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  1. Yeah V6. But its a very silent car. You wont hear it coming. Haha. I miss the sound of my Z and G35. Those got great engine/exhaust sounds. That Subaru also sounds good.
  2. Thanks. A lot of time, work and money was put into this baby. Now if I can make it "sound" beastly Im all happy. Unfortunately it just doesnt have that oomph roar no matter what.
  3. '06 IS 350 65k miles I recommend this for waxing. Not my pic below. Its a Torq 10FX set though.
  4. This may work for some if you dont want to take controller apart(I know my first time was very scary, it felt like Ill break more of it.) Push your stick down into the hole, should be a little gap, blow hard around the rim. Push it down and Twirl it around a few times while blowing into it. Sometimes its just dust, dirt, dead skin from the rubbing.
  5. Yeah that L3 mechanism rubbers are a piece of shit. Im wondering if heat and humidity have an issue on these controllers. I opened it up plenty of times to reset them in place and itll only work fine for maybe a week, then it goes wonky again! Luckily only 1 of my 5 controllers have that issue. One of my others the L3 doesnt work too well with games that require press down to run.... so far only 2/5 is giving me issues though. Thank goodness! ><
  6. :( been waiting for Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA  to price drop but its still so high! wtf! Xmas time cant come any sooner><

    1. dermarx


      It is now 20€ in EU, so maybe there will be a price drop in US soon, too.

    2. AlchemistWer


      Yeah, this weekend I saw the physical version with "offert etiquette" just for 45 €



      Oh nice, hopefully US get something nice soon.

  7. Probably a 1/10 with walkthru? Looks like just a puzzle walking simulator game. Think there isnt much about it till now is because it seems way overpriced MSRP.
  8. Probably bought it, as it was 1.99 at one time. Hmm, dont see much to get. Deciding if I want to complete my RE set and buy Revelation 1 for PS4. but ugh that ghost ship and difficulty trophies going to be a drag again.
  9. This was actually a thing! but for 700$+ no wonder it never came to US. haha.


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    2. MMDE


      This was also a thing, so you could game in the car:



      I could game in the backseat anyway, we had mounted a TV screen, and was usually watching DVDs on it! xD 

    3. MidnightDragon
    4. Meowski


      nettes Teil huch; I mean nice gadet the first one senpai ;)

  10. Better way to save money is not play any at all.... but welcome back to PS. Also I choosed Fallout 3. Heard many good things about it but havent fully played myself. Probably should start soon.
  11. Last year around this time my window got egged for Halloween, surveillance is up, if its one of my neighbors, they are dead meat.👺

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    3. Dragon-Archon


      Oh ok, thanks for the heads up. I'll be sure to take out the surveillance first. Maybe I will also use flaming poop bags… dragon size, of course :awesome: .

    4. PooPooBlast


      @Dragon-Archon you need not to call my friend I have you covered :awesome:


  12. Ugh. Another Vita usb charger cable ripped exposing wires. Damn these 1$ china products. Im already extra careful with them. Guess I'll have to order another one.😡

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    2. Kassandra


      I don't know one for the Vita, but I bought an extra charger for the Switch (because it came with a car plug) that wasn't that expensive, it was made by BigBen.


      I forget, does the Vita have some weird charger opening, like not mini-USB or USB-C?



      Yeah its a weird plug head. Not like the standard lightning cables or ps4 controller mini usb cables. I think because mine is 1000 ver. The 2000 uses standard usb. Those I got a million of...:(

    4. Kassandra


      That's too bad, and another reason (next to the Sony-only memory cards) why the Vita design was stupid and greedy.

  13. Can't even login to ps store since 2Step verification codes doesn't work. Theyll send u a code but its "invalid"...😭
  14. Online Co-Op is comign october!
  15. Yeah, first they friend you. Then they message you from within. Tricky bastards.