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  1. Today I would like Mr. Toots from Red Faction: Armageddon.
  2. How are you gonna keep track how many times we posted here in 24hrs? and if someone post more than once in 24hrs would their entry be voided? Anyways to the question!! "If you could bring ONE physical item from a video game into the real world, what would it be and why?" I want the Time Manipulation Device from the game Singularity.
  3. Can't wait for Street Fighter VI on PS5.
  4. Coco
  5. Well my original name was ERGOPROXY-DECAY, with PSN finally having name change I have become NERVergoproxy. I still wanted what I had originally; Ergo Proxy. I loved the dark philosophical gnosticism influences around the anime at that time so why not. I later also became a deep fan of Neon Genesis Evangelion. That is where NERV came from. Again another very philosophical anime about religion. I recommend both to be watched!! So yeah I was pretty stoked when I hear name change is really going to happen. Im very pleased with it now. Able to evolve my name, somewhat of who I am now than were. Would I see it changed in the future? quite possibly.
  6. When no more controllers will work for it.
  7. Currently there is a way to get a FREE copy of Black Desert Online for PC free. It says for PS4 and other consoles too but I think its not clear and consoles only get a 7day something as I tried choosing PS4 NA but didnt get a code but a 7day pass thing. Anyways here are the steps to get the PC copy free. 1. Go here and Pre-Register for the mobile BDO game. All you need is an email and age. You dont even need your real email but if you want to you can. Also an age. I dont know age matters but use a date that places you above 18 I guess to be safe. 2. Just hit the "pre-register" button after. Not the google/apple pre-register button. 3. A screen should pop up. Choose your Platform and click Play for your serial code. Again PS4 and Xbox wont get you game. Only PC will net you a game code. 4. After you get code go here. 5. Register an account. 6. After you register top of page go to Shop > Redeem Code. Enter your serial code here. 7. Enjoy. Sites talking about it if you need proof....
  8. Must've played this game from a relative copy or something...only had 5/43 trophies and I didnt even perform a Its too bad servers are down, but I doubt Ill plat this anyways. Luckily its only a 5$ game on ebay. Guess Ill grab a copy just for giggles.
  9. I dont mind playing them all again as even Remasters. Had so much fun with the series.
  10. *chants incantation* Happy Bday, happy bday, happy bday, bday, bday......(let the blood magic begin!!!)


    1. Lady_Galleth


      *casts Veilfire to light candles* Ma serannas, lethallin. 

  11. Welcome. Hi. I'm NERVergoproxy....
  12. FREE if added before Nov 7 into cart(and purchased)

    Company of Heroes 2


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    2. NERVergoproxy


      Lol...sorry another mistake! 17th.

    3. Lorajet


      @NERVergoproxy  Love your bling!  Wasn't that the $10K avatar? :awesome:

    4. NERVergoproxy


      @Lorajet Thank you. haha :eyebrow:  Feels good to be a golden prince.

  13. Drank 1.5L if saki with dad and now its realky licking in. Must focus and pmay some games!!

  14. Just a 2cents. Deleting completed saves are bad anyways. Some games series give you extra in-game stuff for having previous game saves. but if you are going to delete on your console, just make sure to back them up online in case you play the series games.
  15. Its a new RAM cartridge for more PS5 to upgrade to PS5+. It's got to be something to upgrade the PS5!!! I shouldn't have leaked this!