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  1. Thanks for the info!
  2. @Terra see if you have "Hide games in profiles with 0%" checked in your profile settings, if so uncheck it and see if it works.
  3. Yes, but the form as you said it wasn't the ideal one. BlindMango give him a professional answer even when it was the third or so time that the guy brought back the theme. That whole attitude right there. Sure, you are not part of the staff but as someone concerned with this forum being a contentious place and how a thread can drag the worst of our personality, well some of your responses contradict you.
  4. @damon8r351 your responses when someone suggested guides written in spanish were not helping the reputation of the forum either. Yes, I can crack a joke but you basically said: "If you want spanish guides, go to a spanish site". So I don't think you could do any better. Also nobody is suggesting any more ideas for the improvement of the Dispute System.
  5. If I signed in, I couldn't see more than 100 games. If I logged out I was able to see the entire list. I sign in and unchechecked "Hide games on profiles with 0%" and I'm able to see the entire list again. I did it multiple times with the same result. This is from a mobile device, I will check in the PC since I first notice the problem there.
  6. Hello, I'm interested in writing a Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 Trophy Guide. Is someone already working on it?
  7. 8/10
  8. Maybe the destroyed city is Metropolis in a flashback. I think Supergirl was shocked at another home being destroyed and full of rage started to fight with Wonder Woman (well in a comic book fight of hero vs hero they don't need much of a excuse). If it is a flashback that would explain why Superman and Batman arrive.
  9. 5799 Between games with trophies no longer achievables, glitched trophies PSN+ games that I can't play anymore I don't think I can reduce that number anytime soon. We could use this topic (or start a new one) to compare our progress.
  10. Megamind: A friend told me that was a easy and fast platinum (achievable in about 2 hours) and he gave it to me as a gift... I get the plat three years later and only because I was going to trade it for something else. Maybe he was trolling me. One Piece Pirate Warriors: This is a game I really liked but the coin and kill grinding almost drive me mad.
  11. NBA JAM Tournament Edition on Sega Genesis. Boomshakalaka!
  12. Feel the Burn! Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition (PS4) 0.48% Ultra Rare
  13. I like your signature but I see space for Awesome right after the word Super. (Yeah, I really like it)
  14. Charted!-Hard Finish the game in Hard Mode.