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  1. Finally got the Platinum for CTR. Probably one of my proudest plats.

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    2. ihadalifeb4this



    3. DamagingRob


      Nice work!

    4. DarkHpokinsn


      Thanks Everybody! Was a hell of a challenge.

  2. I mean the remake is a hell of a lot better, even with its problems, in what reality does the game cost $500? Not even the console costs that much. Why do you even post here if you don’t have the game? Don’t just post here to waste peoples time.
  3. Wait who’s Ashley? I’ve always seen them as beloved by the fans, sales don’t necessarily mean it ruined their rep, it only made it better for me, and everyone I know that’s played the series. Lol who the fuck is this Ashley you keep mentioning? Jak definitely was better than you act like. Some of the best series of platformers.
  4. The Jak series didn’t damage their rep by any means, that’s absurd.
  5. It may not seem like it but I believe it’s a loud minority of people that are acting like this. Wouldn’t surprise me if that was incorrect though, seeing how entitled gamers are these days. You’re a damn fool, it’s still I early development, not to mention to quality of this video in the first place. It’s definitely not shovelwear, how can you be such a dick? Like seriously? What lack of passion? They seem pretty excited about it. Stop being such a ridiculous fool. Obviously, but sometimes people are just ridiculously unfair thinking they know what’s going on (NekoRave) so it pisses me off.
  6. This looks lackluster to you? You’re standards must be ridiculously high cause this looks great. It’ll flop because of what? A few negative people? (Some on this forum clearly) Don’t underestimate anything with an Avengers Title. I don’t think they look bad, like at all. I don’t know how you can say that, it looks great, and it does indeed look like they’ve been working on it for years, and just because you say that doesn’t mean they didn’t actully work on it for years cause it’s just a fact that they have. Wow you must have something against Sqaure Enix, cause this game looks great, and what are they supposed to do to “make it original” they’re doing all they can on that front. The fact that it’s Avengers doesn’t mean it’s “unoriginal”. Looks great, you people are either blind or crazy.
  7. Just unlocked the trophy for

    getting all the other shortcut trophies in CTR: Nitro Fueled and I noticed my trophy log on here puts that one before the the actual trophy I got for the last shortcut. Kind of odd.

    1. TheYuriG


      happens when two trophies unlock within the same second. sometimes it happens with plats too

  8. Great, should have expected an aggressive response. No need for that shit.
  9. I got this in the second race in adventure mode. I thought it would be harder than that but there you go.
  10. Lol doesn’t a joke have to be funny?
  11. You just don’t get it clearly, Episodic games clearly aren’t for you. No, it’s because they need that much time for the game to match the vision they want for it, can’t do something like this game and expect every episode to be good if they come out either every month or every other month. So many cheap people on here lol. Lighten up tightwads.
  12. Why would you hope for engagement to be bad? They probably should have gotten these out sooner but they need at most 4 months to make the episodes that match their vision for them. Also each episode isn’t an individual game in it of its self, you know that right? I want Episodic Games to continue, especially after Telltale collapsed. Nothing wrong with Episodic games, it’s you that is the problem. Hopefully they make every game Episodic from here on out, it’s the perfect way to spite people like you.
  13. Watch Dogs Legion looks really cool. Definitely buying that one.

  14. Excited to play this next year!
  15. This whole thing is really dragging the game down for me. It seems literally impossible at this point. Same for the battery trophy for that matter.