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  1. My goal for the year is 50 plats, of which I have 25/50 now. That’s one more plat then I earned last year.
  2. I had heard it was a problem before, that’s why I thought it unlikely. You are right about it being awesome, just hope they can clean it up a bit overtime.
  3. This was the first time it happened to me, it seems like it’s not an issue for most people anymore, nobody seems to be complaining anyway. I doubt it but maybe it’s a hardware issue.
  4. So last night after about 5 hours of gameplay, I tried to manually save and it completely crashed my system. Upon restart I found my save corrupted. Luckily the autosave put me right back where I was before the shutdown. Now I’m worried to even play the game. I thought this was fixed after the 1.07 update.
  5. Seems like they’re gonna be doing trickles of information throughout the year instead of huge blowouts because they don’t have much new to talk about new Exclusives we know nothing about. Nothing wrong with that.
  6. Umm... Lol $30.00 is a “steep price” to you? It’s well worth that and more.
  7. Lol you should have known they were gonna go for a Halloween release.
  8. Medievil is something I’ve been waiting for a Release date on, hopefully it will be announced on the 9th.
  9. Nah, other people can be right lol. Don’t be so serious. Nothing failed, no need to insult my intelligence. I typically don’t even type paragraphs worth of text. What’s with you people and insulting people’s intelligence?
  10. Lol Nothing In Days Gone “belongs on PS3” whatever that means, the graphics are on par with any other PS4 Exclusive, and the mechanics have never been done the way they are in that game. Yet another Nutbag thing to say. Lol didn’t know there was a thing as a “legitimate opinion”. If I Believe what I’m saying, it’s legitimate.
  11. Lol what a nutbag you are if you believe this, games this generation have been great, one of the best console generations as far as games go. Lol now I know you’re a nutbag. if you think indie games have been the best, well you’d be just plain wrong.
  12. . Lol thats the cover art for Shadow of the Tomb Raider, not a zombie just really beat up and dirty. I'm not sure how you didn't know that. Yet another zombie apocalypse game? I mean theres nothing quite like Days Gone out there so I don't know what you mean by "yet another zombie apocalypse game".
  13. Well, they literally aren’t zombies by the typical definition.
  14. Nah, they aren’t, and it’s not just a them calling them something different, they act different than your typical zombie, they drink, they sleep, not except zombies.
  15. That’s how you kill an industry genius, also by watching gameplay on the internet you aren’t getting the Actual experience of the gameplay. Lol you can’t learn everything about a game without playing it and experiencing it for yourself, people that just watch it on YouTube don’t get it.