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  1. The bad thing about Ratalaika isn't their weekly release of easy games with 8 stacks. It's the same boring, repetitive, pointless, and neverending discussions about "how Sony let it happen" "the trophies nowadays are banalized" "we should stop this company" "they sell only because of the trophy whores" "this is getting ridiculous" that start at every new game released.
  2. #300 - Warriors All Stars Another grindy game from Warriors franchise, but still, I love the series.
  3. I watch the video form the trophy guide, and tried like 35-40 times and no luck. The guy on the house always spot me. Any suggestions?
  4. #295 - Planet of the Apes Last Frontier (PS4) Finally finished this game. I love Telltale games, so seeing they shut the doors make me sad, because when I see a interactive/narrative game so awful like this Planet of the Apes, I realize that only Telltale could make great games in this style. This Planet of the Apes is absolutely annoying, boring and dull, all the characters are forgetable and the voice acting was awkwardly bad. My advice: avoid this!
  5. I'm on this part of the game (Helheim) trying to get the Family Heirloon artifact. But when I hit this Hel bramble on the pillar, this what happens to me: But unlike the video, the collectible doesn't even showing up on the floor. That's happened to someone? There's a fix somehow or am I really screwed and have to start from the scratch?
  6. #284 - Tesla vs Lovecraft An easy game, very similar to Dead Nation.
  7. Yes, only Last Man Standing works for this trophy, if I only knew sooner... I spent 5 hours playing other modes and nothing.
  8. Just keep playing Last Man Standing until the trophy pops (thanks to @Banana_Sausage47 for this tip).
  9. UPDATE: On the newest patch, this artifact is no longer on this location.
  10. It's that game that made a "cameo" on Icey?
  11. #251 - FIFA 18 (PS4) It's finally done. I'm not into football games, but I picked this one on a sale, and it was quite enjoying...for the first 20 hours. The annoying online portion, the boring Journey, and the trophy to reach the Division 1 on FUT ruined my experience. The deciding game against Juventus on Ultimate difficulty to reach the Division 1 still give me nightmares.
  12. Anyone have the same problem? I follow the guide, but the doorbel doesn't ring (it's the last projector I need!). I search the net, and can't find a workaround. I'm really sick of this game, the 10 gold trophies don't worth the headache.
  13. #232 - Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate (PS4) It's done...after 2 years, more than 250 hours of gameplay and an extremely huge grinding (thank you Charitable Contributions trophy, for the 100 hours of tedious grinding), it's finally done.
  14. # 228 - Black the Fall (PS4) An interesting game and easy plat, but a trophy earned by holding the square button for 15 minutes was ridiculously annoying.
  15. Nah, I suck at fighting games. 😂
  16. I have the Persona 4 Golden and Persona 5's plats. I hope plat the Dancing all Night soon (it's in my backlog).
  17. #220 - Blackwood Crossing (PS4) I still don't get it why all these walking simulators have bizarre and confusing stories.
  18. #213 - Letter (PS4) A very interesting VN, with a great story and I'm feeling a bit ridiculous because the true ending made me drop a tear.
  19. Thanks for the heads up, I was goin' to buy this game on this week sale, I'm really glad I didn't.
  20. #212 - Everybody's Gone to the Rapture (PS4) Honestly, one of the worst games of PS4 along with Orc Slayer and Albedo. It's VERY boring and tedious, the story is not interesting, and the slow gameplay almost bore me to death. Not to mention 1 extra playthrough needed because of 2 glitched trophies. Blargh, I'm very happy it's over.
  21. Everybody's Gone to the Rapture...what a game. After the trophy Tea Leaf, now Backtracker glitched on me too. I can't bear one more minute of this nightmare!

  22. #205 - Puzzle Showdown 4K (PS4) Got it on the Mid-year Sale. Another extremely easy plat.
  23. Well, like the title suggests. Who do you think is the best "pal" of the protagonist from all the Persona series. For me it's Yosuke Hanamura from Persona 4. He's a little obnoxious, but his scenes are really funny. The worst is Junpei Iori, I hate every second of the scenes when that jerk appears.
  24. #202 - Full Throttle Remastered (PS4) Great game, a really fun point-and-click like Day of the Tentacle. I really hope they continue to remaster these Lucas Arts's classics.
  25. Scammers/Spammers for sure. They're really annoying and in addition to try to add me, they put me in group messages. But I never got any problems with my account and I always block' em instantly.