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  1. It been a while since I've posted but here they are: The Walking Dead Vita The Wolf Among Us Vita I had a busy year and not a lot of time to game and I kinda lost focus on it, but I missed it and decided to jump back in and the best way to do that was to replay the games I love. Tell Tale is a master storyteller and although I thought that The Walking Dead was my favourite Tell Tale game The Wolf Among Us now takes the crown. The game tells a mature story with lots of angles you miss the first time around. It captures the comic perfectly and I can't wait for more Fables So now this is done Infamous 2 is next
  2. This was sort of a out of nowhere announcement I played all of the walking dead games from telltale but I haven't read the comics much and the tv show is not for me, will this be a problem? I don't know who this character is and since she is in the title that seems to be a problem.
  3. Was very late to the party but I finally went to Avengers Age of Ultron last weekend Was very awesome and exactly what I expected.
  4. Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker cause I just want to play that game portable and not on ps3.
  5. I wanted to mentions those 2 games as well although I did the glitch in The Last of Us so I would recommend to do it on your ps4 playthroughs you have played enough of it to justify.
  6. I would say Infamous or Sly 3 since they are favourites of mine but Bioshock Infinite is also a very nice platinum to have
  7. From a developer stand point the ps3 is sure dead but the console is continuing to sell to consumers in developing markets. I don't think its gonna live as long as the ps2 but it will go on for a long time.
  8. Why not The Last of Us Remastered? It's a hell of a game and has cool trophies, Bioshock would also be nice.
  9. Voted for The Wolf Among Us, haven't played much that came out this year so it was an easy pick, plus they deserve it too.
  10. I haven't played minecraft much although i hope it will come in the 12 days of christmas sale for vita, that aside it sounds weird but I trust Tell Tale completely so I am sort of skeptical but mostly exited.
  11. Yea your wrong, the thing is at the end the whole public thinks that she is a good person. I mean she was kidnapped and came finally back and all was well, that's what the public thinks. So if he decides to leave her everyone hates him cause who would leave someone who had just gone through hell? He basically had no other choice then to stay with her, and that was her plan after all. She hated how they lived, how much they let each other slip to normal persons. So she created a ridiculous plan to frame Ben Affleck for her murder but had eventually no other choice to go back to him and create a happy ending. If you think it is ridiculous that Ben returned to her your partially right, but he know what she's capable of so he doesn't have a choice. He already was framed for her murder, why do it all over again? He knows that it's bad but he stops fighting her at the end.
  12. I thought they already officially cancelled it so definitely not surprising. It was promising in the beginning and had an awesome trailer but yeah that was 3 years ago, sad but not surprising.
  13. Grand Theft Auto 5 Show Off
  14. Although you have a good start with your platinums I don't think you should start a checklist with only 5 games, but still if you want to do it write something about the games you've played! What was your experience with them?
  15. Sure the Vita TV will be nice for some games but it lacks so much games that it's hardly worth it. Between the vita and the vita slim it's all about the screen, the orginal has a better screen but the slim is nicer built and probably better in your hands.