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  1. Ugh, Just realized The Coma: Recut I bought 2weeks ago from PSN sale doesn't have a plat. I must've been drunk or something...The damn AS version has a plat and all gold too! What a kick in the balls.

    1. Chirithy


      haha sensei you know we all Play games not cause of the plat!

      Wish you a Wonderful day!

    2. skateak


      I remember being super excited when I saw the Toy Solider franchise from XBLA days (which I never got to play) was coming to PS4 and couldn't wait to get it. Went ahead and bought the Hall of Fame Edition at launch. Left it in the wrapper for a week or two while I finished the game I was already playing. Decided to played it, opened it from the wrapper, booted it up and checked for a trophy guide online only to find out that there was an unobtainable trophy blocking the platinum. It is broken across PS4, Xbone and PC. Major failure. I was so damn disappointed and still am years and years later. When I asked the Devs they said something about they were working on another project already and would only patch the game if Ubisoft OK'ed/funded it.



      @Meowski Of course I'll play games and buy games without a plat dear just I was expecting there was a plat and everything gold trophies (cause I was stupidly looking at the AS version) when I decided to buy it. I'm a CAG, a plat and 11gold trophies would make the $3.74 game a lot more nicer after Sony Rewards. 😂