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  1. Skybound technically finished it for them but it’s still a great thing to see it through to the end.
  2. Making it my 200th Plat to memorialize Telltale in my milestones. I needed some way to do so.
  3. I can not wait to see how it ends!
  4. Because, it’s only gotten better with age, the seasons you watched were some of the slowest and weakest of the series (to some people at least)
  5. We know Borderlands 3 has been and currently is in development, we don’t know anything about Bloodborne 2, if it even exists.
  6. Wow, you barely gave the show a chance, so much character development can make a character much more likeable, like Carl.
  7. Lol it’s 3 for sure.
  8. Uh no not “thank god”, you missed a lot of character development since season 3. he wasn’t that annoying kid anymore, they really fleshed him out more as he got older on the show. You probably shouldn’t have posted here if you aren’t up to date on it, makes you look ignorant.
  9. Umm...Rick’s kid? You mean Carl? Cause Spoilers... he died last season. You should’ve known that. No one hated the character at that point anymore anyway. Anyway I have no idea really who is gonna end up on the pike. Really liking this season though.
  10. Can’t wait for Days Gone! 

  11. Umm what is Days Gone doing that other games have done? Cause from what I’ve seen they’re doing some great revolutionary stuff in Days Gone. Sounds like a personal problem, if you don’t like modern games no one really cares, cause video games in general are in a great place. Capatalism is great by the way. Video games have only gotten better, you’re just getting cynical with age. Also Far Cry New is fantastic. Lol no, now is the golden era of games, cause there is so much vareity and choice and amazing quality games. Take the nostalgia glasses off.
  12. I had this happen with last months DLC. I’m Experiencing it now, yet again, and restarting the console did not help. Update: Weirdly downloading it from the PS Store on my phone seem to have fixed the issue which is weird cause that’s how I downloaded it the first time.
  13. Bloodborne. Haven’t played much of it but that would be an awesome addition.
  14. Seems like this is something they would have advertised or announced if it was the case.
  15. Ok so I tried downloading it on my Vita again and it actually worked, so if you've been waiting for a fix, it seems to have been fixed. Now I see other people have already mentioned the fix. Oh well I guess lol.