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  1. [Caravan Stories] I wonder if they can fix this area before the western release in July. It lags almost as hard as a N64 title from Rareware. Fortunately, Averdeen Port seems to be the only area with so much lag. At least from the ones I've visited thus far.



    1. Hanamaru Kunikida

      Hanamaru Kunikida

      Oh, I forgot to mention that this footage is from a standard PS4, I have no idea how well it runs on a PS4 Pro.

    2. WerneyPark


      This game on ps4 got weird, the drive and everything, I thought it would crash anytime I played.

    3. Honor_Hand


      Hopefully, they will fix that area soon because it does lag a lot as to be annoying, judging by the video. :o

  2. https://www.humblebundle.com/store/guacamelee-super-turbo-championship-edition Offer ends May 19 at 10:00 AM Pacific time.
  3. It's now available in Japan: https://store.playstation.com/ja-jp/product/JP0036-CUSA12616_00-GUILTYGEARONE000
  4. https://www.humblebundle.com/store/age-of-wonders-iii Offer ends May 11 at 10:00 AM Pacific time.
  5. Here's a part of Caravan Stories you definitely won't see if you stop playing immediately after earning all six trophies. The Colosseum/Duel battles are quite fun, even though I probably don't use the best characters for it. They are basically the same thing, but while the Colosseum lets you train against the AI, Duels are PvP battles. The latter can also only be played during certain times of the day, but Colosseum battles can be initiated whenever you want.


    Here are two of my more recent Duels, one win and one loss. The latter got extremely close near the end, I almost managed to survive until the very end but lost with less than a second on the clock. :(




    1. Honor_Hand


      So, this is the game you've been playing a lot lately? Gotta admit that the gameplay seems similar to this one game I have seen on smartphones, Clash Royale I believe is called? Not too sure. Although this one seems to have much more variety and better production values than the one I saw. I'm really digging that background music too, pretty catchy. :D

    2. Hanamaru Kunikida

      Hanamaru Kunikida

      Yes, that's it. But only a small part of it, the Duels are just one of a few side activities you can do. There's also the Griffon Tower, basically a survival mode, where you have to fight your way through a total of 50 floors without healing after each floor (so it's almost required to have at least one healer in your active party). If one of your characters dies, he or she can't be used anymore for the rest of the Griffon Tower season. Another side activity is the Hero's Trial, here you have to fight against a legendary hero. The fight lasts over 5 rounds, with each one increasing your opponents level by 10. It starts at 5, the final round throws a level 45 opponent in your face. The better you do, the better your daily reward will be.


      You can also participate in raids against huge bosses, but they are usually more chaos than anything else. :D If you want to see how that looks like, just let me know. I have a recording of one or two raids somewhere. But the quality isn't all that great, the PS4's internal recording almost shat itself half way through. And speaking about recordings: I have two new Duel videos on my YT channel. :) I'm currently using a slightly different deck of characters and it seems to work much better. I also finally bumped up three of them from 3 to 4 stars (with 5 stars being their final evolution) after finally gathering all the required resources, making them quite a bit stronger. And my caravan is now even more tanky than it was before.

  6. ふつうのマヨネーズ (Ordinary Mayonnaise) The game was Vividred Operation: Mayonnaise with Akane Operation. But I actually hate mayonnaise.
  7. Time really flies... I just noticed that the K-ON anime (one of my all-time favourites <3) is already 10 years old - the first episode aired in Japan on April 3rd, 2009. The music is timeless though, at least in my opinion.



    PS: Azu-nyan best girl.

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    2. Hanamaru Kunikida

      Hanamaru Kunikida


      I don't own that many animes on blu-ray or dvd either, only the ones I really like (like K-ON or Clannad). I also have the blu-rays of what I would consider a hidden anime gem: Tari Tari. Most of my CDs are stored in small boxes that are lying around all over the place. I used to store them in a small closet before, but that one got more and more occupied by games over time, so I had to move most of them out of there. The sheer number of games I own is also my biggest problem when it comes to arranging things, it easily gets into four digit territory. But I'm finally moving out in the foreseeable future, either later this year or in early 2020. Then hopefully I'll have more space for all my stuff and can finally start buying some figures, like this one.


