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  1. Just asking, that's it.
  2. As I titled. Is it possible to get the platinum or some trophies are impossible to get now?
  3. 200 games aren't so much when you play in FUT. Do you enjoy the game or just want to make fast plat? I am courious.
  4. You are right, sorry.
  5. I didn't know that EA chenged this system. So now DR is quite more difficult I supose.
  6. L2 + shoot, low difficult in squad battles and it shouldn't be difficult. I made this on my first game on SB, keep trying it is easy.
  7. I have the same situation as you. Especially in my menus everything works so slow... People downloaded the game from ps plus, after few days should be ok, I think.
  8. Now it is fixed. Still too hard 4 me.
  9. Sorry, it could be funny question for many of you, but: how to activate the trophy cabinet view in profile? I have only "rarest trophies" and "trophies milestone" in my profile site (of course with premium membership): This all-star guy for example: has the trophy cabinet. Am I blind or something? I can't find this option in settings. Glad for help, have a nice day!
  10. Do you know when first reviews will be avaible and - of course - informations about trophies?
  11. Hours???? Depression. 😑
  12. And how did u get platinum trophy? Do u have some advices? This game is also difficult 4 me.
  13. Is that hame worth playing and get platinum?
  14. Anybody know how long could servers be alive in this game? Online trophies are time consuming so I am afraid that there isn't enough time...
  15. In which position I can increase pace/acceleration? I have every stats complete besides that, I think. I will be grateful for advice. Thanks!