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  1. Looks like I am gonna platinum Saints Row: The Third Remastered on the same day I platinumed the original version 7 years ago. Love it when things work out that way. 

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    2. DarkHpokinsn


      @XchocomanX Lol what you mean by “babysit those trophies”? Never heard that phrase before.

    3. XchocomanX


      @DarkHpokinsn The trophies are semi glitched and may not pop at all after you fulfill the requirements for them to pop. Happened to me a couple times. 

    4. DarkHpokinsn


      @XchocomanX Ah I heard about that, luckily I had no issues.

  2. Don’t know what you’re talking about, the whole stream was interesting
  3. Oh it definitely is, it’s crazy how much they’ve changed the visuals.
  4. I disagree, the game has aged greatly.
  5. Well, for one this is a remaster not a remake and for another, they really don’t need to remake the less popular first 2 games of the series. Who knows though, may happen eventually.
  6. Technically it’s a remaster not a remake. Those are different things.
  7. Well, looks like there’s a new patch, haven’t tested it yet to see if this bug was fixed, but I assume it is.
  8. Have not, I would honestly prefer not to but I will if necessary. Hopefully they’ll do another update to fix the problem.
  9. I have the physical version and I had the same issue, lost about 30 minutes worth of progress because of this.
  10. Well, this isn’t something a smart person would brag about.
  11. I’m with you for most of that but not the whole capitalist failing thing, something we don’t really need to talk about anyway. Otherwise you could be right about that first part of your post there, seems it’s not just the left that partakes in all the worst parts of culture these days.
  12. I mean, none of that shit is verifiable, they were paying people properly, Bonuses even, people just want to stick to the original narrative that is downright false at this point, just because it suits what you want to be the case instead of the truth, they have literally no reason to lie about who did it, it was an outside hacker, just keep believing your false narrative that’s already been disproven.
  13. He’s no fucking hero, he’s a criminal that leaked a whole team of developers work that they’ve put their time into for the last 4 years. You’re outlook is pretty terrible and stupid. It’s pretty fucked up that you call the asshole a hero, the outrage wouldn’t have happened at all if this leak didn’t happen. I’m not “encouraging corporate greed”. What are you even on about? They aren’t tyrants, you’re just as bad as those SJW types, cheering on the leaking of a project that so many people worked on, for no good reason.
  14. Nice, you cheer on a leak of a project this man has worked on for years, and expect him not to respond that way, people on the internet suck. Also I’m not “delusional” because we have different opinions. Yours is just ridiculous. I’m not “in denial” because I don’t agree with you and the mob. He has a right to be upset, his work for the last few years has just leaked and people are being dicks about the whole thing before it’s even out. It’s like you expect him to just take the abuse and not say anything, sounds like a bullying mentality. No, they aren’t, stop saying absurd things, that make no sense, they aren’t at all alike. Ok? Like that matters.
  15. I mean, they aren’t doing that by any means. Lol that’s literally what it means when a dev says they think they’re game is their most ambitious. They of course mean it’ll be their best work, of course In their opinion, but also technologically.