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  1. There is a complete walkthrough to get everything on trueachievements, works perfectly fine for the PS4 version: As for Swashbuckler, I did it on Honour mode at lvl 8, but it took me many tries. I was running a 4 man party and I was using Sebille as an Archer, with Glass Cannon especially for this fight. Get her high up and let her do most of the damage. I used Red Prince as a Summoner, making sure he had 10 points in summoning through gear and also only there to buff the other characters. My main was Fane as a Necromancer, making sure he has Teleport, either through the gloves you get earlier or just by learning it. One of the most important things for this fight is allowing many enemies to gather in a single place, that way Sebille can use elemental arrows to deal AOE damage und Fane can use teleport to bring corpses to that spot and use Corpse Explosion for huge damage. Corpse Explosion is gained by combining any Pyro and Necro Skillbook. Both Fane and Sebille ideally have the Executioner Talent. Use your 4th character to crowd control the 2 enemies that have no physical armor, by using abilities like Battering Ram.
  2. It was glitched for me too, infact the trophy for dismantling 500 monsters is glitched in very much the same way. I'm not really sure what's causing this, but this is what I noticed: while I was sure to have dismantled more than 300 items, I checked the trophy page on the PS4 itself and even tried to manually sync the trophies, in case I missed it. This lead to an error in syncing the trophies, the error is NP-32114-1. Googling offered no solution, but I found a way to unlock the trophy anyway after some time. I made an extra save where I was sure I met the trophy requirements, then I completely shut down the PS4, not just restart but shut down. Then start the PS4 again, don't do anything in the Main Menu of the PS4, just boot up the game, nothing else. Dismantle another 10 items and the trophy should unlock with a long delay, maybe 5 minutes. The delay is quite long because my final trophy was for dismantling 500 monsters and it unlocked in the middle of a battle, which is obviously impossible without a delayed unlock. For the dismantling 500 monsters I also made sure to shut down and reboot my PS4 after 3 runs of fully clearing the Vale of the Gods. But trophies not unlocking properly is not the only bug in this version. Mob aggro is bugged, especially for insects, which means aggroing many mobs and chain linking them is much harder than on PC and Xbox 360.
  3. Yes I did, I even rebooted the game several times, the trophies just didn't pop at all.
  4. I updated the game and the trophies that should autopop didn't unlock for me, anyone else with this problem?
  5. I'm currently trying to do a single playthrough for the plat too and I did as much research as possible on this trophy. Apparently there are only 2 ways to get it: A. Have Lohse as your Main B. Don't have Lohse in your party at all, meaning you never recruit her in Fort Joy I think your only option is to have Lohse permanently leave your party by lowering her attitude, but since you're pretty much at the end of the game that might not be possible anymore. To me it seems that you're screwed, sorry. On a side note, which builds are you running on your lone wolves?
  6. I got the 1000/1000 GS back in the day with the Xbox version and I also played the PC version. Today I bought the game and played quite a bit because I enjoy it a lot and I can confirm that it's based on the PC version. It was mentioned that grinding isn't punished like in the Xbox version, which is partially true. It's totally possible to beat the game by just playing it normally without a worry in the world, but if one plans to get the Plat it's necessary to properly build your characters because the one trophy requires you to beat the true form of the final boss, which can't be beaten without a proper team. This game is ridiculously complex, how your char develops depends on which weapons you use, which skills you use, when you use them and how often you use them, how you combine those things together and most importantly, who you use it against. Character growth is still based on which enemies you fight, that's why it's recommended not to fight most enemies early on, because you don't gain the stat growth you want. Stat growth is the most important thing in the game, there is a huge difference between facing a boss with a unit with 9999 HP or just 5000, it also makes a difference if a character hits for 500k or 50k. My recommendation is to follow a guide, because not only is the game extremly complex, some side quests are easily missable but completing all is required for the true final boss. I recommend using this guide (not mine) and just enjoy the game:
  7. The plat will be anything but easy for this game. Ken's Clinic is basically like Karaoke, however it's much harder than any song I've encountered on the PS4 Yakuza games. The trophy description reads that you're required to perform a perfect combo, which would mean that every single button press must result in a perfect. Now according to a Japanese Wiki it seems that a full combo is enough to get this trophy, which means you're required to keep the combo going form start to finish where a mix between good and perfect for each button press is good enough for this trophy. I've been at the 6th song for 1h now and it Long story short: check out the later parts of this video and see if you can do what's shown there. If not, the plat might be harder than initially thought.