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  1. I am pretty sure there is a disc version of Castlevania Lords of Shadow that has Mirror of Fate on it as well.
  2. Have you gotten the keys from the Arena?
  3. Yes, Apocalyptic unlocks once you complete the game for the first time. Hard is available from the start. Just hit Triangle on the level select screen and you can choose the difficulty.
  4. My game told me that I got all of the trickster keys although I was still missing 2. Can be annoying but so far it hasn't corrupted any trophies afaik.
  5. Yes he is. There is only one difficulty for him. So when you defeat him you also automatically get this "mission" for your hard difficulty quest progress.
  6. You probably have done this already but for other people asking: As far as I know there is no multiplier in infinite arena because you can only "win" it by dying. So the points you made during your round is what you get. And about leveling up. I think the best idea is to get all collectibles. Especially because you also get two additional Core slots once you get the special armor for War and Strife after collecting the 5 parts for each.
  7. I think this 1900 is just there to scare you. I finished Apocalyptic with around 1400-1500 and had 0 problems. Many times you can avoid most of the enemies and just run past them.
  8. Have you started to insert creature cores into the slots?
  9. Got it sorted out today. The Quest just went to completed even though I was still missing 2 keys in one level. Those quest trackers are buggy as hell in this game.
  10. Hey guys! So, I just bought every key from Vulgrim, found every key in the levels got my quest done telling me I got 27/27 keys. I opened all the Trickster doors and went to the last one in the Void but it wouldn't let me open the door. It says I need 6 keys for that to open but I only got 4 in my inventory. Am I missing anything? Is there more keys than what the quest demands?
  11. You are right, got it later on. Thx!
  12. When are you supposed to get the stargazer trophy? I defeated the boss and they came with their carriage, I talked to them but didn't get the trophy. Is this another event or is it buggy?
  13. Honestly, if you need to decide whether you play U2 or U3 I'd say go for U2. Not because it is a faster 100% or a smoother one but because it just plays so much better. Playing U2 Multiplayer feels like a gift straight from the pantheon of gods while U3 plays like garbage. From aiming to the impact sound of the weapons, everything feels wrong.
  14. 20€... WTH? Sorry but I guess it's time to wait for a 75% off sale because that price is ridiculous.
  15. What are they going to charge for that game?