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  1. Contender for the most disappointing trophy list of all time.
  2. I love this game. Had a ton of fun when it came out... and yes I know this is something you normally don't hear but I even had a lot of fun with the Multiplayer and getting the online trophies. I would love to see Max Payne 4 asap.
  3. I haven't played it yet... but can it really be worse than Unity?
  4. He is hidden in one of the bushes near the flame. If you stand right next to the original flame and look towards the exit, it's somewhere on the right side.
  5. It's release in the EU is confirmed for November 25th.
  6. It is absolutely not, in fact it is the best of all the Arkham games. With it's Christmas theme it has the best atmosphere in all of those games. But most importantly, the story is just way better compared to the rest due to it's tight and more mature presentation. Yes the multiplayer is tacked on and buggy as fuck... I give you that.
  7. Yeah, it seems the patch or the new difficulty setting also helped me a lot. During my second run on Legendary I finally got one!
  8. Wow, seems once more like I am one of the unluckiest persons around. I got about 100 hours on my main character and didn't get one so far. Guess I am just letting go this plat...
  9. I would love to see a lot of those RPGs that never made it to Europe like Front Mission 4 Front Mission 5 Grandia 3 Radiata Stories Tales of the Abyss Tales of Legendia Dawn of Mana And just because I love Vanillaware Grim Grimoire