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  1. From experience. Its seems if u really want your May stuff to register you got to wait till June, and June stuff July. And that varies which days Sony Rewards chooses to tally up the count.
  2. Save yourself the headache and grab all three...😅 But heres my choices. 1.Dragon Quest Heroes 2 2.Ni No Kuni 2 3.Divinty Sin 2
  3. Gaming for the last 30+ yrs, I think gaming is actually finally getting better this generation. And we will see even more incredible stuffs come out next generation, maybe not in the early stages of PS5, but as soon as the devs get more used to the hardware and tech, we will see amazing games pushing us further into the future.
  4. I didn't sign up or get one but probably wont test it anyways. As I read "You cannot have parties or use Share Play with users who are using a different system software version. You cannot have parties with PlayStation Vita users either." I dont know how long the test will be till they roll out the actual update. And I do a lot of party chats and stuff with buddies so, if it hinders that. Then no thxs. Its mention you could restore to older version, but some settings are stored on the Psn server so it could conflict certain things.
  5. So if im understanding this right, a random guy(on his alternate account) offered to help the OP get a trophy; which is to win 4 consecutive online matches, but then he himself wins a game to break the streak for nothing but a Victory, just to fk with the OP? okayyy. People are messed up.... Or is this all just about someone offering help but then says they dont need it but need help in another game instead??
  6. Hey welcome! You have an interesting name! so I reverse search it "haniime"....ohhh boy the results....anyways, welcome!! haha
  7. Ok that alone baffles me. Are we talking about the account name(alternate account) you sent me or his main? and do you know his main? his alternate account has no hidden trophies, and was synced an hour ago.
  8. Ok. So what trophy were you guys going after? I dont see it on his profile of getting a FUT draft trophy.... His last trophy on that account is 14 days ago for " Watch an EA SPORTS News video " Sorry im just a little confused, to try to understand the situation more.😅
  9. Why would he bother boosting on that...account. Theres nothing on sure there wasnt no misunderstanding for the boosting session? haha Seems more like someones alt to me.
  10. PM me names! I need to be aware of these people! Not that I boost with strangers, you can never trust people these days. One moment they hug you and have good times and next a pencil in the back. "A fking pencil"...

    Thought I share this for all those FAT Chocobo lovers who arent aware of the greatness. Enjoy.


    1. SnipeBear_


      Why do they gotta bring his color into it 😭

    2. NERVergoproxy


      Well there is a White and reg Yellow one too.😄

    3. MidnightDragon


      Fat Chocobo is best Chocobo!

  12. I personally did not need to go thru to get it free as I already have it bought so I do not know, I wish I can help more. Sorry for the confusion, but Im pretty sure the official site says you do no not need the Starter Pack. if you scroll all the way down to bottom it says. "PS4 users can download the expansion from the PlayStation Store. If you have an existing copy of FINAL FANTASY XIV Online Starter Edition, or A Realm Reborn, it’ll be marked as free to download." edit: I think the problem for all is, you do not need to "download" it as its already downloaded to your system with the patches everytime if you know what I mean. The content is already patched in like every other mmos. If you login during this period of time it will register you having HW. Now dont quote me on it as I do not know for how Ps4 works. I got the HW expansion for alternate PC account and it worked like a charm. It was just ARR edition, no Starter nothing. I'll google a little to see if anyone said anything otherwise. edit2: Ok so I did a little googling and find out a little more. I suggest a quick skim thru but to cut it short you may have to contact SE as someone did "I spent the morning with Sony customer service about this. The issue is that Heavansward was only flagged to be compatible with the digital starter edition, and will be unavailable if you have any of the other versions (like my physical collectors edition.) Sony rep told me its Square Enix that sets this and they couldn't help me. So, I got in touch with Square Enix, and they just gave me a key to enter in the PS store that bypassed the broken store entry. I'd recommend contacting SE first about it." He got the phy Collector edition but im pretty sure ARR regular edition will do to since its what was and still is on their official site. If you skim thru the rest of the reddit post, most just contacted SE and got a code to bypass this PSN store crap. Good luck guys. But if you want HW for PC or Mac too, heres the link for that too. I got the code and enter it on my mogstation and it register my 2nd PC account a free copy.
  13. I think I been extra tired lately is because I need new glasses, my eye must have changed. >< because when I turn my glasses around and look thru the lens; things are actually more clear than the side I'm supposed to look thru....

    1. eigen-space


      If you can get an eye exam to see what your new prescription is, you can get new glasses for super cheap here:


      I buy the least expensive glasses for my husband there all the time because he's constantly losing them (or our dogs get ahold of them), and they're actually pretty good quality despite being so inexpensive.

    2. Honor_Hand


      Speaking of getting new glasses, I need some myself too. Haven't got a replacement on mine for more than a decade now. Pretty sure they are wayyyy past their prime >.< They don't make me feel tired, though. Mostly because I think my myopia got slightly worse over the years lol. 

    3. NERVergoproxy


      @eigen-spaceThank you! I'll check that out. I think I been on that site a lonnnng time ago, thing is I got a low ugly bridge nose...its hard to find glasses that work on my face  but Ill check it out!


      @Honor_Hand It has been awhile for me too. My last exam was 6yrs ago 😅... But its only gotten worse again recently. It tires and stresses me out more mentally than physically as I feel I've to try to focus more. Kills my gaming mood too. Idk. It's probably a lot other problems I got too. I'm not exactly the healthy type. 


  14. This is true. recently platted, but your Ai team are complete utter garbage. You either have to land on the right type of battleground to win or just am super good to carry the 3 Ai against 4 Ai that will rip your booty apart.