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  1. Yeah I bought a few things too, Nier Replicant $20 Scarlet Nexus $30 Samurai Warriors 5 $37 I'm when black friday or xmas comes around these all might be $5 cheaper but that's months away still, and time is money! I might even finish them so fast I will resell them off on ebay for more $$ lol. I mean dang, yesterday I bought 12 cookies and it cost me $5... So yeah I think these turn out to be pretty cheap, haha.
  2. I have a mint copy, but what is a reasonable price to you? The game could easily fetch $150-200 atm. You can try roam around garage sales, but with internet, and phones so easily price tag things these days, its been getting harder and harder to find steals at these local stops. Can try ebay, find ones you can bid on and wait till last 1-15secs to bid, hopefully grabbing it cheap.
  3. I heard it's awesome, bought me a copy now in case it cost a fortune a few more years from now.
  4. Ooooh "Double", maybe we get a Triple Discount sale someday.. In other news, Gamefly has a pre-played sale atm, that might have some goodies for you instead.
  5. If you scan your 0% to PSN, then sync with PSNP, you will get nothing. You need to earn something for PSNP to update. You can earn something, then add a bunch of 0% to PSN, and when you update PSNP, you will get those 0%. For PSNP to update you just need to have something earned.
  6. Earn a trophy first then sync and rescan psnp. Your last trophy earned was 10hrs, is it that one? or did you earn something more recent.
  7. From what I saw the devs said on their recent tweeter account, Sony cannot make it retroactive, its possible it would require more resources to do it. It will only be for new buyers and purchase the one that says having both versions.
  8. Not happened here yet but its happen to others.
  9. Thank you so much for the clear explanation, I always thought Final Fantasy XV was confusing and tried to take all my money, turns out Hitman is just as confusing here. Why do companies do this!!? Oh wait, it's the same company, Square Enix.
  10. If you checked and for sure have nothing hiddenon ps4, ps5, sen, and also earned a trophy and then updated your psnp after, its probably a Sony side issue with their server and you just got to wait and it'll probably resolve itself the next day.
  11. Maybe Sony finally made it harder for bots to remake a million accounts but screwed it up for actual people trying to make accounts too, lol. It could happen. It's Sony...
  12. Nice they are giving it free again, luckily I grabbed the free premium pass that they were offering 3 years ago which includes They Shall Not Pass, In the Name of the Tsar, Turning Tides, and Apocalypse. Game still in my backlog
  13. Maybe they could make cloud save limited for non payers, say 1GB or 50 saves. Number just used as example. Can be more... Maybe they could make cloud save limited for non payers, say 1GB or 50 saves. Number just used as example. Can be more...