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  1. You really had to be his white knight didn’t you? He’s the only one I see that plays the persona every time he posts, he sounds miserable all the time, like seriously? Lol seriously? The trophy level needed to be adjusted, it had been stuck at 100 for a long time, not to mention the new trophy designs aren’t a big deal, change in life isn’t always bad, it’s much healthier to adjust instead of complaining all the time. Lol what world do you live in? These look pretty cool, you people are so cringeworthy. Nah not a bot, and I don’t agree with everything they do, so because I have a different opinion than you I am a bot? What kind of claim is that?
  2. You complained endlessly about the PSN level update too, I see you complaining all the time in just about every thread I look at on here.
  3. Lol what? They look good, talk about ridiculous man, you seriously need to learn to adjust to change.
  4. Far Cry Primal. Not a bad one.
  5. It did annoy me at first but after a few hours it’s just part of the gameplay at that point, I steal kills from others and they steal kills from me lol.
  6. Pretty easy list overall, the other 2 games had online trophies, luckily this one doesn’t. All you have to do is play the game pretty much, there’s a couple combat related ones that might be slightly difficult but not too much so.
  7. Ok so I installed the update, the only thing not showing up properly is the friends list, it’s taking a bit longer to load, otherwise the What’s New section is loading perfectly and the trophies load perfectly too.
  8. Ok so I was looking at the stats section, and even after the changes on the site today, the numbers are incorrect for the point totals that it should be after the Changes. Figured I should post about it cause I didn’t see anyone else talking about it.
  9. While I was playing Crash 4 and unlocked a few trophies, My level actually Went back to what it was pre update on all systems and the PS App.
  10. Trophy progress tracking is going to be a thing on PS5.
  11. Disagree with everything, the trophy system was and has never been "bastardised". you can still tell someones dedication, you're being ridiculously dramatic, chill out, its an improvement, you just don't like change. The new trophy icons look pretty slick but the badges aren't on there so I don't know if that's at all legit.
  12. I mean it looks bad if all you're thinking of is the old system, you just gotta get used to something new if you wanna keep doing this.
  13. Nah Scaling seems fine, more or less the same just with higher numbers
  14. Uh no Thanks, it needs to be updated to the new system.
  15. Lol too funny, it’s a fine post. it’s more or less the same level of challenge though, the higher up you go the longer it takes to level up.