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  1. Crash Team Racing. I sucked when I played this at my friends house haha.
  2. It feels good to finally have 100% for Skate 3! The Skate series is one of my favourites, finally decided to shell out for the DLC after getting the platinum in 2014. I actually bought the DLC last week and then realised my copy of Skate 3 was missing so I had to buy a new one off Ebay haha. So excited for the new Skate to come out! Would love them to bring out a Skate collection in the mean time to tide us over.
  3. Dragon Ball FighterZ. The 20,000,000 Zeni trophy seems like a real grind!
  4. Quoted the wrong person. Assassins Creed III.
  5. Call of Duty World at War.
  6. FIFA 15 - 1.46% FIFA 17 - 1.62% FIFA 19 - 1.66% Skate 3 - 1.72% FIFA 14 - 2.03% Apparently I like sports games
  7. Is the Hero version of Starfighter Assault Hero Starfighters?
  8. Skate trilogy with Skate 4 soon after. A man can dream!
  9. Thank god that is finally over! OP is 100% spot on with these stats. I just did the own goal method for hours on end and finally got it. Don't even know if I'm good enough to get to Division 4 this year so I might not get the plat haha. But at least I have my rarest trophy yet! Thanks OP
  10. I loved being able to rent a game and putting the disc in and playing straight away. Now I have to spend hours waiting for the damn thing to download and install!
  11. Completely agree! I was a good FIFA 19 player, but my god does FIFA 20 suck... I'm currently stuck in Division 9, so I'm going to need some sort of miracle to plat FIFA 20. Doesn't help that the 'Only One' trophy is a mess as well!
  12. Looking to boost for this trophy and other FIFA 14 multiplayer trophies on both PS4/PS3. Send me a message if you're interested. My PSN is SteveArr
  13. I'm having problems with the game crashing on my Vita. I was really enjoying the game as well which is a shame.
  14. March 2014 with 195 trophies. Not too bad!
  15. I thought I would be annoyed if Cena won the championship once again, but I actually feel completely indifferent. It would have been nice to have someone new win the WWE World Title, but it wouldn't of felt special because the match was built around so many different guys. I'm looking forward to the inevitable Cena/Brock match at Summerslam. Hopefully we see Lesnar taking the strap! Would definitely breathe some fresh air into the title picture. Also props to Rollins and Ambrose and hell, pretty much everyone that competed in the two Money in the Bank ladder matches last night. Some really brutal bumps and innovative and interesting spots! Looking forward to see what Seth does with the case and how the break-up of The Shield will progress.