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  1. #273 Ridge Racer Platinum Ridge Racer You earned all the trophies in RIDGE RACER. Difficulty: 2,5/10 Time to plat: 29 hours 45 minutes Very grindy, but easy platinum I really hate online trophies. Especially if the programming behind them is somewhat broken. Tried to earn 'Friend or foe' with the help of four (!) different people, but the game refused to give it to me every single time. Then, earlier today, I noticed that the very first person was playing RR again, he was grinding the 50 online races... joined and raced him again and finally got it + the plat. I still don't know why it didn't work the first time, there was nothing different this time - when we first tried a few days ago, he even earned this particular trophy. Did I say that I hate online trophies?
  2. Probably one of the best offers i've seen so far for GT Sport. The version on sale is the asian version with english & chinese text-support, the online should work just fine worldwide.
  3. Kain (Legacy of Kain)
  4. Just Cause 3
  5. Twisted Sister
  6. The Idolm@ster x Love Live Collab from Animelo Summer Live 2015.
  7. 2cute4me
  8. The following games are Vita only, the PS4/PS3 tags can be removed.人狼ゲームワールドトリガー-ボーダレスミッションカリギュラフォルティッシモ不思議の幻想郷-the-tower-of-desire (received a PS4 port in the West, but was Vita only in Japan) And this one was only released for PS4:まりさとアリスのトラップタワー
  9. It's out now, for €24.99 / £19.99 / $24.99. 30% off for PlayStation Plus members. PlayStation Store