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  1. It worked, I got the trophy to pop in Chapter 5 just as said.
  2. Lol you never know.
  3. It’s not a trilogy if it’s got 4 entries. Trilogy means 3 if you didn’t know for some reason.
  4. I will for sure. Today is the 15th, comes out in a couple days.
  5. The PS4 trophy list hasn’t been uploaded to the servers yet.
  6. That was my experience doing it too. They just don’t show up the circle. On Jakku I thought one bugged, I just went back to the previous location where I found the other one on Jakku and it had spawned there. It’s kinda crazy how buggy and not buggy this game is at times. I’ve had the game crash on me just from switching to a different character. Other days there’s no problems with it at all.
  7. Lol Buy it, not like they’re making you pay more if you don’t want to.
  8. This isn’t about me. That’s not really “my taste” I play some games because they have an easy plat. Not to mention, I can play difficult games, I have a long history trophy wise, I just don’t on purpose play really difficult games, I just don’t find that fun. God forbid I don’t wanna play your beloved game. Yeah the reason is because there’s a shit ton of suckers that don’t know what a good game actually is. I can say it’s trash because I have no interest, enjoy the shit all you want, I just have no interest. They were in it a perfect amount, any more would be too much for this story.
  9. Uh no, it definitely plays better then 2K20, and I really didn’t hate that game like most people did. Have you played any of the recent entries? The only one I would describe as crap on any level was 2K20. You have to play it more…it’s not sloppy at all, you just need to learn to play the game. It’s fun when you actually know how to play.
  10. I’ll stop when you do. Not really interested in Elden Ring. I don’t see what you mean man, they speak to you, it’s part of the immersion, why play a game like this if you’re gonna skip all the dialogue, if you don’t have time for that why are you even playing games like that. No wonder you didn’t like Horizon. You played through it in the worst way.
  11. Have you played any of the break games? They’re pretty fun, but I guess fun means terrible game huh? I guess the only good games are the ridiculously hard ones? Cause I disagree. I like to earn an easier plat between the bigger games. I have no interest in Elden Ring, And I don’t have to play both to think one is better. Harder games don’t mean better written either. Nope, not on crack but I sense some projection there, is that why you have such bad taste? Because you’re on crack? I haven’t played horizon in a couple months now, so I have idea what you’re talking about because all the dialogue is voiced in Horizon…
  12. Lol are you illiterate or something? Reading isn’t a bad thing. I don’t remember any dialogue that you had to read, besides the notes and what not that have lore in them.
  13. “Shovel ware” I don’t necessarily play those games because I enjoy all of them. Although the break games are pretty fun. I like going for easier games sometimes, no big deal. I said I didn’t play it, I have literally no interest in it. Not to mention I don’t play games to stress myself out with a ridiculously hard game. I have a long history trophy wise, those kinds of games aren’t the only ones I’ve played. I’m playing Ghostwire right now, that’s a pretty cool game. Never played it, but knowing how little story those kinds of games tend to have, I don’t have to. Lol you really don’t know what you’re talking about.
  14. Lol I’m sorry this is about the stupidest thing I’ve ever read, thus you go and prove his point about you having bad taste. Elden Ring is terrible story wise, I don’t even have to play it to know that, Horizon is definitely better written, and a better story overall. No indie game could do a better story. Elden Ring is soooo overrated. You have terribly bad taste.
  15. I got it on the 2nd try, definitely got lucky.