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  1. And here's her reaction.
  2. Pre-purchase FAQ
  3. They're all the same game, but each one gives you a different trophy list, since each version features different language options. If you want to get the platinum of the Chinese/Korean version, then you have to pick this one: The second version from your list gives you the trophy list of the Japanese PS3 version, and the last one gives you the trophy list of the localized PS3 version.
  5. Update regarding resolution/framerate:
  6. Here are some good (and CCP-free) alternatives:
  7. Minor update on the release date - the PS4 version will launch 3 days earlier on November 10: And the PS5 version will launch on March 2, 2021:
  8. Imagine showing your YT analytics on stream and getting suspended for it, just because someone in China didn't like to see Taiwan listed as an independent country. #HaachamaAndCocoDidNothingWrong