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  1. If that's the same battle I am talking in my post (I cannot remember the name anymore to be honest), you will get it at the end of chapter 3/beginning of chapter 4 with Liu Bei. I believe it gets mentioned in the very last cutscene of chapter 3. The other chapters are not needed if you have the other entries. If not, you can play them of course
  2. It was the last one I had as well. I started the story of Liu Bei from the beginning and got it after the cutscene at the end of chapter 3. I guess they mention it in that scene. So I guess chapter 4 is not quite correct. Unless there is a character that I am not aware of that gets it. So most likely all Shu officers (namely the other brothers that start from chapter 1) will get it as well at the end of chapter 3. But Liu Bei is a sure, 100% guaranteed
  3. Yes, as Faufnir mentioned, go for the levels. This way you will get 28 titles for level 10 characters + 1 guaranteed for Crystal A rank (maybe even more once you get all chars to 28 and stick with only two of them for the duration of the grind). During that grind you will also get enough money to buy things from the shop and also play time. So you get titles for 10 and 50 hours (probably 100 too but I am around 98 now so I will know soon :D). With the money keep buying cheap icons so you can get 4 titles as well - for 10, 50, 100 and 500 items (unlocked items from the treasures count as well) There are titles for money - 1000, 10000, 100k, etc. During the level grind I was able to unlock the title for the core gauntlet as well (scoring 43000 points which is easy once you start the gauntlet from crystal). Also, if you play everyday, you will unlock a title for 7 days in a row. Haven't played more than that. From the online, if you stick to only one summon and one character you will get: character: a title for each new rank - silver, gold, platinum, etc (I usually switch a char once it gets to platinum since the bots get too agressive :D) summons: a title for 100 wins with that summon Also, you get 7 titles from the story - for beating each path, the final boss and all of the battles panels alltogether. So, to summarise it, you will unlock enough titles while doing everything else... so I guess this one does not require grinding on its own
  4. Make sure you are not counting the "New Recruit" title since you get it by default. Hopefully, the patch has not broken that part at least. I can confirm that the 50 titles trophy is OK since I earned it today with exactly 50 titles.
  5. You are nearly there. Should be very close to it Just do a simple math from 1-30 you get 60 treasures. You get around 20 from the story (not sure about the exact number since I do not remember if you get anything from the simple battles but you get 2 from the boss battles so that are 14 here). And you get around 10 from the trials (if you do them of course). So if we just say 20 from everything besides levels, that makes 80 treasures up to level 30... so 220 more and you get 300. Basically, that means level 250... if you haven't done the story or the trials, than 270. You should get it around those numbers (250-270) somewhere.
  6. Well, that is a lot of time haha But yes, my plan is the same too and being doing it as well. I have 10 character titles so far and 40 hours of gameplay
  7. I read that it is 1000. By rough calculations you will need around level 250 to get 300 treasures. Btw, how much game time do you have so far to get to 164? I just wander how long it will take to get to 250 by repeating basic core trial. It takes me between 5-6 minutes per run and I am a little over level 50 now which is less than a level per run
  8. There are titles tied to the story - for finishing all battles in each story path, probably one for finishing the story as well. There are titles for getting the highest reward for each trial (good luck with that :D) There are titles for gil - I got one for 1000 and 10000. Probably more in that same manner. There are titles for total play time - I got one for 10 hours, so I guess there will be more. There are titles for the online ranks as well - I got one for reaching silver rank so I guess there will be one for each upper rank. There are titles for obtaining items from chests or from the shop as well. And of course the already mentioned ones for getting each character to level 10. So those I have encountered so far. Anyone else to add more?
  9. Yes, it seems that the triggering of trophies in offline mode is either bugged or the developers have no idea what they have done I got my first kill in an offline game and got the trophy for killing one counsellor along with the door kill (which just happen to be my first one). But after I played three games killing 3 + 7 + 8 total, I didn't get the trophy for killing 13 people. So I guess you should either get both or neither... or the requirements are also messed up. Also, as some one stated above, you do not get the trophy for killing all + Tommy. No play count as well. To sum it up - the offline will not help much with the trophies, unless you just go for the kill variety and enjoy killing counsellors
  10. These trophies are really annoying. I already got a trade for a bicycle goals, but... I cannot match with my boosting partner no matter what I try and in a normal game it is nearly impossible to do a bicycle goal So... I will have to ask once again... if someone has an item to trade that already has the veteran status so I could get rid of those trophies. I have about 5-6 rear and uncommon items, as well as one champion 3 crate (or something like that, cannot remember the exact name). I am willing to give everything to the person that have a veteran item and help me get the trophies. So anyone wanna help? I really really what to delete this game from my hard disk
  11. I am also looking for a certified item with easy conditions to get this trophy out of the way. I can trade a painted wheel if needed Also, I will return the item if necessary once I am done.
  12. I can't say bad is the right word. It is extremely damn hard, that's for sure But, as you said, with practice, and watching youtube videos, it can be done. As long as you keep trying and trying. For some, it may take 10 hours, for others - 100. It is the last one left for me, I keep trying it from time to time, but so far no luck One day I will get that plat, one day
  13. I had the same "problem" last night. It turns the game is still downloading. It downloads about 22gb initially, and then continues downloading another 13gb. So basically, you can play the first level and have to wait for the others to download. To check the status of the download, click options on the game and then information. There you will be able to see how much is left.
