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  1. Claptrap from Borderlands, I don't get why everyone suddenly loved him in Borderlands 2
  2. That example is completely unnecessary, the above question has already been answered. It's also unnecessary to egg people on and start an argument. Judging by your post it seems you don't get along with people on this forum, if that's really the case then just leave. If for some reason you don't want to then you need to grow up. The question has been answered, your example was proven unnecessary, and now your doing nothing but trying to start a fight so just drop it.
  3. I think the Atelier series are very underrated, it has great characters and fun combat. Also, some pretty tough bosses
  4. Pizza
  5. AVGN and Farfromsubtle AVGN for obvicous reasons Farfromsubtle is one of my favs because how different of a gaming channel it is
  6. MrSwagg17
  7. Finding Nemo and it's 1 hour loading screen
  8. Your doing really well too bad The Wolf Among Us is really holding your completion back but I see Sleeping Dogs is going well much like all your other games unless they involve rock-paper-scissors.

    1. NepNepthe1st


      I hate that Rock-paper-scissors mini game I can never win at it! Thanks btw

  9. Looks pretty cool I really like the visual style and the music. I really hope this is brought over to the states.
  10. I'd be in A Certain Magical Index/Scientific Railgun because who doesn't want to have a superpower?
  11. That's cool and all they're giving away a game for free and from a series that has quite a fanbase. Though, I myself am not really interested in Dead Space so I'll pass on this.
  12. Trying to get past Skyrim and it's annoying glitches...
  13. Infamous Second Son
  14. I'm actually really looking forward to these games
  15. Arcana Heart 3 is also pretty good. After all, it's done by the same team as Blazblue.