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  1. Has nothing to do with the site. Check this out.
  2. The Ps4 original never was "phat"...its not even bigger or heavier than Pro unlike Ps3 phat. But yeah idk why they choose to push a Crysis remaster. Even on PC it takes a great PC to even able to run it smoothly, and here we got a outdated piece of hardware (compare to PC that is).
  3. Well be damned. lol Thxs for clearing that up.
  4. $ it worth it? Probably be on Ps Plus soon? lol
    Also available in 4 easy payments of 0.50cents...(oh you can buy it here if you want, Gamestop.


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    2. KingGuy420


      @NERVergoproxy I doubt that'll happen anytime soon sadly. The only reason they abandoned development on it was so a team could solely focus on overhauling the entire game. 


      If they have the nerve to charge for the overhaul, they might give it away a few weeks before it drops, but holy crap I hope they don't pull that lol.

    3. kingdrake2


      for 2$ i would get it. 

    4. mako-heart


      I Plat it, it's fine idk.

  5. I'm going to have to start this game over as I already end game and there isn't enough enemies to do the combo challenge, what a shame. Wish they added something like Farcry and reset bases. Is there even a New Game+ that carries the challenges?
  6. Zombie Army Trilogy
  7. Stick some play doh in the gap. Or you can just make some dough from home cooking materials and stick it into the gap.
  8. Guess I'll wait till Ps5 to play thus masterpiece.
  9. Changed since it was available, no issues at all.
  10. Looking for a like new copy of (NA) Samurai Warriors 4 for cheap cheap. Thanks!
  11. The new dungeons? No But the new world bosses yes. You don't need to be last hit if you tag it.
  12. Solo is part of the story now. You are forced to solo it and move on. Only the last 3 arent solo, but...I soloed them too. It's doable. The issue is the HNM later as there seems to be a couple new ones added that werent in the original game that arent soloable unless your dodging is amazing and range based. But thats a whole another topic to discuss I guess.
  13. Nice. A few day after my bday. Thanks.
  14. Seeing people drop trash and not pick it up disgusts me. I wish I was big and brave enough to point it out to those people in public.

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    2. Dr_Mayus


      I saw some teens throwing their McDonald's on the ground and I decided to do something. I approached them and told them to pick up their trash. They gave me a bit of lip but saw I wasn't joking and picked it up.


      I then made them clean all the garbage in the parking lot and afterwards they all apologized and left.


      I had no idea what caused me to do it but I am glad I did. My hope was that maybe next time they would think before doing it again.

    3. dernop


      Why would someone intentionally drop trash just to pick it up again? :P

      Just kidding, i also hate littering. But yeah, i don't ever say shit about it either unfortunately.

    4. Venocide


      I work in a large retail store and often see people throw crap on the floor when there's a bin nearby. I've seen many people blow their nose and throw the tissue on the floor. Fucking disgusting pigs.