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  1. Available exclusively through Amazon Japan for 2160 Yen:
  2. The following four lists have been updated with additional (Asian) languages. (Traditional Chinese)英雄伝説-空の軌跡-fc-evolution (Korean, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese)英雄伝説-空の軌跡-sc-evolution (Korean and Traditional Chinese)英雄伝説-空の軌跡-the-3rd-evolution (Korean and Traditional Chinese) The second list of Sword Art Online: Lost Song actually belongs to the Simplified Chinese version for China. The Hong Kong version uses Traditional Chinese and shares a list with the Japanese and localized versions of the game. And the regions of the following two games can be changed to AS - They're available in Hong Kong (and probably Taiwan) as well.
  3. Thanks for the follow. 🐱

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    2. Atsuko Kagari

      Atsuko Kagari

      I'm glad you like it. :)
      Really enjoyed the anime (obviously xD, still need to read the manga) when I watched it a few months ago, so of course I needed a fitting profile. :D

    3. Jelloycat


      The anime was really great, I was so excited when I saw they were making an actual series. :D Have you played the game yet? I've wanted to, but I haven't gotten around to buying it. 

    4. Atsuko Kagari

      Atsuko Kagari

      Yes, I have, but only the free demo of it. But I'll definitely buy the full game at some point, the demo was quite fun. :) So much fun that 'a quick look' turned into over an hour of playing it. :D

  4. It's now available for £24.99 / €29.99 / $29.99. It wasn't released in Australia for some reason. UK: €U: NA: You can also try this link, it should automatically redirect you to your region's store (if the game Is available there). The trophy list has also been translated into English, so there's no need to do that yourself. It just needs a quick rescan and everything should be there. @BlindMango
  5. The following seven lists need a rescan, please. Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires (HK) -> Vita tag has been added Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires (KOR) -> Vita tag has been added Tokyo Xanadu (JP) -> Traditional Chinese has been added Tokyo Xanadu eX+ (JP) -> Traditional Chinese has been added Toukiden Kiwami (CN) -> PS4 tag has been added Toukiden Kiwami (HK) -> PS4 tag has been added Toukiden Kiwami (KOR) -> PS4 tag has been added It's not exactly the same game, the new version is more like an updated and rebalanced version of the original. They changed several trophies completely, exchanged old for new ones and bumped up the difficulty on some of them: You now need to do more damage for the combo damage trophies (Original: 5000 / 8000 / 10000 - Updated version: 6000 / 10000 / 12100) and need to pull off a 75 hit combo instead of a 35 hit combo (with a different character) for the gold trophy called "Bachō Master". There are also some new playable characters if I remember correctly. And it was also released in Japan:
  6. That's a good question actually. While there are definitely quite a few Vita games with the same list for Japanese and Traditional Chinese versions, I personally think there are more games with separate trophy lists nowadays. Just look at Persona 4 Dancing All Night for example, it has a total of four different Vita lists, two of them for Asia. One for Japanese and the other one for Traditional Chinese & Korean. A lot of other games use a similar splitting for Asia - or split it even further, like the two Neptunia games above: One list for Japanese, one for Traditional Chinese and another one for Korean. Some games also throw Simplified Chinese into the mix, but I can't remember seeing a game with four different Asian trophy lists at once. At least on the Vita. There are probably one or two though. But I'll try to look it up, maybe even putting all this into actual numbers. So that I can answer your question properly with an Yes or No.
  7. It was available digitally at one point (in Europe and North America), but only for a few months. The game and all dlc-packs were removed when NASCAR Heat 2 was released. So yeah, a physical copy from NA is currently the only way to buy this game - the European release was digital-only.
  8. The Neptunia games are the Japanese Asia versions. It's relatively easy to spot since their titles are written in Japanese, not Chinese. The cover & titles of the Chinese ones look like this: Exactly the same thing applies to Persona 4 Dancing All Night. It's the Japanese Asia version. You can spot the Japanese name below the English title. The Chinese Asia version changes that to the actual Chinese title, it's cover looks like this: One Piece has actually two Chinese versions: One with traditional Chinese (shares the trophy list with the Japanese version - this one is mainly sold in Hong Kong and Taiwan) and another one with simplified Chinese for the People's Republic of China with a separate trophy list. The latter is the one you actually need, it also has a different code on the side (VCCS-80010 instead of VLAS-38091). The cover & title also look slightly different, thanks to simplified Chinese: