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  1. Huh, looks like I'm most activity gaming/earning trophies between 8pm-12am PST. Love the PSNP stats page, would be cool to see what else stats can be implemented in the future.

    1. KingGuy420


      Mine is Thursdays between midnight and 3 am.... No clue why Thursday but that's cool lol.

    2. Gesyca


      I really do like this stats, actually I was kind of chocked to know that I earn more trophies on Wednesday than on weekends. I hope they could implement more stats like this, they are fun. 😄

    3. Spaz


      It's fine the way that it is.


      The only additions I want to see is a listing of the date your first trophy was earned and a couple minor details that can be fleshed out.


      Other than that I'm quite content with how the stats page looks.

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