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  1. Well it ain't that bad if it was within your own country, anywhere within states, I only pay max $5 to ship when I sell on my ebay account. But once it gets to crossing the borders, its a whole another deal, that is why I don't sell international. The fees and rates are highway robbery.
  2. I'd sell you one but shipping is at least 15$ 1class USPS from NA to CAN. Buying used games just not like it used to on ebay anymore. Every rare unique game had inflated heavily. I miss buying used games back in the day free of stupid tax and at actually "used" prices.
  3. So the NA copy is way more $$$ than the JP, can I buy the JP physical Tekken Hybrid and play the prologue for my NA region trophy?
  4. It's now going for 50-80 used...oof. I never got it then, now I regret it. ><
  5. The old web store had been taken down awhile ago, even the recent way to view is gone. Its gone forever now.
  6. Uhm no. You know how many games that is?? Sony's not that generous.
  7. The game title is actually called Onee Chanbara Origin
  8. I would say yes in a way. Ps3 hardware do degrade over time, and playing any game on a hardware that is somewhat failing would possibly cause more frame issues, lag, and other sorts of technically issues. While playing on Ps Now, I would hope, assume it is dealt with a system that runs the game at its full 110% potential and stream it out to you. Though obviously internet speed would be an issue whether one plays it better.
  9. It might happen but luckily Ps5 is backwards compatible, so we will see more sales of Ps4 games even during the end of Ps5. If Ps5 even had the slighest of BC with Ps3, probably would be around a little longer imho.
  10. Anyone bought it all and gonna have a rental service? hahahaa....
  11. Looks like the Vita version wont be coming, since its so far into 2021 now, not to also mentioning vita store getting removed. "PSVita will arrive later on !" what a bunch of bullocks.
  12. I saw this, and thought I post it here just in case. I know I definitely have not "downloaded" everything crossbuy.
  13. If there was a big sale, maybe ill buy some things I might never play, cause backlog, but if not, forget it. Not buy anything, like I havent bought anything Ps3/Vita sever since they stopped the sales.
  14. Or maybe OP just not see it....
  15. It is now March 27th 2021..need your guide. Just picked up this game.