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  1. [Pokemon] I just LOL'd pretty hard. Thought it was fake at first, but there really is a mouse cursor (!) in the credits of Pokemon Sword & Shield. Just look at the the back of the Pokemon on the right at around 0:59. It's moves around for a bit and then disappears. It's also much easier to see if you slow the video down to 0.25 speed.



    GG Gamefreak.

    1. Honor_Hand


      From what I've been reading, GG messed up big time on this one. The game is a total mess. Too bad. It was looking promising but I've been hearing a lot of negative reception towards it, and for good reasons, it seems. 


      Can't believe they would leave a cursor on an actual cutscene of the game. I mean... Come on, GG. That's like amateur stuff. :facepalm:

  2. No, I only have Bullet Girls 2 - and I only got it because it was part of the Japanese PlayStation Plus line-up in 2017. I'm not really interested in actually playing it or its prequel, but I might get Bullet Girls Phantasia at some point.
  3. WOW! May i ask where did you get that celeste Copy? Is wonderful O.o

    I Tried looking for it online but well... I would like not to pay it 4 times or more it's digital value....

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    2. Sora9427


      Ah i see, so quite some months ago, this explain why now it costs so much around! What a pity, i didn't know the game back in January, oh well maybe i'll find it at a reasonable price around or they'll make more copies, it's a wonderful Cover and Disc indeed!!! 

    3. hugglebunn-e


      They never make more copies, but they do typically hold some back. They may pop up on a very short lived sale in the future.


      Your best bet is to find a small shop that stocks s9me of their games. Pink gorilla does, others as well.


      Also, lrg is doing a pop up shop the 23 and 24th in Cary NC at Cary town center.

    4. Sora9427


      Well i hope, if i find it great if not guess i'll go digital, i would like it but not spending a ton for it.


      Plus yeah no, never heard of those shops :P And i Imagine even if they sell and ship internationally being small sites it would still cost quite a bit. 

  4. It took me over 10 years of trophy hunting, but I finally have my birthday platinum - even though I had to resort to something really easy. It was a nice read, though. Unfortunately, the port itself is pretty bad: Activating the auto play before starting the story breaks the trophies, pausing and resuming at any point has the same effect. There's also no real save/load feature.





    A Winter's Daydream Platinum
    Good job! Completed all tasks!

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    2. ihadalifeb4this


      Happy Birthday and congrats! 

    3. Sora9427


      Happy Birthday, hope you ahd a great one and congrats for the plat too :D 


    4. Hanamaru Kunikida

      Hanamaru Kunikida

      Thanks, everyone. <3

  5. No, unfortunately not. I know how to request one after you win several auctions from the same seller, but I don't know how to do it in advance with buy-it-now offers. Sorry. But after looking at their shipping costs again, it looks like they charge you $4,63 for the first game and $3,24 for every additional game. So $7,87 (or its € equivalent, probably something around 7€) should be the right amount for two games. EDIT: I just tested something by putting two games in my shopping cart, and there seems to be an option for "Request total amount", but it's grayed out. Clicking on the info bubble right next to it just tells me that "You cannot request a total amount for items that require immediate payment." On the next window (just before confirming the purchase, where you can choose your payment method, shipping, etc.), when I choose the Standard International Shipping for both games, both stay at $4,63. But there's also an option for leaving a message to the seller, maybe they're talking about this. I won't try it out though, since I don't want to buy anything at the moment. I know that some sellers refund you the difference before they ship the games or whatever you bought from them, but I can't tell you how this particular seller handles it (since I never bought more than one game at once from them).
  6. Finally! 🍓
  7. @Sora9427 - You're welcome. Yes, quite a few, actually. Here are some of them. https://www.ebay.it/itm/USED-PS-VITA-Love-Live-School-Idol-Paradise-Vol-1-Printemps-Japan-import/253987028258 https://www.ebay.it/itm/USED-PS-Vita-Love-Live-School-Idol-Paradise-Vol-2-BiBi-game-soft-Japan-i/264005134728 https://www.ebay.it/itm/USED-PS-VITA-SEGA-Hatsune-MIKU-Project-DIVA-F-Japan-import/264046389304 https://www.ebay.it/itm/USED-PS-VITA-Hatsune-Miku-Project-DIVA-X-SEGA-GAMES-Japan-Import-Japan-im/264046767158 https://www.ebay.it/itm/Idol-Master-mast-Songs-Blue-Edition-PS-Vita/253987347712 https://www.ebay.it/itm/USED-PS-Vita-Idol-Master-mast-Songs-Red-Edition/264408069245 https://www.ebay.it/itm/USED-PS-Vita-Uta-Kumi-575-Sony-2014-game-soft-Japan-import/254090898655 https://www.ebay.it/itm/USED-PS-Vita-Persona-3-Dancing-Moon-Night-Japan-import/254284264106 https://www.ebay.it/itm/USED-PS-Vita-Persona-4-Dancing-All-Night-Japan-import/264385604716 https://www.ebay.it/itm/USED-Atlus-PS-VITA-Persona-5-Dancing-Star-Night/254375880873 https://www.ebay.it/itm/USED-PS-VITA-To-Love-Ru-Darkness-Battle-Ecstasy-FURYU-Regular-Edition/264046389376 https://www.ebay.it/itm/USED-PS-VITA-IA-VT-COLORFUL/264406138266
  8. Yes, and it's pretty simple: https://www.howtogeek.com/howto/13631/customize-your-icons-in-windows-7-and-vista/ I'm using custom icons for almost everything, here are my hard drive icons: And here are some of my custom file type icons: