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  1. Digital sales better drop more to compensate for this!!
  2. Thank you for the list. I think i might grab Metro Exodus Gold edition 19.49 And Maybe Zone of Enders 2 7.45 😃
  3. Well we don't know the full story regarding these players but resale value still pretty high a week or two after release. Most if decide to resale will get most of their money back if they finish early.
  4. What game?
  5. PS PLUS do you want it? do you need it? almost expiring? Well what are you waiting for!! $29.99 for 1yr now at CdKeys

    That's only $2.50 a month! or 0.08 cents a day :awesome:....

    USA Link

    CANADA Link

  6. Very lucky me I was able to grab the games I was eyeing from the BF sales. I was able to grab Skyrim Special Edition $8 (BestBuy) this ended up 6$ cheaper because I had to wait extra 10min for my curbside pickup ... Nioh 2 $10 (BestBuy) MediEvil $10 (BestBuy) Jump Force $13 (BestBuy) Maneater $13 (BestBuy) Resident Evil 3 $15 (BestBuy) Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition $15 (BestBuy) DBZ Kakarot $15 (BestBuy) Need 4 Speed Heat $15 (Target) Persona 5 Royal $19 (Gamestop) Persona 5 Royal Steelcase $25 (Gamestop) Final Fantasy VII Remake $25 (Target) Yakuza Remaster Collection $25 (BestBuy) Ys: Memories of Celceta Timeless Adventurer Edition $25 (BestBuy) The Yakuza Remastered Collection wont arrive till monday though, but I think Im good for awhile.
  7. Hmm, no problems whatsoeva here. Actually was a smooth super easy game the first time. Sucks your experience is a bad one.
  8. I'm a Vegeta kinda guy.
  9. Thxs, was just wondering, since I want to grab the standard edition that is on sale at BestBuy, but thought about SAO:Fatal Bullets dlc trophies. But I think 25$ is good to take the plunge?
  10. Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition Injustice 2
  11. Best Buy RE 15$ is live now!!!
  12. What dlc did you exactly buy? DLC Items you purchased wont show in your inventory, you still need to go to the first store and buy them out at 0 Cost.
  13. Well idk about Death Stranding but Control Ultimate Edition gets a free upgrade to PS5 in 2021, when PS5 ver gets released Im not sure if the price for the old Control UE for PS4 will be sale price or would they increase the price back to like a new price again. I dont know how these PS4 "free" upgrade pricing works just yet. I dont think we will ever see a PS3 Vita sale anymore...
  14. Have you tried restarting your system? have you tried renewing your licenses? When you go to the game page where it shows Overview, Trending, Friends, PS Store, does the add-on there show it? and if so does it say installed etc?