  14. My vote goes for this one... never played it and probably never will but I like the image It is for Infinity Runner.
  15. OK... So here are my plats. After that, a special "whining" section will follow but you can skip it I just had a few problems while unlocking those and want to share it with you (since because of that some of the trophies will look... weird, the least). 1. Kingdom Hearts Final Mix - 6.83% Very Rare - JRPG 2. Devil May Cry - 7.36% Very Rare - Action/Adventure 3. Yakuza 3 - 3.20% Ultra Rare - Action/Adventure (maybe?) 4. Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory - 19.32% Rare - JRPG 5. Super Exploding Zoo - 18.18% Rare - Puzzle 6. LEGO Legends of Chima: Laval's Journey - 51.86% Common - Action/Adventure 7. Ben 10 Omniverse 2 - 38.52% Uncommon -Platformer 8. Resident Evil 6 - 13.60% Rare - Horror 9. Back to the Future: The Game - 47.78% Uncommon - Point and Click 10. Dynasty Warriors: Strikerforce - 5.22% Very Rare - Hack'n'Slash 11. Wolfenstein: The Old Blood - 20.85% Uncommon - FPS 12. SkyScrappers - 80.17% Common - Arena Fighter ? 13 Goosebumps: The Game - 65.45% Common - Point and Click 14. Kick-Ass 2 - 86.07% Common - Action/Adventure 15. No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise - 8.56% Very Rare - Action/Adventure 16. Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage - 28.34% Uncommon - Hack'n'Slash 17. Amnesia: Memories - 54.86% Common - VN 18. Steins;Gate - 52.06% Common - VN 19. Final Fantasy XIII - 9.50% Common - JPRG 20. Hakuoki: Stories of the Shinsengumi - 38.80% Uncommon - VN 21. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - 12.66% Rare - Action/Adventure 22. Driveclub - 6.04% Very Rare - Racing sim 23. Monster Jam - 76.32% Common - Arcade racer (no idea actually) 24. The Wolf Among Us - 42.64% Uncommon - Point and Click 25. Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction - 30.51% Uncommon - Platformer 26. Skylanders Spyro's Adventure - 10.19% Rare - Platformer 27. Assassin's Creed: Rogue - 24.44% Uncommon - Sandbox 28. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain - 7.69% Very Rare - Stealth 29. ICO - 7.14% Very Rare - Puzzle / Platformer 30. SAW 2 - 22.69% Uncommon - Puzzle / Action/Adventure ? Feel free to correct the genres as you see fit. The whining part: So... I started playing last night and at first things went slowly. The last boss of KH has so many forms that it took forever to beat him. After that I struggled for more than 40 minutes with the last boss of DMC on Devil May Day difficulty. However, once those were behind me, plats starting to pour faster and easier. I thought that the worst was behind me... how wrong I was Problem 1: The first problem came with Kick-Ass 2. A little back-story first. A month ago or so my hard disk (on the ps3) died so I had to replace it. Actually, I bought another second hand ps3 since it was cheaper. I installed and started all games to see if everything is OK. For some reason, I did not start this one. It seems that when synchronizing the trophies, those for KickAss were not downloaded. So, without knowing it, I started the game with 0% completion rate. I had to "collect" only one graffiti and the plat was mine. I did that and the trophy for the collectible popped. No plat however. I opened the XMB and saw 3%. It was terrible. I switched to online mode and synchronized the trophies. Now I had 100% and no plat. I tried starting a new game, collecting collectibles... but nothing happened. So about thirty minutes later I was about to give up, when I saw that I had the plat 20 minutes ago No idea how or why. But now I have a plat sitting all alone there Problem 2: Next game in the list was No More Heroes. Simple task - go and buy the last t-shirt. Easy enough. I went to the shop, clicked buy and... the game froze and the console restarted (never had such issues with the old ps3 but I guess the new one have a mind of its own). However, just before that the game awarded me with one of the three trophies - for buying everything in the shop but... without the one for buying all t-shirts. Luckily, the game never saved so I went again, bought the last shirt and... plat. But now I have a trophy earlier than one that is supposed to unlock after (or at least at the same time) with another one. Problem 3: A few games without a problem and then we get to Castlevania. The same issue as above. I did the last remaining trial in chapter X and the moment the results screen showed, the console froze giving me only the trophy for the chapter's trials. So I had to do another trial (it made no difference which one) so that the game could give me the trophies for all trials and 110% completion. Which sucks again... Problem 4: Driveclub. I have about 1000 fame to level 50. So I decided to do a quick skill event in the bikes expansions. Level 50 was reached but no trophy Apparently, the level trophies are tied to the original game only. So I had to play an event with a car and then the trophy popped. Btw, the same happened with the accolades as well. I reached level 6 with a bike one and had to reach another level in any of the other accolades for the trophy to pop. Problem 5: Monster Jam. Simple and easy game. Only one even simpler trophy - buy the last truck. So I did... and... oh miracle... no trophy. I was really getting angry at this. So I had to delete my saves, start a new game and repeat the first level 7-8 times. After that unlocked the missing truck and the trophy. That was all If read it, thank you. I think I will skip the next event because of the above frustration but I may join again in the one after that.