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  1. Hmm I dont have that sorta issue with HDR but it sounds logical yes. I have heard of screens going black a few seconds when signal is changing. But when VRR was introduced there was no black screen and worked fine. I personally dont think the black screen is intentional. But since VRR is still so new and only a minor population even have it on their TV/Monitor im afraid its going to take awhile for Sony to fix it.
  2. Look like it has to do with the VRR setting, I turn off apply to all unsupported games and it fine.
  3. So there's a new PS5 Firmware Version 22.01-05.10.00 that came out a few days ago, I didn't want to update it but I had console on rest mode cause I was using remote play, needa change settings so it doesnt update for me. Ugh. Anyways after update it seems when I am on the Home screen and I close game, I remember the screen says "Closing game" with the Home screen faded out in the background, but now it just a black screen?? Has any other PS5 owners updated and getting this issue? edit: Seems the culprit is VRR. Though I dont know if its my Sony TV or PS5 update, since both had a update the same day, same time. If anyone that has updated can check it with this setting it be great. 1. Have VRR turn on for all unsupported games in setting. 2. Play a PS5 game 3. Close game to see if screen goes black too for a few seconds. So I tested Dirt5 which has VRR and it does the same thing when closing game. So it definitely seems to be a VRR issue for this patch. Its probably not intentional by Sony since last firmware was ok.. But it be nice to get confirmation others with VRR on is getting this issue too.
  4. As I understand the PS4 trial never had allowed trophy to pop without a subscription though you can work/grind towards said trophy, like say 1000fates etc. When you subscribe you just need to do 1 more fate. This applies every other trophies that require a certain amount. Now for PS5 trial, Im not too sure, I have only had seen 1 account say trophy will pop on the trial. But I wouldn't believe a thing that account says, though its possible its someone's alt.
  5. Possible cause, loose connection at the plug. When cord plug is not firmly fitted with the receptacle in the wall, a gap can form with air causing the electricity to arc instead of flowing through the metal. This causes heat build up and can melt things and cause fires. Make sure the dedicated socket you install is good.
  6. I havent played it a long time but think there is Cleansing Light and Improved Regeneration gift skills. I think there is also Lifesteal - Restore 5% max health when killing a foe. Godess Smile - Restore 300 health whenever you get into focus mode. Regenerative Drain - Restore 5-10% max health upon a succesful drain attack or parry ( 10% with hounds veil, 5% with other veils). Usupers Blade - Halberd attack. Deal damage and restore 350 health for each foe hit.
  7. It will be stickier than usual especially if you become a heavy vaper. It will also get into your consoles but if you're a heavy smoker indoors, the innards of your console probably clogged anyways. But yes your controller will get filthier faster. Area with heavy vaping will get oily with a film, getting dirtier faster too.
  8. Not all physical copies say that on the box, example a more recent release Cyberpunk 2077 has PS5 free upgrade but is not printed on box. Some games like RE2, RE3, RE7 will have PS5 releases later this year, which will be all free upgrades. I'm pretty sure there's more currently out that too have free upgrades but never printed on box. I also like to point out though, This game on the ps webstore does say its crossbuy.
  9. Yeah that's really great, I mean with so many in-game achievements, they could just take it all out of there.
  10. I don't remember exactly from which live stream a long time ago but it might be possible to find if one really wanted to look for but Yoship said he hates Sony trophy system, and only care that his game meets the bare trophy requirements. Thats probably also why all the previous ps4 expansions never really cared to add trophies until re-releasing onto ps5.
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  13. Im always too slow for good things.
  14. I haven t paid full price for ps plus for over 10yrs. Hopefully cdkeys have the master tier super cheap.