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  1. I can confirm as well. Finishing my "no save/no deaths" playthrough which is the second one I do (luckily I had a save in the middle of chapter 6 and had to load it to get the second ending, by skipping all cut scenes I was able to reduce my time under 5 hours which saved me a playthrough :D) and I only had one crash and one soft lock by entering the craft menu the same time a tutorial message appeared. This caused the menu to freeze and while I was able to move and interact with things, I was not able to close that menu or craft anything. Tried to open the main menu and then had to close the entire app But this is more of a rare case than anything else. The game is in great shape now and it is not bad at all. With a guide and a little bit of planning you can get the plat in about 10-12 hours I guess. Even less, if you are good and make a backup save, die 5 times and bring back that save.
  2. I can add as well that this is the second most easy Empires entry since 6. I was also surprised how some people were getting strategist easier than grand general I had to decline grand general twice before I was offered tactician. As for ruler, I got it the same time I got the emperor trophy. Also got epic artifact the same time i got an epic gem... after a defence battle on hard with a yellow title, around turn 40-50 and, i guess, some luck. But overall it is an easy game. With proper planning before hand and some knowledge it can be done in about 15 hours (mine took around 20 with some wasted time)
  3. The PS4 disc version (I have that one so I can confirm) will not start at 1.00 since there is a mandatory day one patch unfortunatelly (When you press start it will say that you must update). That is why you must use the downgrade option to download that said patch. So in theory it is obtainable, yes.... Just not the right legit way, yet, as seems to be confirmed by SethHulc above.
  4. They got it by downgrading the game to version 1.03 which is the only way to do it at the moment (I tried but i guess i was not doing it right since it never started downloading that patch). You can see the explanations earlier in this very same topic.
  5. I had the same issue. All had 10/12 and no trophy. For me it worked a little bit less tedious than Geridian. I will explain my situation and what I did if it helps anyone: On my first playthrough with Yuito I gave all presents but one (including the programs). During my second playthrough I was giving presents but did not finish everything by the end. So postgame I gave the remaining presents for Kasane and switched back to Yuito. Gave the last present and no trophy. I decided to try the method mentioned by Geridian but it was a lot of work since I needed quite the amount of materials to exchange all gifts so i exchanged what I could and gave one present to each person from Yuito's side. The trophy popped when I gave to the last person. No idea why and how but I am happy that I don't have to do everything for everyone. So in short: try to give one present to each person (if it does not work for one side, try both - Yuito and Kasane)
  6. I also got the treasures trophy by missing a chest in chapter 2. But the trophy unlocked when I collected the last treasure of chapter 3. I am now missing one note as well. I have 49/50
  7. I can confirm as well. I destroyed about 20-24 cars with the sledgehammer. Died a few times in between. Then swtiched to the bat (i didn't even had to reload the game), destroyed one car and the trophy unlocked.
  8. Since the latest patch, now it seems that two trophies are glitched (at least for me) - Running Wild and Gustafsloppet. I just wanted to update you on the last one, since I figured it out and unlocked it just now. When you start the game, it will count your steps. At certain point (I haven't figured out when exactly this happens - either when you die or fast travel) however it will glitch and will stop counting. If that happens, you must quit your game (not just to the main menu but quit back to the PS4 dashboard). Otherwise, every step after it glitches is lost. How to find your current steps count? Before you quit to the main menu, go to the stats and write down the current number. Let's say it is 900 km. Start the game again, make a step and check the stats page again. You will see that the number has increased with what seems to be a random number. Now your stats page says 935.24 for example. At first I though that these were the steps I was missing while it was not counting but I was wrong. This amount is the actual steps you have made, the amount that the game has counted properly. So just substact 900 from that number and you will get your actual steps counter. 35.24 in our example. You need to get that number to 90 for the trophy to pop. Just did it and can confirm it works. I did it on the huge airfield since from one end to the other it is a little over 1km and nothing causes the counter to glitch there. I was checking the stats page from time to time to see that it was increasing properly. Hope that helps anyone trying to figure out why they have 10000 km on their stats page and no trophy.
  9. The expansion pass has everything you need. I only got the basic + the expansion pass and got 100% so you will be fine (the contents of the first GOTY, or whatever the last edition was called, are not needed for anything). As for difficulty, the sniper maps may seem a little bit diffucult at first but with a few tries will get easier and easier (although there are a few tricky trophies). The other DLCs are pretty straight forward and each takes between 10 and 12 hours. The old levels are even easier in season 2 due to some new game mechanics. And as adam said above, Mrfreeze will be your friend regarding video help Still, it will take some time to 100% this one
  10. If that's the same battle I am talking in my post (I cannot remember the name anymore to be honest), you will get it at the end of chapter 3/beginning of chapter 4 with Liu Bei. I believe it gets mentioned in the very last cutscene of chapter 3. The other chapters are not needed if you have the other entries. If not, you can play them of course
  11. It was the last one I had as well. I started the story of Liu Bei from the beginning and got it after the cutscene at the end of chapter 3. I guess they mention it in that scene. So I guess chapter 4 is not quite correct. Unless there is a character that I am not aware of that gets it. So most likely all Shu officers (namely the other brothers that start from chapter 1) will get it as well at the end of chapter 3. But Liu Bei is a sure, 100% guaranteed
  12. Yes, as Faufnir mentioned, go for the levels. This way you will get 28 titles for level 10 characters + 1 guaranteed for Crystal A rank (maybe even more once you get all chars to 28 and stick with only two of them for the duration of the grind). During that grind you will also get enough money to buy things from the shop and also play time. So you get titles for 10 and 50 hours (probably 100 too but I am around 98 now so I will know soon :D). With the money keep buying cheap icons so you can get 4 titles as well - for 10, 50, 100 and 500 items (unlocked items from the treasures count as well) There are titles for money - 1000, 10000, 100k, etc. During the level grind I was able to unlock the title for the core gauntlet as well (scoring 43000 points which is easy once you start the gauntlet from crystal). Also, if you play everyday, you will unlock a title for 7 days in a row. Haven't played more than that. From the online, if you stick to only one summon and one character you will get: character: a title for each new rank - silver, gold, platinum, etc (I usually switch a char once it gets to platinum since the bots get too agressive :D) summons: a title for 100 wins with that summon Also, you get 7 titles from the story - for beating each path, the final boss and all of the battles panels alltogether. So, to summarise it, you will unlock enough titles while doing everything else... so I guess this one does not require grinding on its own
  13. Make sure you are not counting the "New Recruit" title since you get it by default. Hopefully, the patch has not broken that part at least. I can confirm that the 50 titles trophy is OK since I earned it today with exactly 50 titles.
  14. You are nearly there. Should be very close to it Just do a simple math from 1-30 you get 60 treasures. You get around 20 from the story (not sure about the exact number since I do not remember if you get anything from the simple battles but you get 2 from the boss battles so that are 14 here). And you get around 10 from the trials (if you do them of course). So if we just say 20 from everything besides levels, that makes 80 treasures up to level 30... so 220 more and you get 300. Basically, that means level 250... if you haven't done the story or the trials, than 270. You should get it around those numbers (250-270) somewhere.
  15. Well, that is a lot of time haha But yes, my plan is the same too and being doing it as well. I have 10 character titles so far and 40 hours of gameplay