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  1. I doubt that, only if you rush would it take half that.
  2. This game takes at least 35+ hours according to the Devs, this isn’t like the other games. There’s way more overall content wise.
  3. I Platinumed Far Cry 5 today and when I was just looking at my trophies I noticed that 3 years ago I Platinumed Far Cry 4 on the same day and only 10 minutes earlier than I Platinumed 5. It was like fate lol 

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    2. Miles_Warren


      Congrats on your shiny new platinum. Just think, three years from now you will platinum Far Cry 6 ;)

    3. DarkHpokinsn


      @ee28max lol yeah me too

      @marvelboy10 thanks dude!

      @Miles_Warren lol yeah wouldn’t be surprised

    4. Fidel


      Nice work!

  4. That’s good to hear! So what did you think of it? The game overall I mean.
  5. That would have been a good idea actually.
  6. Huh that’s odd I can’t see why it couldn’t at some point.
  7. I can’t find this in the store, did it get taken down already or is this specific list is for a different region?
  8. I wish you luck man, nothing worse than putting all this time in just to find out you won’t be able to complete it. The Shadow Wars probably should have been a shorter experience. It took way to long.
  9. On stage 2 huh? Sounds like you encountered the same problem I did, I also had to restart it, but luckily it was on the last stage and the last trophy and the platinum popped when the game was on the first loading screen. hopefully you’ll be fine. No telling with this game really.
  10. Ok, thanks for the response
  11. Ok well now I need to know what level is best for triple fireball
  12. If Anybody that had platted this could suggest a level that’s good for the 50000 points trophy. Edit: Never mind, did it on level 51
  13. Lol yeah me too, my heart sank when it glitched, but luckily restarting the game seemed to have triggered the trophy, just can’t finish the last siege.
  14. Figured as much, thanks for the response. You know anything about this glitch?
  15. Ok so, I was in the middle of the final fort defense in Gorgorith and then I died by a caragor, but instead of the fort being taken from me it stayed as my fort and the siege mission was gone. I decided to restart the game and in the first loading screen the “Peace in Death” trophy and the platinum trophy popped. And the siege defense mission was back on the map. One question I have is that is this considered cheating? because it totally glitched out, but I’m planning on finishing it anyway. I’m just so concerned about this, has anyone else encountered it before? Update: It appears I can’t see the cutscene after the final siege because it reset on the map, All I can do is replay the final siege. I seem to have encountered a somewhat serious bug. Well, guess I’ll have to look up the cutscene now. I’ve never seen a bug like this, especially with this game specifically.