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  1. Maybe something is loose. Does it rattle when you shake it? Higly doubt its a firmware issue. Good luck!

  3. Damn, I requested Far Cry 5 or Assassin Creed Origins from Gamefly but they sent out God of War instead....guess ill be playing that this weekend.😞

    1. Spyro


      Is that a bad thing?



      Yeah..I didn't want to play it yet. Since I'm familiar with FC and AC games, I know I can finish them within the time left with my gamefly subscription this month (Since I dont plan on subbing it another month). But idk about GoW. Hopefully I can do it fast enough it wont require me buying it or renting it further down the line.

  4. So God of War is a easy 19hr plat? great. I just spent 120hrs on Attack on Titan 2...need something quick now. lol. Wish I didnt need sleep, work and stuff or I could just be 2nd fastest achiever...but doesnt seem GoW is a grindy game so doable.😅
  5. Lol....did i included my lewd santa photo?
  6. What im curious about is who reviews these reports. Is it multiple people on 1 reported case or just 1 on a case kinda thing and its up to them and how they feel about it. Basically if thry having a bad day a simple aggressive word could doom you.
  7. I think if you kept saying something like that here you too will get a warning if reported enough. PSN is no different.
  8. Not as popular as AssCreed but def. Ubi top games. Probably was in the works before even WD2 was released...seeing a 3 had no doubt in me.
  9. It's too good to be true. Double discount just means u get the original sale plus another tiny sale on top..even if its just 1$. Lol But yes it's misleading in a way. Out of 239 items only saw maybe 3-4 things I want. Neptunia online ps4!!! Being 1.
  10. Game is going to be extinct soon with that price...
  11. Not anymore, they use to come with demos and posters and sticker and all sorts of gooies. Now they are thinner than my toilet paper.....not worth it at all! I do sub to ImagineFX magazine. Really good stuff in there.
  12. good morning big Boy ^_^

    hope you had awonderful sleep and enjoy your sunday to chill at home and gaming.



      You are very kind! Thank you. Now...give me a hug! to make my night wonderful. hahaXD




    2. Koromaru


      Be careful cause sometimes you will get more than a hug!

      Yeah Kind to a good friend and man!

  13. Like have Korean voice-overs? or just subtitles. That is going to be rough to find because it's costly to pay for voice actors. I honestly dont know one that does. Even korean base games wont have korean voices when ported to NA.
  14. It is still glitched for some. There will be a 2hr server maintenance. That may fix the issue as I just assume it may be some sync issue. Once everything reboots it may be ok if not they are aware of the issue. Players have reported crashing in a dungeon, logging back in dead in the open world and unable to resurrect. Worse yet, some have reported logging back into the dungeon dead, with no way to leave. We’ve temporarily disabled Ghillieglade to address freezing and crashing issues. It’s sometimes hard to access a basic resurrection in a dungeon (either in town, or from a healer or scroll), because the Neophyte Resurrection window covers up the UI. Closing the Neophyte window solves the problem, but we are working on a more permanent, and visible solution. There are occasional echoing/audio feedback issues in dungeons and caves. Some players are being auto-logged into servers on which they have no characters, causing more than a little confusion. (One of our writers has this happen almost every time, so you’re not alone!) There are reports of PS4 trophies not unlocking, including: Downed the Clown (Clear Labyrinth of Terror) Ebon and Bone (Clear Ebon Tower) Fear Is Not an Option (Clear Kelsaik's Nest) Pain in the Temple (Clear Balder's Temple) A Poke in the Eye (Clear Argon Corpus) Plant One on Me (Clear Sabex Armory) Brought to Justice (Clear Macellarius Catacombs) Level 60 (Reach level 60) Level 65 (Reach level 65) High level enchants sometimes don’t display success/fail messages, and the UI sometimes does not complete enchanting the item. The Velika crafting tables do not currently allow crafting. (Crafting can be performed elsewhere through the main UI.) The Elite Consumables Box and the 1hr Elite Gold Hunter Boost are currently sharing a 10 minute cooldown, instead of having separate timers. The minimap can freeze, and will not display motion or update quest progress until the console restarts.
  15. No, not for console yet, but it will come in the next 6months... The devs mention they wanted to push it out in that time frame. But will be with the same gender/race lock as PC. PC TERA already has a new big update coming April 17th. Soooo much class skill change.