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  1. Heard it's a great fan, rival jet engines.
  2. Voted for Ghost bae.
  3. I used to do this with Final Fantasy XIV (PS4). I set up my craft work and start auto crafting while I play my Vita or play other stuffs too on PC, or do other RL reading things etc. But I wouldn't do it if not for trophy hunting. I personally find it hard to enjoy 1 game when I have to give some attention to another game, but that's just me.
  4. No, what a shame. It doesnt have the season pass. I guess gonna pass till its much cheaper.
  5. Probably something we shouldn't use if we care about our trophies/leaderboard right?


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    2. KingGuy420


      As much as this stuff does hurt this specific community, I actually grew up as a Game Genie kid and have some really great memories of cheating lol.

    3. NERVergoproxy


      @KingGuy420 The game genie was awesome. I cheated a ton on Resident Evil games. Infinite items, rocket launcher knife. It was pure fun. 

    4. Emina


      What is it? I’ve never heard of such a thing. May as well let it play the game for you lol

  6. Very nice very very nice.
  7. Well its on sale now for 30$ deluxe edition. Gonna check if that has all dlc etc compare to the Super Deluxe edition which seems unnecessary for 10$ more.
  8. Don't really see anything that stands out...guess I'll have to look harder later. Thanks for the awesome post though.
  9. Shoulda been today. "Memorial Day"..oh well at least its a day late.
  10. If life was eternal I guess I wont mind. I dont want to waste..spend a year grinding 1 trophy. Etc.
  11. 😅 Nothing cheap enough....
  12. I'm gonna assume you also tested your actual speed and not just with PSN...
  13. I like to point out, you will lose the option to do the trial if you get this. Why do trial when you can have full game free? Well if you were just after trophy plat. That means you get 1 month free yes with Starter Edition but you will have to sub the rest 5-6months ($80~ give or take) for the 1k levequest trophy. With trial you can play until you are done with the 1k leve quest then buy game foramonth to finish everything else. But its a great game, worth every penny to just play thru and enjoy story. Also do know as a trial player, certain social features and things are limited.
  14. USB 3 would be faster than PS4 original internal i think by numbers. USB3 up to 5Gbps Ps4 Sata II internal up to 3Gbps Ps4 Pro Sata III internal up to 6Gbps
  15. Still buying it....