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  1. Looking to boost for this trophy and other FIFA 14 multiplayer trophies on both PS4/PS3. Send me a message if you're interested. My PSN is SteveArr
  2. I'm having problems with the game crashing on my Vita. I was really enjoying the game as well which is a shame.
  3. March 2014 with 195 trophies. Not too bad!
  4. I thought I would be annoyed if Cena won the championship once again, but I actually feel completely indifferent. It would have been nice to have someone new win the WWE World Title, but it wouldn't of felt special because the match was built around so many different guys. I'm looking forward to the inevitable Cena/Brock match at Summerslam. Hopefully we see Lesnar taking the strap! Would definitely breathe some fresh air into the title picture. Also props to Rollins and Ambrose and hell, pretty much everyone that competed in the two Money in the Bank ladder matches last night. Some really brutal bumps and innovative and interesting spots! Looking forward to see what Seth does with the case and how the break-up of The Shield will progress.
  5. #20 - Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Got the plat in 80 hours and 5 seconds (I had set my goal to get the plat in 80 hours!). Such a great game, had so much fun with this and I am definitely going to go back and get 100% in game by alchemising all items and taming all familiars. It was my first J/RPG of any kind and It was such a fantastic experience. I really do hope that Level-5 and Studio Ghibli collaborate on a game again and create something equally if not more awesome than Ni No Kuni! 10/10!
  6. #17 - Skate 2 Words cannot describe how happy I am to finally have this in my collection! Skate is without a doubt my favourite series for the PS3. Now that I have both the Skate 2 and 3 plats in my collection I can die a happy man! Now I just need to buy and complete the DLC for Skate 3 to feel truly finished with the series I'm still hoping that they will release a trophy collection for the original Skate, or better yet, release Skate 4 for the PS4! (A man can dream)
  7. I want a Skate 4 so badly!
  8. The Dragon Ball games sadly.
  9. Yep! I like to think my plats represent my personality and the things I like. I'm hoping to plat all the DB games! I wish I could do the same for my wrestling games. But All Stars is impossible to plat due to servers being shutdown and WWE '13 is well, near impossible due to the ridiculous MP grind. Yeah, Aabs Animals is probably the one on my list that I'm kind of iffy about. But I love cats and when I heard that some of the money went to a good cause, I had to get it. Plus I got it during a period of time where I was a bit trophy mad haha. Yep, Guacameele is awesome! One of my favourite games that I have platted Thanks buddy! I'll hopefully be adding a couple more to the list in the next week or so. As am I haha. Hopefully I come up with something to set my list apart from the rest! It took me a lot of practice to get good at the game. My thumbs were blistered by the end of it, but I followed some guide videos on how to do some of the trickier challenges on certain levels which really helped me out! Manuals are your friend
  10. If you get where my trophy checklist title comes from... Then you're awesome. Still a work in progress, not the most original layout, but will hopefully add my own unique twist to it at some point! More updates to come. 1-16 PSN Games 1-3
  11. Current grinding out the online for UFC Undisputed 2009 and Skate 2. Can't wait to add those plats to my collection!
  12. So who's watching Wrestlemania tonight? I can't wait!
  13. Just finished Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4. So now I'm working on Lego Marvel Super Heroes (gonna take my time with this one) and Ni No Kuni (only managed to put 25 hours into it, so a long way to go until the plat)
  14. I can't sadly, the servers have been offline for years And to the guy above, try polishing off Heavy Rain and getting that plat. You're pretty close!
  15. Batman Arkham Asylum