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  1. #201 - Walking Dead: A New Frontier After the lame TWD Season 2, Telltale redeem themselves with this amazing game.
  2. #200 - Persona 5 (PS4) Well, 7 years of waiting finally come to an end. Persona series are one my favorite, and for all these years yearning for this game, I think it deserved be my 200th plat. This game is incredible, amazing story and had elements from all the past Persona games. I REALLY hope Atlus won't make us wait that long again to Persona 6.
  3. Teddie is the most annoying character ever, in both human and bear forms. I don't like Morgana too, but he's far less annoying than Teddie. Ann is a copy from Lisa Silverman from Persona 2, even her backstory about "being bullied because of her looks's not similar to japanese girls". It looks like Junpei is hoping all the time that the protagonist die so he could be the "hero", so I really despise him. Eikichi is one of my favorites characters too, but sometimes his "punk" attitude gets a little old (same with Ryuji). And you're right, the male characters beside the "main trio" tends to be the best of the game.
  4. There's no way in hell I'd play that game for the third time, I had enough of Albedo for a lifetime. For those unaware of this game, it's easily in the top 5 of the worst games ever.
  5. #198 - Mr. Massagy (PS4) Well... at least it was funny...
  6. #197 - FreezeMe (PS4) I bought it on the last Flash Sale and it's one of the worst games on PSN. N64's graphics, terrible controls, awful music, annoying chars and the game don't even have a storyline. The game don't decide if it's a plataform or a open world game, it's a failed cheap wannabe copy of Mario 64, there's not a bright side on this game, I highly recommend to stay away from this.
  7. FreezeMe... avoid this crap ffs!!

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    2. Jak


      This is how I felt about Legend of Kay

    3. DamagingRob


      Crap. Same here, Mar. Thought it was supposed to be a fun Super Mario 64 clone.. 

    4. snakebit10


      @Mar Well I have Legend of Kay and haven't played it yet.


      @DamagingRob Don't just take my word for it. You may enjoy it but I haven't. Most of the trophies can be earned in the first level. From what I understand though is you can't get the last trophy until after beating the final boss.

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  8. #192 - N.E.R.O. (PS4) Got it on a Flash Sale. This game is HORRIBLE, the most boring game I ever played on PS4 along with Ether One. Not to mention the meaningless puzzles and the constant crashes. This game crash so often, that even crashed on the moment I plat it. The funny thing is that looks like the PS4 is saying goodbye to me "Sorry, our Journey Ends here, now I have to go to blue screen of death mode".
  9. #191 - Adam's Venture Origins (PS4) Got it on the Flash Sale, it's an OK game, it's easy and short, and I had a little fun playing.
  10. The good and old dairy bastard costume, it makes the speedrun's a joke.
  11. #190 - Enigmatis: Ghosts of Maple Creek (PS4) Another easy point-and-click game from Artex Mundi, although is a bit harder than the 2 previous titles (Clockwork and Nightmare from the Deep).
  12. #188 - Deadpool (PS4) Another port (not a remastered version) from Activision, they are lazy like hell indeed. Well, I struggled more today to plat this game then 4 years ago on PS3. Maybe the past me was a better player
  13. #187 - Deponia (PS4) An easy point and click game, interesting story, easy gameplay, nice graphics, it's very similar to Day of the Tentacle.
  14. Top 3K Worldwide!

    1. DamagingRob


      You're closing in on my position; stop that. :P But seriously, nice work. :) 

    2. straysheep87


      Haha thanks man, but hey, you're almost on the top 2K, it's a whole step down  :highfive:

  15. This one, Life of Black Tiger, Skylight Freerange 2... And to think that Hannah Montana and Terminator Salvation were considered the worst games back on PS3 days...
  16. #186 - Ducati: 90th Anniversary (PS4) Seriously everyone, don't buy this game! I bought on the flash sale last month, hoping it was a easy and quick plat judging by the high % average completion. Well, it is indeed easy, but the bugged and dead online and the 102 races that needs to be completed on the campaign almost bores me to death.
  17. One of the weakest months on IGC. PS3 and Vita were ignored, and honestly, the LBP series needs to retire. Let's hope for a good Flash Sale this month then.
  18. #185 - Dead Synchonicity (PS4) I love point-and-click games, some for the story, some for the gameplay... but this one isn't the case. The gameplay is OK, the graphics are pretty good, but the storyline is very bad and the voice acting is awful! The story is so boring and confusing that I closed the game after the plat and didn't bother to see the story's end.
  19. It seems if you don't finish at least on the "podium", the race won't count.
  20. #184 - Clockwork Tales Of Glass and Ink (PS4) The point-and-click fever goes on and on, and I hope the producer Artifex Mundi (this devs also published Nightmares from the Deep and released last week on PSN, Enigmatis) keep the good work.
  21. Actually all the games I mentioned are from Square Enix and they will be released in a near future.
  22. #183 - Lara Croft GO (PS4) A fun and easy game, it's easier than Hitman GO, since you can play through the game with hints enabled, although I prefer Hitman GO. Now, let's wait for the Deus Ex GO, Just Cause GO, Thief GO and Life is Strange GO (this one I really want to see).
  23. # 182 - Barbie & her Sisters: Puppy Rescue (PS3) Man, I can't believe I had the guts to plat this game. Not for the proud or dignity, because I couldn't care less for it, a plat's always a plat. But because my save file got corrupted when I had 97% of the game completed, so I had to start it from the scratch only because of the final trophy. But I swear, If I had to brush the teeth of one more puppy again, I would smash my controller on the TV.
  24. #180 - Color Guardians (PS4) I bought this game long ago, then the game became an IGC and I got interested in playing it. Not a bad game, but there are a couple trophies really annoying to get.
  25. #179 - Her Majesty's Spiffing (PS4) The game developers are gettin' lazy, this is a point-and-click game that you can finish it under 50 minutes and without any puzzles.