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  1. Corrupted savefile...again !! Same shit, different game..but this time i had spent more than 120H on it ! Godamnit

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    2. VIIIZU


      The worst part is i got PS+ since it started...but didn't know you could use it on VITA too -_-...Now I enabled it for all my other VITA games. That's a good lesson, but I'm not sure I'll have the patience to start over on that game..lame.

    3. STFUxDxD


      I feel ya on that. I grinded hard over the weekend and got plat in just 4 days. Needless to say, I'm a little sick of AC games right now.

    4. Cooltedan


      I must had really luck, I havn't got a single corrupted savefile, have never backup and files either. And i dont have Ps+.

  2. Voted for Castlevania and DanganRonpa !
  3. I Am your misstress, biiiiiaaatch !
  4. Wolverine 2 ! SHIIIIIIIIIITTY !!!
  5. What about a new job...?
  6. I'm waiting for you my dear....

  7. Nothing here
  8. Bakteria !
  9. That fly is fucking booooooring !!! grrrrr
  10. Agarest generations of War Zero
  11. There is little hope that it will be retail, and the game doesn't have Platinum trophy. Finished the Episode 1 two days ago, that's awesome to replay this serie.
  12. Welcome Mimi. Better late than never