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  1. Keeping the LRG train alive.
  2. Bought the Koishiteiku Planet mini-album by namirin just recently, it only features 5 tracks, but they all sound amazing. Official preview video And I also bought the following CDs lately, all brand new and sealed.
  3. The endings are great as well. 👍 Shiokaze no Harmony is the main ending, used in episodes 1, 3-5, and 7-13 (with the ending for episode 13 being a special version). The second one, Kokoro no Senritsu, is only used in episodes 2 and 6. Shiokaze no Harmony Kokoro no Senritsu
  4. Yeah, it's available digitally: https://store.playstation.com/ja-jp/product/JP0001-NPJB00172_00-RAYMANORIGINS001
  5. The video uses footage from later openings (the opening changed slightly with every episode, except episode 12), and therefore contains some serious spoilers. It's safe to watch until the transition into the second opening at around 1:30, but everything beyond that point is spoiler territory. So be careful if you still haven't watched Gakkou Gurashi yet. Found a better video, this one only shows the normal opening and a few bits from the first ~5 minutes of the first episode. So no spoilers here.
  6. #284 C: R Master Obtain all trophies.
  7. #283 (+ 100%) GRID Autosport Perfection Collect all the other trophies. After more than 30 career seasons, 350+ offline races and 1166 online races, it's finally over... this also marks my 16th ultra rare platinum and my 100th ultra rare trophy overall. And I even managed to pull it off fast enough to earn 10th place on the fastest achievers leaderboard.
  8. I extend the hand of friendness in the hope it fills you with determination. :D