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  1. 1- Wrong. Chi, Pon and Kan help you form special hands much easier. The three color straight is way easier using Chi, the same goes for a full straight. Pon helps you for forming an all Triplets hand, half Flush etc. Know your hands and those tools can help you out a lot. The only difference is that Chi can only be used on the opponent sitting left from you, a Pon and Kan can be performed on any opponent, that should be considered in the point you make in 5. 3- Never open riichi unless at least 1 opponent is already in riichi. 4- This is completely wrong and a horrible strategy. Since the AI tends to discard wind and dragon tiles you can safely assume that you can at least build a pair. Example: you have an East tile and there is only 1 more East tile left in the game. The AI can't build a hand with that tile, if you're in Riichi you have an almost guaranteed way of getting a pair and thus winning the round. Those tiles are also safe discards when the opponents are in Riichi, that way it's very unlikely you run into a Ron. 6- you need to win 30 hands in Tachibana Mahjong anyway, it's 100% impossible to not get a 6 Han during one of those wins there.
  2. Sometimes you just get rekt in Puyo Puyo, no way to avoid that. Keep playing and eventually you'll get to 30+. For VF5 you pick that woman with military clothing, I believe Vanessa was her name, then spam circle. That makes every opponent trivial and has a high success rate against the final boss. For Fighting Vipers the AI can't deal with crouching punches and kicks, spamming those works very well. Once you reach Jane as an opponent you can stop because she isn't required for completion and neither is the character that comes after her.
  3. 1 Attack power upgrade is gonna cost you 5 skill points, which by the end will surpass 80k xp per point, so rounding down it comes to about 400k extra XP you'd have to farm if you invest in a single attack power upgrade. You do the maths if it's worth it to you, personally I believe that extra points in attack power aren't gonna help you at all.
  4. The final skillpoint costs around 79k if you haven't spent any skillpoints to upgrade your attack. But the grind in this game is nowhere near as bad as in Dark Souls 3, it should take maybe 5h tops.
  5. You get quite a bit XP by just going through NG+. Also most enemies give at least twice the amount of XP while not being that much harder to kill. You really want that XP boost from NG+ when you have to get more than 70k XP for a skill point.
  6. You need every single skill from the skill tree, but you don't need every single skill that drops from bosses. For example, you get the combat art One Mind from the Shura ending, but that one is not required for the trophy.
  7. Thanks for confirming, saves me the NG++ playthrough. Where did you farm exp for the skill points?
  8. Can anyone confirm if the combat art you get by beating the final boss for the Shura ending is required for the all skills trophy or not?
  9. This is wrong. Staying at SSS alone gives you no style, performing actions that give style points at SSS actually lead to an increase in style points. This can easily be confirmed too, just use the EX taunt while at SSS, that way your style rank will never drop. You can even stay at SSS for 10 min that way and it won't lead to any increase in style. Perfect royal blocks lead to a huge increase in style points because they incur a certain risk, but simply performing a few actions, outside of royal blocks, to stay at SSS for long won't matter at all. Even in this game it's quality over quantity and royal blocks seem to do both. This is from my HaH run, I certainly don't want to drag fights out for long in that mode, further proving that quality > quantity. My point is that quickly getting to SSS and then quickly killing enemies with high style attacks such as Real Impact for Dante or Showdown for Nero leads to just as many points as sitting in RG forever. Another important aspect is that nobody really needs more than 6000 points in any given situation, even 5000 is always enough with the no continue bonus. I even completed several missions in HaH by getting 5500 and taking 2 hits.
  10. What I meant was that there are several ways that nightmare can spawn, sometimes he emerges from the ground while other times he comes crashing down as a meteor dealing a huge amount of damage. It seems like the meteor spawn is only possible once per fight, but it can save you from taking damage.
  11. How did Nightmare spawn for you? For me it was as a meteor, I'm 100% sure it gives immunity because V is not able to move during that time and I got hit by the boss and didn't lose a life. But I know that Nightmare doesn't always spawn as a meteor at the boss in M04, so that might be why. Anyway, it's good to have an Oh-Shit button like Nero did in DMC4.
  12. There is one tip I'd like to add which is in my opinion very important for HaH and that is V is immune to damage while Nightmare is being summoned. This helps tremendously with the M04 Boss for example and can help with other situations too. The immunity also lasts for a couple of seconds, maybe 5 or so.
  13. Can someone tell me if you lose the no continue bonus if you get hit in this game and lose a gold orb? I remember that this was the case in DMC4, not sure how it is here.
  14. Some of Dante's attack recovery animations can be shortened by using Royal Guard, like Dance Macabre for example.
  15. Cavalliere is very useful against groups of enemies because of the wide range of attacks it has and it's also the only weapon where you can take some damage without using style. There is a use for every single weapon in this game, even though it situational. Take Ebony and Ivory for example, mostly useless but in mission 19 it can be used to keep your style meter up in conjunction with gunslinger while the boss is in DT. Coyote is also very useful with gunslinger in that fight because with that shotgun stinger you can oneshot the doppelganger.