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  1. Just watched Ready Player One, movie kind sucks, but all that gaming character reference is pretty sweet. Every gamer should definitely give it a watch.😊



  2. I got a couple games for sale, or trade or you can take me to a 5 star steak house; I feel like some Wagyu beef if you feel generous. I don't eat much, a pound or two is enough for the games. Games I need to get rid of! There like new condition. Smells great. Killzone ShadowFalls Lego Stars Wars Force Awaken Mirrors Edge Deus Ex Ratchet Clanker Dragon Quest Heroes Mad Max Valkyria Chronicles Remastered.
  3. You mean like an x-men ability!!? I want Professor X ability!! Except the baldness, hopefully that's not the trade off of that power!!
  4. FREE game over at Humble again; This time its a game called Shadowrun Returns Deluxe Edition.

    Looks like a Transistor similar game? Pretty neat.

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    2. KingGuy420


      BTW thanks for the heads up, definitely grabbed it lol



      No problem. I think its looks pretty sweet for a top down and as a game made from Kickstarter. Don't know if I ever got time for it though, hah. Console backlog is no joke. But free is freee. 😊

    4. KingGuy420


      Yeah I probably won't play it much either. PC gaming isn't really my thing. I loved the SNES one though so I always wanted to try it lol.

  5. Started reading, Gokushufudou: The Way of the House Husband...kinda good.😃 Now to play all the Yakuza games!😂

    1. PooPooBlast


      Nice! I purchased recently Yakuza 0 which was on sale. 


      Going to start it maybe soon



      Yup, grabbed if for 18$ off last week sale too. Not too happy its going Greatest Hit though, I rather have a physical copy of Yaz0.

    3. PooPooBlast


      Right? But at least I didn't get kiwami yet so it's okay :)

  6. :/ Hasn't this been out a long time now? I doubt any patch would be coming. Really sucks with the frames though, wish these bigger jp ip put more time and effort in their games. Its ruining the datn franchise! Ruin my Gundam love!
  7. Dont scare me like this!! I tried the time skip last night. Why would it screw the 100 objectives up??
  8. What happens when we time skip then set clock back to normal? Like say I time skipped, then something requires 8hours to be done, but I went back to normal time. What happens to that 8hrs for job to be done.
  9. Wow, neat little trick. Thxs, I like it. Need to look into this time cheese trick. I been just throwing time in normally, game is addicting for what it is!
  10. Are they running out of digital codes!!?? noooooo!! Codes are what 12 digits, with number variations 1-0 and A-Z? How many possibilities are there? And obviously they cant use the same code...
  11. Probably downloaded but must stay connected to play. Also as some others mentioned PS4 games only.
  12. "You were almost a Jill sandwich!" Barry Burton
  13. Well, guess what, its dropped to 23$ for deluxe edition at amazon if you still want it...
  14. I left off EB on my vita play, ill test the rest of it later. Thxs for the work.
  15. Pro. It totally looks better. And you feel cooler having it.