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  1. In which position I can increase pace/acceleration? I have every stats complete besides that, I think. I will be grateful for advice. Thanks!
  2. It isn't possible unfortunetly.
  3. I love this game. I wanted to earn trophy but now I am addicted to this game. Trophy Ranger could be very difficult. U have to be lucky to earn this trophy.
  4. Is there any trophy guide on the internet for this game?
  5. Demons are not necessary in my opinion. As Fozzyabear said - they are a little bit silly and they could be annoying. I prefer be focused on the main plot.
  6. Hello, I have problem with this trophy. I've started a new game, walk straight to the last town but the bunker was closed. What should I do to open the gate? Should I interact with every glowing lights or something? I'll be grateful for help. Thank you!
  7. Really? Try get 100% trophies in Trash Panic game.
  8. You have to do this! Only 30 days left!
  9. First rumors (or facts) about trophy list in Witcher 3:
  10. New BIG trailer!
  11. 200 hours + 30 hours of bonus content. Sounds gooood!
  12. "The Last wish" will be good start with.
  13. Witcher Saga is a big story divided into 5 books. "The Sword of Destiny" and "The Last Wish" are sets of short stories different from the Saga.
  14. Gentleman, I recommend you "The Sword of Destiny" and "The Last Wish" which are the real first books about the Witcher. You read the first book of Witcher Saga which was published later. Best regards!
  15. First 15 minutes of Witcher 3 gameplay: