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  1. California no sales tax on digital goods too.
  2. First time up 50% off, probably gonna see it at that price a lot more, maybe even 60%-70% later this year.
  3. Hey i saw your comment on SAO FB. I have written down the requirements for you hope that helps :)

    1. NERVergoproxy


      Omg thank you so much, it surely clear things up for me. Sometimes I'm just so stupid I need to be hand held all the way thru. 😅

  4. Your email may be compromised. Have a unique one maybe just for Playstation stuffs.
  5. So many essentials....
  6. After communitues was removed from app i figured it was a matter of time for ps4. Sony doesnt want to hire a team to deal with the 100s of daily community harassment reporting. Probably the same idea with no message in friend request. People use that to message people who block incoming messages from strangers. Sony trying too hard to remove griefing from their system.
  7. My thought too, maybe too much hand sanitizer, or alcohol.
  8. Yes, but good luck finding a legit controller. Could always use the DS4 I guess.
  9. Once you remove from your PS4 system, you need to earn a trophy from any game and sync again to remove the 0% from here. Hope that solves your issue. This also applies to the hidden and unhidden, you need to earn a new trophy from any game then sync here again.
  10. Resident Evil Revelations PS4 Resident Evil Revelations PS3 Resident Evil Revelations 2 PS4
  11. As someone who stated, there is no upgrade path for ps plus version. But even still, upgrading to deluxe only entitles you to Upgrade your purchase of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE to include the content of the Digital Deluxe Edition, with this handy upgrade bundle. Includes the following contents: - Cactuar Summon Materia - Carbuncle Summon Materia - Digital Artbook - Digital Mini-Soundtrack Since you do not get the base game, I don't see why you would get a Ps5 upgrade. If anything you only get the dlc "deluxe" stuff for Ps5.
  12. Amazing work guys, keep it up, we need you, the world needs you(and your guides).
  13. So glad FF7R Ps Plus edition doesn't get Ps5 upgrade...., or else I'd have to return my physical edition that I haven't even started yet. 😅
  14. Really, no more rentals? that sucks!
  15. If I had my PS5 I would be happy. 😢