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  1. That would be a bit of a problem on PS5 with no option to backup to USB, having to rely on one cloud slot.
  2. If you push the target into a wall it is possible the wall gets the kill (counts as suicide by the target). Keep your targets clear of walls, look for the kill confirmation on your screen and check your progress under statistics.
  3. Lol, obviously. Thanks!
  4. I've noticed the same. So far I have 11 keywords and at least 4 I've seen haven't shown up on app. Maybe not all of them are needed or maybe some are for DLC as you guessed. Plenty of people have TownGo Master though, so it's most likely not glitched.
  5. All PS4 and PS5 games are required to have trophies. There are few exceptions, mostly PSVR experiences. Betas and demos are exempt too, but with those I tend to check my trophies as soon as I reach the opening menu - just in case someone forgot to tick a checkbox or whatnot. Probably impossible these days, but better safe than sorry.
  6. I have 4 words for you (and an ampersand): Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart
  7. For Vita and PS3 2FA creates a unique password for each device. Log in to with your PSN account. Go to Security -> 2FA -> Device Setup Password -> Generate new password. Assign it to your Vita and log in on Vita using your email and that unique password. You have to use it once, on store still use your PSN password. If all else fails factory reset might help. If you don't format your memory card setting it up again does not take too long.
  8. How you get so early?

  9. I'm assuming it's a typo and you mean PS4 games. PS4 games are not optimized to take full advantage of SSD. You will get some improvement in loading times, but not as much as in PS5 games where the SSD is part of the equation. Advantage of better memory bandwidth, improved CPU and GPU will still be there though. So yeah, they will run better, even on external HDD. Loading times might not be as good as when you install them on SSD, but that will vary from game to game. As long as the NVMe slot is not available, you can get an external USB 3.2 SSD and the difference compared to internal drive should be barely noticeable.
  10. As you can't change the region of your account and people actually move from one country to another, it's actually Sony's official recommendation to create another account: "If you would like to use PlayStation Store in a new country within the same PlayStation region we recommend setting up a new account registered in your new country." Also, you're allowed to move back to your original country. Three times a day if you choose to, they're not going to stop you.
  11. Online trophies of the Tomb Raider. I ran out of even somewhat interesting podcasts (there weren't that many in 2014), so I brought a computer monitor from the other room, "played" on it and watched some old shows on TV. I was still bored out of my mind. I can still vision some of those maps 6 years later, probably burned into my retinas forever.
  12. Just finished it. Managed to avoid all spoilers and really happy about it. Yeah, some things were somewhat obvious, but there definitely were some surprises.
  13. If anyone is still wondering - you'll need PSVR and at least one Move Controller.
  14. I picked Jew for the trophy and went with that. Kinda liked the abilities. Plague felt ridiculously OP, but I didn't mind. No one forces you to use it and others were quite useful too.
  15. Ditto: Thanks for the giveaway!