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  1. Jak and Dexter Precursor Legacy, it's has been a pain, 'cuz I HATE this game!!
  2. No Shots in the Dark Deny a blank friend request
  3. you should plat Dynasty Warriors 7 and 8, you're almost there and the Dynasty Warriors series are really fun!
  4. what? man, I think you confused this topic with the "make up a trophy" topic... for example, I will give u a trophy... Where's the exit? Get lost in a discussion topic
  5. White Knight're almost there!
  6. Ala-Arska, we have in common: 1 - GOW 3 2 - Little Big Planet 2 3 - The Walking Dead 4 - Sleeping Dogs 5 - Trine 2 6 - Sly 1 Total of Six platinums
  7. Oh man... not again! Start a game over again because of a corrupted savedata.
  8. 9/10, I liked the girl with the cap.
  9. -Marvel vs. Capcom 3 That damn missions are terrible, I almost broke the controller -Vanquish The Tactical Challenges are brutal indeed -Persona 4 Arena Score Attack just impossible -Little Big Planet Karting The most glitched game ever, the online trophies don't unlock, I win at least 50 races, and the trophy "Online Champ" earned by winning 25 races online, just don't pop out to me!
  10. This trophy was a headache to me, I was looking in all my maps, and none had grey areas, 'til I found out the undiscovered part in Southern Shelf Bay area. But like the Tankor_smash says, the Ice Flows and Ebonfloe in Southern Shelf Bay are easily missed, since you don't need go there through all campaign, and the Southern Shelf Bay doesn't appear in Fast Travel and are not required for the other three explorers trophies.