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  1. I would say Ourang Medan being there 72 years later is supernatural enough.
  2. Version 1.05 notes say "End of Limited Time Event (For now....)" (sic), but Jopo is still accessible in the menu.
  3. I'm quite worried about this. Having the same problem and as the third season is finished there are probably no more planned updates. Edit: Got it. Tried resetting settings and switching speed unit back to MPH just in case. Got couple of fogs, still nothing. Eventually the trophy popped. At the time I used LaFerrari and Hammond on Rabbit Dry Lake Reverse. I got fog from the last balloon, didn't carry any other powerups at the time, was playing solo and AI was probably too far behind to be hit by it.
  4. Although a valid workaround, driving with an on/off accelerator is not the ideal solution. Then again, keyboard "MR" has done it forever. Too bad DS4 does not have analog R1/L1 like DS3 did. Well, not really, those were pretty useless. In this game R1 will work fine, though, because most of the time you'll be on full accelerator anyway, using drift for sharper corners. Especially in slower cars you'll lose too much momentum otherwise, making some of the golds somewhat tricky to achieve.
  5. Glad you're able to see the funny side, I'd be quite cross. Any chance they're new enough to fall under warranty?
  6. Still works, don't worry.
  7. You get it early on, 1st chapter, 3rd mission. You cannot use it if the battery is full, you have to use the light for a while.
  8. Oh trust me, it really isn't. The menus are anything but kid friendly. I have a degree in IT and it took me a while to understand how to unlock a track. That line is just an excuse and a hook for some gullible parents. I bought it for $1 because I needed coin trophies for a forum event, but I still feel like I overpayed.
  9. I can confirm that you can do anything with "players" in splitscreen.
  10. Apparently it saves the endings you have seen in the options file. Thanks, mr Cage. Appreciated. Edit: Tested. Works like a charm: If you choose chronological order, you have to replay less chapters for all alive/dead endings. To get all the trophies you still need to replay most of them at least twice, though. Make sure everyone is either alive or dead. Backup save after Dawkins scene Switch to hard difficulty to die quicker - die. Wait for credits to end. Restore save file only. Play until choice and choose "Beyond". Credits. Restore save Now choose "Alive" and any of the options. Wait for credits and choose Continue, no need to restore save anymore. Watch them all this way. Rewind to Homeless (or earlier if you need other trophies), make sure all are alive/dead, opposite to your last playthrough. Backup save at the same spot. You don't have to die before the choice anymore, if you did it last time. Choose "Beyond", credits, restore save. Choose "Alive" and "alone". Credits. If this is your all dead ending, you should be done, if all alive, choose continue and watch the ones you didn't see last time.
  11. You can't delete them, you can just hide them in privacy settings. It will show up on your profile, that you've hidden trophies, though. And some people might frown upon that because hiding is often used when you've been caught cheating/hacking.
  12. Max Payne 3. I remember reading about The Shadows Rushed Me and saying No, thank you very much.
  13. Edit: Done, thanks!
  14. So it is. Thanks!