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  1. Not in the slightest, whining and emerging myself in self-pity was never my style. I don't enjoyed the game at all, I only finished it because of the easy trophies.
  2. #153 - Virginia (PS4) I don't know why these "Walking Simulators" have all bizarre and confusing stories (e.g. Master Reboot, Ether One, Gone Home,etc). The second playthough was boring as hell, but at least the game is short.
  3. # 152 - Wolfenstein: The New Order (PS4) I was planning play this game since I plat the Old Blood and really enjoyed it, since I love FPS with single-player only .Overall, the game and the Über run was easier than the Old Blood, apart from the annoying collectibles and that last boss... that thing's still givin' me chills.
  4. Countdown to Persona 5...I can't believe it's finaly coming!
  5. Enjoying Wolfestein New Order so far, playing on Über is not that hard, but the collectibles are exhausting.

    1. Andrea


      The perks are super easy to boost after you've beaten the game via chapter select on lower difficulties and it will take literally no more than an hour (it took me 20 minutes to get my last four.) If you are being bogged down by that I would just swap to only focusing on collectibles.

    2. straysheep87


      @DamagingRob I hate collectibles, it's the thing I most disgust in games, it spoils the fun of a playthrough, and on the Wolfenstein, they are many! Runnin' like a sponge bullet on Uber from deadly giant robots to collect Enigma Codes is not cool.

    3. straysheep87


      @Andrea I was thinking in doing that, but I on chapter 8 now and I want to platinum in one playthrough. I'm loving the game, the story and the difficulty,but because of the collectibles and some perks (like the ridiculous killing x enemies while sliding and kill x enemies with throwback grenades) I get tired and had to take a rest from the game. If wasn't by it, I've would completed the game by now.

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  6. Persona 4 for me is easily one of the best games ever. I beat it 8 times (4 on PS2 and 4 on Vita) and, along with Persona 3, made me a truly Persona hype. Can't wait for february!
  7. # 151 - Pac Man Arcade Series (PS4) Well, It was sittin' unfinished on my trophy list for months, today I had the will to comeback and finish it. My skills on PacMan's games sucks, if wasn't by the save exploit, it will be impossible to me plat this.
  8. Only the first and the second one are related, the third and the fourth ones have their own unique story (it's the same mechanic, a JRPG with teenagers living in a high school life, with social links, shadows and dungeons, but it's 2 different stories, new characters and another atmosphere). I highly recommend!
  9. Don't tell me there's a trophy like that again? hahaha I take a look on the JP trophy list, but since I don't know beans of japanese and don't wanna spoilers, I don't translate the P5 trophy list ;D but Futaba is a support char on P5 like Rise? Thanks Myu, this plat sure feels good on my collection. ;D
  10. I don't really remember if I posted here before, but I really wish...
  11. Got the Persona 4 Golden plat today... I already missing people calling me Senpai :(

    1. Maxximum


      @straysheep87: LOL

    2. Dragon-Archon


      Nice, congrats :D. There's always P4 Dancing All Night, that happens after the true ending epilogue.

    3. awf9495


      @Archon - I knew I was forgetting one, and I even like DAN more than either Arena!

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  12. Well, after almost 4 years, 4 playthroughs, a total of 207 hours of gameplay, and be able to get the fearsome Hardcore Risette Fan, I finally plat this game! Thank you soultaker655, it's may be the final push to me back to this game, and complete it. The bad thing is that my thirst for Persona series returns, and now I'm can't wait to Persona 5 or a "Persona Collection" comes out.
  13. #150 - Persona 4 Golden (PSVita) My all-time favorite game since PS2. It's incredibly how this game, after all this years, still make me cry and laugh with the amazing story and characters. I kinda gave up on the plat years ago because of the Hardcore Risette Fan, but I wanna thank soultaker655 to create the "Lets Finish Persona 4 before Persona 5 release" thread and give me the push to return and plat this masterpiece. Well, now I must report to the fox, err... I mean, take a rest and wait up the Persona 5.
  14. # 149 - Albedo: Eyes from the Outer Space (PS4) Sony should label some games like this with a WGOTY's tag. (Worst Game of the Year).
  15. You should post it with a spoiler tag for the sake of the people that didn't played this game yet.
  16. #148 - Coffin Dodgers (PS4) Extreme easy plat, it's even easier than Mario Kart 50cc Mushroom Cup It's even has a option to auto accelerate, so it's a 1.5/10 and very fun plat.
  17. #147 - Far Cry Primal (PS4) I'm a huge fan of Far Cry series, and I had really high expectations for this game. This game is in the vein of the others, but I found the storyline was a little weak and vague, and the characters, apart from the shaman,doesn't have ANY connection with the story. The main missions are really short, and the post game grind is a little boring. The good point about this game is no MP, but overall is the weakest from the franchise.
  18. It doesn't register, I kill my tamed cave bear, and tried to skin it. Although the screen give me a "Cave Bear Skin", when I go to the craft menu, it shows me 0 cave bear skins.
  19. #145 - Megamind (PS3) A trophy's hunter classic, I got this on eBay for U$1 . This game isn't bad as people says, is a little repetitive, but far from terrible games like Orc Slayer, Toro and Goat Simulator.
  20. The Walking Dead Michonne was a great surprise, one of best Telltale games. so much better than the boring TWD Season 2

    1. playdemos1


      I have that game in mind, I think I will wait for the Telltale Collection on PS4 to lower the price and get that bunch of games xD

    2. straysheep87


      @playdemos1 I got TWD Michonne on a sale for a low price, I wasn't expecting so much from this game after the disappointment from TWD Season 2, but this game is VERY good, highly recommended.

    3. playdemos1


      Got it! I will buy it when I see a chance! ;D

  21. I hardly believe someone will enjoy this game, but good luck
  22. The worst game on PS4 for sure, this game is bad in all possible ways. Is far worse than Magus for sure, worse than Magrunner, Master Reboot, Scourge Outbreak and Toro. Actually, I can recall any game worse than that right now.
  23. #144 - Orc Slayer (PS4) A game that deserve a honorable place among Ride to Hell Retribution, Toro, Magus, Terminator Salvation, NCIS, Rogue Warrior, etc like one of the worst games EVER.
  24. # 143 - Day of the Tentacle Remastered (PS4) A really funny, super easy, underated and enjoyable point-and-click game that I highly recommend to everyone.
  25. Top 5K Worldwide!