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  1. Here are some good (and CCP-free) alternatives:
  2. Minor update on the release date - the PS4 version will launch 3 days earlier on November 10: And the PS5 version will launch on March 2, 2021:
  3. Imagine showing your YT analytics on stream and getting suspended for it, just because someone in China didn't like to see Taiwan listed as an independent country. #HaachamaAndCocoDidNothingWrong
  4. The collection will include the following Psikyo series shoot ’em up titles: Dragon Blaze Gunbird Gunbird 2 Gunbarich Samurai Aces Samurai Aces III: Sengoku Cannon Sol Divide Strikers 1945 Strikers 1945 II Strikers 1945 III Tengai Zero Gunner 2
  5. The collection includes the following titles: Deathsmiles Arcade Version 1.1 Normal Deathsmiles Mega Black Label Arcade Version 1.1 Normal Deathsmiles II Arcade Deathsmiles IIX Arrange
  6. It seems that the dust cloud has been added to this particular scene via video editing. If you look closely, you can see that it covers not only the character but also the UI. The EU trailer (which is the one I posted above) doesn't feature this dust cloud, just like the JP trailer, so it really is just the NA trailer that has been censored/edited. The NA trailer has also been censored in another way (Again, the EU trailer is uncensored). They really don't like showing her butt, do they?
  8. Even though they won't announce a new game at TGS Online, Masayoshi Yokoyama (Chief producer of the Yakuza series) at least confirmed that a new game is in development. Here's the English translation: “The Yakuza series is heading towards its 15th anniversary, and various plans are currently underway. Naturally, a game is also in development. The development team is working hard every day aiming for the day we can announce it to everyone, so please continue to give us your support.” Also, tfw you realize that the Yakuza series is already 15 years old and you've been with it since Y1. FeelsOldMan
  9. Don't get your hopes up for a Kiwami 3: The quoted tweet is this one When translated into English, it simply says: Ryuu ga Gotoku Kiwami 3 That's a typo. Personally, I expect the announcement to be either another samurai game, Judgment 2, or something like a Yakuza 0.5 (set between 0 and 1). A game set in the 1960s with a young Kazama as the protaganist would also be pretty interesting in my opinion.