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  1. I would love to get these online trophies out of the way! If anyone would like to grind out the kill trophies / etc, feel free to add me PSN - A_SockMonkey Just make sure in your friend request you notate that it is for Tomb Raider Definitive (PS4) because I get a lot of random people adding me to help them in Overwatch (Thank god I finished that platinum ages ago).
  2. Anyone down I need 3 people ASAP Now 4
  3. Thank you all so much for the recommendations! I will be definitely putting research into all the recommendations and pick a few of them to try!
  4. I am at sort of a halt with video gaming, I can't seem to get stuck into a game like I've used to. Does anyone have any solid recommendations for me? I am an absolute fan of survival horrors, JRPS, fighters, hack n' slashes, and sometimes shooters. I'm trying to find something in that ball park of those genres while having an very dark plot to them (EX. Persona , Danganronpa , etc.) I have pretty much all video game consoles (Perks of working at a video game resale store that does old school and current gen), so specific system is no issue at all. Feel free to post any recommendations and I'll check them out! Thank you!
  5. Choose the Impossible Achieve level 40 Bioshock 2
  6. The Last of Us - Hunter Easy as pie
  7. Maybe if you were doing Supply Raid I would consider. I AVG 15 downs, 15 executions, and 5 deaths
  8. Dante's Inferno! Quick easy platty with a near perfect storyline! (:
  9. Add me! PSNP forum name is the same as my PSN, I work at a video game store and have pretty much any game at my disposal. (:
  10. Resident Evil 5, ahhh that brings back old memories with my brother (:
  11. Thank you very much! I still need a lot of practice though!
  12. I definitely need to give GIMP a try, I'm going to be doing alot more work for practice and I'll be throwing them up on twitter I am also a 2D ink artist, so I'll be posting that aswell. Thank you for all the help!
  13. I used an online editor because I am at work. http://pixlr.com/editor/ I would really like to learn more using Gimp, I've decided to do graphic design for schooling and need all the help/advice I can. Thanks -Paul
  14. My first attempt
  15. First time trying to create a signature, no experience with any of it. Please critique the hell out of it, I need good advice Thanks -Paul