd be careful if you're gonna buy this one.
  4. updated the title for anyone else coming in fresh.
  5. Completed all the chapters, got both endings, found every collectible and the key to open the safe for the Room 302 key never spawned in the upstairs sink. Last thing stopping me from the platinum. I'm scared to redo everything because i've seen other people on reddit saying they speed runned the game but it didn't even spawn there. Has anyone else had this problem then found a way to eventually get it to pop up?
  6. Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Friends with Familiar Faces Maxed Joon-Gi Han's bond level. This game fucking rules.
  7. So i used that mr masochist poundmate right before the amon orbital laser and it didnt do shit. Still killed almost everyone. What did I do wrong?
  8. Finished Yakuza Like A Dragon the other day and now just working on the grind for the True Final Millennium Tower but this was by far my favorite RPG Since Person 5 and I hope the next few games in the series are just like this.
  9. I see we're not nominating guides this year but i'll just say it would be a travesty if the The Sims 4 walkthrough posted by @Malachen simplifying the game down to like 2 hours from right after the game went up for PS+ wasn't nominated.
  10. Last update of the year Cyberpunk 2077 - Counts for HC, Started this month and released in last 6 months. Final stats for the year Starting Platinum trophies: 317100% completed: 316Completion: 85.15% Ending Platinum trophies: 525100% completed: 515Completion: 88.67% Changes over 2020. Platinum trophies: +208100% completed: +199Completion: +3.52% This was once again a great year of an event. If you don't continue it next year i'll understand but damn will I miss it. Thanks for a great time.
  11. 177 platinums in one day between us all. Nice.
  12. Gonna try and not include any of the easy trophy bait games I played this year. Piece of Cake Award Ice Age: Scratt's Nutty Adventure My first platinum of 2020 was also my easiest if you dont count the obvious Ratalaika stuff. I played it while rewatching My Hero Academia and barely remember the game as it was pretty simple. Honorable mention to Marvel's Spiderman Remastered for PS5. My first ever autopop. It's Like Dark Souls Final Fantasy 7 Remake That hard mode was no joke Bad Ass Award The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners At no point did the joy of stabbing zombies in the head in VR ever stop. You're just a non stop killing machine and its straight up fun. Grind of the Year Erica Playing through this interactive movie was real fun the first two times. Seeing the things I didnt see the first time. The next four runs of a two hour unskippable movie did start to tire me out. King of the Internet Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Playing this with a group of three other friends and winning and losing together was so much fun during Lockdown. Worst Online Experience Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Trying to then clean up some trophies by myself made me hate this game and everyone who plays it. Never got Infallible before they patched it. Given up ever trying. Sleeper Hit of the Year TIE Spiritfarer The best mix of Stardew Valley and The Good Place. The art style I can only describe as comfy and cozy. Loved this game. Maneater Turns out being a shark and just eating everything while Chris Parnell tells jokes is a good time Biggest Bomb of the Year TIE Watchdogs Legion I Liked Watchdogs 1. I Loved Watch Dogs 2. I tolerated Watch Dogs Legion. Just a bland useless world. The Walking Dead Onslaught Saints and Sinners was the best VR game I played this year. Ties with Astrobot for best ever. This Walking Dead VR was boring, sloppy and useless. Best Trophy Image WoW - X Men Origins I have no fucking clue what's going on in this picture and what it has to do with a World of Warcraft Easter Egg but I love it. It's goofy as fuck. Worst Trophy Image Wear the Purp - Whiteboyz Wit Attitude: The Pursuit of Money These guys both look like I would hate to be around them. Best Female Character Ellie - The Last of Us Part II Last of Us 2 is bar none the best story in a game ever made. It's a journey of emotions and revenge and Ellie is the perfect focal point. Best Male Character Jin Sakai - Ghost of Tsushima The other fantastic tale of revenge in 2020. The transformation from honorable unwavering Samurai to the man who will do whatever it takes to keep him people safe, even if it means abandoning his honor forever was a road I loved to travel. As an old school L5R fan, Jin was the Lion who became a Scorpion and I loved every second of his journey. Best Plat of the Year Personal 5 Royal You mean I get to play my favorite game of the generation all over again, with new content, AND I get a second platinum? Sign me the fuck up. Worst Plat of the Year Shenmue To quote Jeff Gerstmann, this game is a bullshit forklift simulator for assholes. Most Anticipated Platinum of 2021 Resident Evil VIII: Village I want more of what Resident Evil 7 brought. And it looks like i'm gonna get it. Fuck 2020.
  13. How many Oreos do you think you could eat in two minutes without throwing up?
  14. Well that was fun. Even if I only had a few days to play. Final List PSN name: DoctorDrPepper Games complete: 22 Current Points: 550 List of Games: Completed A Hero and A Garden (PS4) COMPLETE Active Neurons (Vita) COMPLETE Autumn's Journey (PS4) COMPLETE BFF or Die (PS4) COMPLETE Concept Destruction (PS5) COMPLETE Christmas Break (PS4) COMPLETE Christmas Break Head to Head (PS4) COMPLETE Dark Sauce (PS4) COMPLETE Even the Ocean (PS4) COMPLETE Eventide: Slavic Fable (PS4) COMPLETE Fifty Word by POWGI (PS4) COMPLETE Freddy Spaghetti (PS4) COMPLETE Freddy Spaghetti (PS5) COMPLETE Grizzland (PS4) COMPLETE HardCube (PS4) COMPLETE Inferno 2 (PS4) COMPLETE IN-VERT (PS4) COMPLETE JigSaw Abundance (PS4) COMPLETE Lord of the Click (PS4) COMPLETE Mekorama (Vita) COMPLETE More Dark (PS4) COMPLETE Oliver's Adventures in the Fairyland (PS4) COMPLETE List of bonus trophies: Spot the Difference COMPLETE (Freddy Spaghetti PS4 and PS5) 20 points Jack of all Trades COMPLETE (Racing - Concept Destruction, Action - Inferno 2 Story - Autumn's Journey, Platformer / Jump n Run - Grizzland RPG - Even the Ocean) 50 Points Small ABC COMPLETE (Active Neurons, BFF or Die, Christmas Break, Dark Sauce, Even the Ocean, Freddy Spaghetti, Grizzland, HardCube, Inferno 2, JigSaw Abundance, Lord of the Click, Mekorama, Oliver's Adventures in the Fairyland) 130 Points