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  1. You are right, got it later on. Thx!
  2. When are you supposed to get the stargazer trophy? I defeated the boss and they came with their carriage, I talked to them but didn't get the trophy. Is this another event or is it buggy?
  3. Honestly, if you need to decide whether you play U2 or U3 I'd say go for U2. Not because it is a faster 100% or a smoother one but because it just plays so much better. Playing U2 Multiplayer feels like a gift straight from the pantheon of gods while U3 plays like garbage. From aiming to the impact sound of the weapons, everything feels wrong.
  4. 20€... WTH? Sorry but I guess it's time to wait for a 75% off sale because that price is ridiculous.
  5. What are they going to charge for that game?
  6. I've made a Time Attack video with (what I think) is the fastest solution to the statue puzzle at the end of the tomb. Let me know if there is a faster method. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ZMPchxmZcA
  7. When they announced the remaster back in March I was of the impression that it would get a physical release... but I guess that was just me dreaming too big.
  8. No, it was a sealed game straight from Amazon, but this also raises the question why you put an expiration date on stuff like this.
  9. I can tell you (at least from my experience) that Sony doesn't give a damn about expired codes. 2 years ago I bought Resistance for the Vita. After opening the box I realised that the Code for the Network Pass expired just 1 week prior. So I contacted Sony's customer service and asked them if they would give me a new one because it was a Sony game and nowhere on the outside of the box was a hint that I just spend money on a product that I could not fully enjoy because I was locked out of MP. Their response was more or less a polite "fuck off".
  10. I don't think so. Psyvariar Delta is getting a physical release and Ikaruga is a way better and well-known Shmup.
  11. Contender for the most disappointing trophy list of all time.
  12. I love this game. Had a ton of fun when it came out... and yes I know this is something you normally don't hear but I even had a lot of fun with the Multiplayer and getting the online trophies. I would love to see Max Payne 4 asap.
  13. I haven't played it yet... but can it really be worse than Unity?
  14. He is hidden in one of the bushes near the flame. If you stand right next to the original flame and look towards the exit, it's somewhere on the right side.
  15. It's release in the EU is confirmed for November 25th.