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  1. Definitely not possible on this profile now, have too many games that have online trophies that I never got and never will because of server shutdowns. Congrats MTH!
  2. Then how do you want me to respond cause I’ve already stated that there are inherent truths and standards when it comes to the quality of a work, and you want me to prove it when I have no idea how you’d prove that, beyond just saying it.
  3. Are you trying to humiliate me or something? I’ve already told you, but you don’t seem to get it. Yes he said it’s not 100% subjective matter, thats what I am saying.
  4. I haven’t said that at all, there are objective qualities that make something of good quality, you can like or dislike something but I think there’s a certain value to these things, despite opinions. There’s also standards in writing that supposed to be more definitive. That’s kind of what I’ve been trying to say.
  5. Lol you’re asking me to back something up that’s essentially impossible. Gatekeeping isn’t all bad. Lol honestly this conversation has gotten boring to me at this point. Gatekeeping isn’t a bad thing.
  6. Nah Gatekeeping is a good thing, nah a great thing. There is quite literally a logical truth to things being good and bad. Lol I guess we’re done here cause you’ll never understand what I’m saying.
  7. Nothing wrong with gatekeeping, not sure why it’s treated like an evil thing. Because there are certain things that make a written piece, quality. Last of Us follows those things. You act like good/great writing doesn’t exist. If something is badly written you won’t deny that but for some reason it’s subjective when it comes to it being good/great. There’s plenty of shows on TV right now that are objectively terribly written and make no sense. There are standards that make something good/great writing or terrible/bad writing.
  8. The world has “inherent truths” everywhere, the fact that you haven’t heard that is surprising. It definitely can. Good writing is good writing, no matter what is said to the opposite.
  9. Inherent Truth kind of speaks for itself, it’s just something that’s true despite your opinion of it.
  10. Yeah yeah whatever you say. Clearly you don’t get what an Inherent truth is. Believe what you will.
  11. Lol I get subjectivity, but that doesn’t mean there’s not inherent truths my dude. You can have the opinion that there’s more than 2 genders but it’s an inherent fact that there are only 2. The quality of the writing is Last Of Us is Undeniably great. Doesn’t mean you have to like it but you’d be denying inherent truths, as I said previously.
  12. No I get it, you don’t seem to get that there are inherent truths when it comes to quality of a piece. Last of Us is written well, that’s undeniable. You don’t have to agree but then you’d Just be denying truths at that point.
  13. Just saying, when something like this is written well, it’s not really subjective if it’s good or not cause there are some inherent truths. I do think you’re crazy if you can’t see the quality of The Last of Us. You don’t have to share the opinion but you can’t deny it’s quality.
  14. Not shoving just stating an inherent fact, good writing isn’t really subjective. Uh no, the story is very interesting and it’s strong and inspiring, stop speaking when you clearly don’t know what you’re talking about. It is often one in the same.
  15. Lol “playable Netflix drama”? That makes no sense, it’s just a game with a good story. You really don’t know what you’re talking about. When you say something like that you just sound ignorant. The reason they aren’t doing multiplayer was already clearly answered, the SP is too ambitious. As in their biggest game yet, ambitious. He’s a bit of a troll. It will be standalone. They’ve already said that. Well, it’s gotta play a little bit like Last Of Us, Seeing as that’s the foundation and Uncharted always took then singleplayer Controls into the MP.