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  1. Take this restart to play what you really want and forget about trophies while you still got time...
  2. The servers should be ok, set up some boosting session and im sure you'll get some who will join. 😉
  3. On the app you tap your avatar(top left) then choose edit profile from the new screen, it will ask you to sign in depending how you set up login, a new page will load up with edit your about me, change id, change display name, change avatar etc.
  4. Looks like fun! can't wait.
  5. Started watching The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard but there was so much cussing and swearing and offensive language it totally ruined the movie for me, I had to stop it. It was just getting to the point where it was just stupid.

    Since my movie night got cut short, thought I give Spiral a try even though never really were into Horror/Thrillers. But turns out same use of offensive languages, but not as overused. Surprisingly I finished it. Some scenes were kinda gross, I don't got a stomache for these things.

    Gonna watch The Conjuring The Devil Made me do it next. I think this one will be just right for me, well see.

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    2. Kristen Danielle

      Kristen Danielle

      The Wolf of Wall Street would be like 3 minutes long if you cut out the offensive language and dirty scenes. I love Leo's acting, so I tried, but I couldn't take it.

    3. NERVergoproxy


      @ThatMuttGuy Just wasn't expecting it to be used everytime someone opened their mouth or every few seconds/minutes. Maybe it gets mellowed down later in the film, but I doubt it.

    4. ThatMuttGuy


      @NERVergoproxy ah gotcha. Well, you can always use IMDB for parental ratings if you're unsure of a particular R-Rated movie in the future. They have a section that breaks down the content of the movie for appropriateness. Could be a good tool for you in the future!

  6. The Yellow planet that I got for the random ability cost 150k credits as a requirement. Is that for going to be for every time I redo the method? I mean not everyone has 150kcredit to start everytime right?
  7. Will give this a go later today, thanks. I still got a lot of characters to level to 20, hopefully it drops during the grind.
  8. This got to be the worst lineup ever!
  9. Overwatch run by Activision Blizzard? With the abusive crap going on within their own company, they probably think Abusive Chat is funny and not bother much with it.
  10. Diablo 3 Diablo 3 Reaper Of Souls
  11. Diablo 3's grinding for 5million gold is really killing me, I'm barely over 1million, lol. It's going so slow. I'm deciding if I should level other classes to 60 too while i'm at it. I know characters/stash transfer over to ROS, so would that mean I need to level less in ROS for trophies to pop? Anyone know? guess I could google...

    1. xTrap-ViisiioNz


      Since i stacked all the 3 Diablo Trophy Lists, i can give a little Tip. Grind all Characters in the Base Game Diablo to 60, then when you safe Transfer them, the Grind should be reduced for that. After you got that make sure to leave your last Character on Lvl 69 ( In my Case it was the Hardcore Character on lvl 69 ) and upload that specific save for you PS4 Run. Why? The Reason for that is, you don't have to level up 1 new Char entirely then. I Hope this helped, since it was over 1 Year ago, when i last Played the Game. Have a good Day ^^

    2. NERVergoproxy


      Thanks for the tip! Unfortunately I played PS4 version first, hehe. So I wont need to do the 69. But its good to know I should get all base characters to 60 then transfer to ROS ps3.

    3. xTrap-ViisiioNz


      Yeah no Problem, hope i could helped with that tipp. ^^


  12. That makes sense. I'm actually playing Diablo 3 on PS3 atm, it doesn't have necro, even if you went and buy the ROS copy, there is no necromancer dlc. I will be playing ROS next though on PS3, got them both for less than 20$ a couple of weeks ago. I used to play the hell out Diablo1+2, so am very excited about the remaster which I will definitely get. I do need the necromancer dlc though for the PS4 edition, unfortunately I dont think they just sell the dlc?? I actually bought the PS4 ver. digitally. So I would have to buy the eternal collection, I could be wrong. I'll need a bigger discount for me to buy it all again like that...but I do want to 100% it someday... Hoping Sakura Succubus 1 and 2 be discounted heavily tomorrow.
  13. Why not just grab it used on ebay, you can easily find some in that range. Actually see a handful of games I have on my wishlist....but hopefully the discount is right. 60%+ or no deal!
  14. I'm surprised it lasted this long with One Punch Man.
  15. Finishing up Diablo 3 (PS3) this week, mostly gonna be grinding for 5million gold trophy the majority of the time...Im only at 1milliom. xD

    If anyone have it or want to play, I can help rush you thru the 4+ other playthrus too...

    Doubt I will hit 5million even after. Lol

    1. AJ_Radio


      Good luck.

    2. Honor_Hand


      Good luck with this. I remember that grind at the end of the game was kind of boring. Thankfully, it's not that long so you'll be done in no time.

    3. NERVergoproxy


      Yeah it's just boring, nothing is hard.

  16. Not sure what game this would be considered under... Dead or Alive 5 Soul Calibur 4 Brink (it's became a boosting thread) Injustice Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition NA Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition EU Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist : Link Evolution Burnout Paradise Remastered Battlefield 3
  17. 10hours?? Wow thxs, This could be real useful. Cant wait fir original Diablo remaster!
  18. Thanks this could come in handy. I started Diablo 3 again, once done hoping to transfer over to Reapers and do that stack. So I'll be ready for the original Diablo remaster (powerlvling would be great though ❤❤❤)
  19. Thanks, when these games go on sale I'll be sure to grab them....
  20. Thanks I will get those mp trophies done tonight. Hopefully.
  21. Thinking about buying this game, saw it for a fairly cheap price, as long as online still possible then I guess its ok.
  22. Thanks for the update. MKX still somewhat new hopefully itll be back up and running so you guys can finish it up before they really pull the plug on it.
  23. Now that MK11 updates stop and they moved onto new projects I wonder when NR will pull plug on MKX, is all older MK still working?
  24. I imagine the next time Sony raises Ps Plus price they'll give us 500GB!! (but cap is still 1000 files) haha
  25. This is a little late, but Gintama Rumble does have a english subtitle version from playasia. I have it, I can't say the others yet.