      I'm the exact opposite when it comes to owning something from petit milady. I always wanted to buy some of their CDs, but never really got around to do so. I also never bought something from Mandarake before, but I'll probably follow your recommendation and try to get at least their albums there.


      Also, I second what @Honor_Hand said. There's definitely no need to feel embarrassed about your anime list, we all were anime noobs once.


      And by the way, did you guys know that the Sakuragaoka High School from K-ON was based on an actual real life primary school?



    3. Cave_Johnson_


      @Honor_Hand I always recommend Mandarake to others, but I guess it wasn't necessary in this case; you seem to really know what you're talking about. That's unfortunate about PayPal. I haven't experienced any problems myself, so I'm not sure what to tell you there. You can always use a credit card if you have one. I believe a credit is necessary for buying R18 stuff anyway, not that I would know about that or anything... Oh yeah, AmiAmi is great too. A lot of other sites just seem to have awful prices.


      You're probably right, I'm just weird. My username on MAL is exactly the same as my PSN name, plus my account is completely public. I guess I wasn't really trying to hide it in the first place, lol. 


      @Hanamaru Kunikida In my case, I just need a few more bookcases and I'd be set. The problem is that in order for them to fit, I'd have to something crazy like stack them to the ceiling... yeah, that wouldn't work. The number one problem with collecting things (aside from dust) definitely seems to be a lack of space. 


      One thing I forgot to mention is that the search feature on Mandarake isn't always the best. I usually get more results by searching in Japanese, but sometimes it is the opposite. For example, as of right now, if I search "petit milady" I get 143 results. "プチミレディ" gets 121 results. 


      I already sort of addressed this in my response to Honor_Hand, but I think you guys are right. I'm probably just overthinking it.


      I knew about the music store being based off a real one, but I only recently found out about the school. I only knew because it was mentioned in a recent article about the music store. It has been relocated, sadly: https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/interest/2019-04-12/real-life-k-on-musical-instrument-store-relocates-in-fukushima/.145049

    4. Honor_Hand



      Thanks for the recommendation anyway ^^ All in all, Mandarake is a great store indeed. The few items I bought before I started having problems with my PayPal account always came in proper order and in near perfect condition. Sadly, a credit card isn't much of an option for me at the moment due to local laws and restrictions but who knows, those may get lifted at some point. At the moment, PayPal is my go-to method to pay things internationally.


      And yes, a credit card is definitely necessary for buying R18 stuff on Mandarake. Although, I don't believe it's necessary in AmiAmi since I bought an R18 figure from there last week and didn't have any issues when buying with PayPal so I guess it depends on the store in the end.




      @Hanamaru Kunikida

      Still pursuing that cute Azusa figure, aren't you? Glad you'll be moving to a bigger place later this year or next year. Looking forward to seeing your collection of figures at that time. Perhaps, there will be a lot for us to talk about in the foreseeable future x3


      If you're going to search for stuff on Mandarake, the site is great but the search function not so much. Site auto-translates certain sections and some items are assigned wrong translated names at times. As Cave_Johnson_ suggested, using either English or Japanese words is recommended if you want to see what they have.


      That was a pretty cool video, I didn't know that about the school. I can really see the anime is pretty much completely based on that school down to almost every detail (the storage in the club room, the turtles on the stairway, the facade of the buildings even). Thanks for sharing. :)

  8. It works just fine. I used this method back in 2015 to earn the trophy, took me a few tries until I got it, but that was it. Selfboosted the whole online portion afterwards with just two consoles. And earning the Burnout license isn't much of an issue, since you have to earn it anyway if you want the platinum.