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  1. I was thinking he meant sparks and electric shocks coming within his ps3 which could mean the connector inside could be loose or broken off the soldiered joints. Or some other issues causing power to run whacked.
  2. That! Is never a good sign. I suggest to be careful while you test it around. Your ps3 might not start but might start a fire instead.... Hate to say this but your fat ps3 finally died.
  3. Humanity doesn't like pushing forward to greater grounds. Also not enough people demand it I suppose. Demand is a great issue. All it took was a couple companies starting remakes and remasters and that caught on because well the sales help determine the future of a company and next we know every fking one is doing it and good easy sales help back up that choice. Not a lot like to risk or we be space travellers now, fighting aliens far far away, or looking for the next golden world. Yet we are here fighting wars with each other, wasting funds and not progressing.
  4. So it just chosed to not work one day? had you unplug it from outlet when you didnt play it or just left it there. Have you try a different outlet? Cable dont normally just die especially if you dont pull out and put in and repeat a lot. I could just be a pad power supply which would cost maybe 30$ to buy the parts. 60gb version as in the phat boy ps3? that may be harder to find parts though.
  5. After been burned out you start to think is this all worth it 5, 10, 15, 20 years later. All the time wasted trying to get a trophy. When your 50yrs old and you think...damn I used 1/3 of those years trying for some trophies!!! Imagine someday...trophies are gone! dannng!
  6. I don't think it works like that. You got to state why you are flagged and more than just you cleared the game....
  7. Got all the online trophies done. Thx goodness. Now to go back to story and collectibles but those arent affected by server so, woot! can relaxe now. lol Kinda stuck on the story mode though...cant beat End of the line...-_-. Tried 6x+ ><. edit: Is there a super easy option somewhere I dont know about??
  8. What speed arrre you getting? I run a hardwired direct ethernet to ps4 old model and im getting the speed im paying my isp. Actually im paying 100Mb but im getting 117Mb. Download is faster when its in sleep mode than when you have it on playing something or just on hud.
  9. If no one gives you the answer you seek in the end. Maybe try looking in these threads.
  10. Try playing not signed-in/connected to PSN, I think this game issue is with its server info retrieval system. Sometime these games freezes are when your game is trying to sync something with their stupid bad servers.
  11. Hell yeah! 😊 Once I finish these last 2 Motorstorm online trophies im on it!
  12. This sale is also a lot longer than the typical flash sales we get on fridays. "This price is only available from 8/17/2018 08:00 am to 8/28/2018 08:00 am."
  13. Seems to be a sale every friday now....I like sales, only time I buy games now but dang, these sales are getting weaker every weak. I miss the days when discounts used to be great and not just nice. edit: Alright! I bought somethings afterall. Agents of Mayhem $3.99 (heard it was a bad game but its cheap enough I guess...) Raiden V: Director's Cut $10.49 (Always played these back in the arcades as a baby, time to be a baby again!) Burnout Paradise Remastered $14.99 (I love this game, but the ps3 digital ver. wont let my account get online to plat, but every other accounts I make can get EA) Metropolis: Lux Obscura $4.79 (I really shouldnt, def drop below 40% later this year.)
  14. Warning signs for everything these thing they'll have signs up about breathing the damn californian smogged air! I just want to drink my coffee in peace!! no need to know itll cause cancer!😡

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    2. Pichu


      I don't like coffee, but I thought it was supposed to be good for you if you don't overdo it.

    3. BG_painter


      This s my: it is nice, but i make it stronger than americans usually drink. Gotta love coffee 😎



      @BG_painterThxs gonna give that a round. I like them strong and rough. Gotta go deep with the flavors. "American" coffee is dirty water...