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  1. #178 - Funk of Titans (PS4) This game is better than I expected, it's fun, easy and... colorful. But I really enjoyed it, it's a short but fun game.
  2. # 176 - The Little Acre (PS4) An average game overall, the story is a little vague, the voice acting is terrible, and the controls are a bit clunky. The graphics are pretty good though, and the puzzles are very easy. And of course, I recommend it to all those who like an easy and short point-and-click game with a quick plat.
  3. #173 - Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart (PS4) An interesting point-and-click game, and a quick and easy plat. Only trophy that give me some trouble was the "finish mah-jong in 1 minute".
  4. After 5 failed attempts, I deleted my savedata, restarted the PS4, and got it on my first try! The intro counts on the timer, so skip it as soon as the cassete tape screen disappears. By the way, what a terrible game!
  5. #172 - The World of Nubla (PS4) I hope there's a release on asian regions soon
  6. #171 - Generator Rex: Agent of Providence (PS3) It was rusting on my shelf for ages, then I give it a try. It's an OK game, have some fun parts, but after the first playthrough, those grind and no-damage trophies were boring as hell.
  7. #169 - Jazzpunk (PS4) Another bizarre game with a first-person view.
  8. Kidney stones, my cross to bear...

    1. DaivRules


      I've had two and only wish them upon one of my enemies. Hope they break up and pass soon.

    2. SunsetHysteria


      My partner has had kidney stones twice and I can only imagine the pain you're experiencing at the moment. Hope it passes soon.

    3. straysheep87


      Thanks for the kindness guys, the pain is REALLY excruciating, but I'm feeling better now.

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  9. #166 - Minecraft Story Mode (PS4) I not expecting so much from this game 'cause I'm not onto "Minecraft world", so I waited for get this game on sale, but Telltale really live up to my expectations, this was pretty fun!
  10. #164 - Oxenfree (PS4) It's was an interesting game, it's like Telltale and Stranger Things had a baby. It's a fairly easy plat, but on the 3rd needed playthrough, it became a little boring.
  11. What with this voice? Looks like those golden voices radios from the 60's. What about the "Welcoooome to the Velvet Room" voice with that russian accent?? I think Atlus should release a spin-off visual novel named "The Eternal Waiting of Persona 5".
  12. Just get it now, excellent finding, thanks for sharing man!
  13. #163 - Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations (PS4) Funny point and click game, it looks like a Telltale game. Only advice: play each case in one sittin', the game may glitch (like it did to me) resulting in a gamebreaking that blocks the story progression, forcing you to start from the scratch. But it's a fun game, highly recommended specially if you are a fan of the series.
  14. You sounded like Tanaka's Amazing Commodities lol
  15. # 162 - My Name is Mayo (PS4) Back in the PS3 days when Megamind, Terminator Salvation, Hannah Montana, etc where considered the "piece of cake" plats, but at least they are actually games with easy plats. This one is not a game, it's a screen with a jar and you have to tap the button 10.000 times to get a platinum. Well, at least it's U$0.99.
  16. # 161 - The Deadly Tower of Monsters (PS4) At the first, the game was fun and the director's commentaries were funny. But after 2 hours of gameplay, it became very repetitive and annoying, even the jokes were the same, it feels like a looping. At least is a easy plat.
  17. #160 - The Bunker Get it on the Sale of the Dead. A weird, but interesting game.
  18. # 159 - Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter I love the Sherlock Holmes franchise, and this one is the best of the trilogy imo. Only negative note that this game is really short!
  19. #158 - Snoopy Grand Adventure (PS4) A super easy plat, but the extreme amount of collectibles are really annoying, I'm glad it's over.
  20. #157 - Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor GOTY (PS4) Great game, it's really better than the bugged PS3 version. The trophy that gives me more trouble, as strange as it seens, it was poisoning a captain on his own feast, I don't know why, I always ended up screwing up. Anyways, fantastic game, I really hope it got a sequel soon.
  21. Can someone tell me please if this N.E.R.O. is any good? It's the only game that barely caught my eye. The last 3 Flash Sales were kinda disappointment, it's always the same indie games or IGC ones.
  22. # 155 - Kick-Ass 2 (PS3) It was sittin' on my backlog for ages, I wasn't expecting that would be so easy, no guide needed, a 4~5 hours plat.
  23. #154 - Nubla (PS4) Extremely short and easy plat, but also a relaxing one, it doesn't even need a guide.