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  1. You can even walk a dog in this game. GOTY material right here. 10/10. Also, according to the Japanese website, you'll be able to upgrade to the PS5 version for free. PlayStation® 4パッケージ版をご購入された方は、追加費用無くPlayStation®5版へのアップグレードが可能です。 If you have purchased the physical PlayStation 4 version, you can upgrade to the PlayStation 5 version at no additional cost. パッケージ版を購入された方は、PS5™のディスクドライブがないデジタル・エディションにおいてはアップグレード不可となります Those who purchased the physical (PS4) version cannot upgrade to the digital PS5 edition on a PS5 without a disk drive. またPlayStation™Storeで本作のPS4™ダウンロード版を購入すると、PS5™版を追加料金なしでダウンロードできます。 You can also download the PS5 version at no additional charge by purchasing the PS4 download version of this product from the PlayStation Store. ※PlayStation™Storeで本作のPS5™ダウンロード版を購入すると、PS4™版を追加料金なしでダウンロードできます。 ※If you purchase the PS5 download version of this product from the PlayStation Store, you can download the PS4 version at no additional charge.
  2. The game will launch on September 30. The limited edition includes a Choro-Q pullback car toy of Rin Shima riding her scooter, as well as the game’s original soundtrack.
  3. Wanted to sell a few games (mostly JP LEs) and thought it might be a good idea to drop a post here. I would prefer selling them to someone within Europe, but shipping worldwide is theoretically possible. The download code can (and will) obviously be send via PM. If you're interested in something, just send me an offer (one that's realistic) and I will think about it. PS4: - Limited Edition of Omega Quintet (JP | New & Sealed) - Regular Edition of Akiba's Beat (Chinese | New & Sealed) - Regular Edition of Bud Spencer & Terence Hill: Slaps and Beans (EU | New & Sealed) PS Vita: - Download code for Root Double: Before Crime * After Days - Xtend Edition (EU PSN) PS3: - Limited Edition of Disorder 6 (JP | New & Sealed) - Limited Edition of Root Double: Before Crime * After Days - Xtend Edition (JP | New & Sealed) - Limited Edition of Rui wa Tomo o Yobu (JP | New & Sealed) - Regular Edition of Xblaze Code Embryo (JP | New & Sealed) Xbox 360 (can't hurt to try, lol): - Limited Edition of Memories Off 6: Next Relation (JP | New & Sealed) - Limited Edition of W.L.O Sekai Renai Kikou (JP | New & Sealed)
  4. They're available physically as "God of War: Origins Collection" in North America and "God of War Collection Volume II" in Europe.
  5. The Zenkoku Ticket adds three additional playable characters (Uta Mihirogi, Hayari Mizuhara, and Harue Akado - all three are pro-level mahjong players) and two new costumes to the game. It's ok for 1,000 Yen, I guess. There's also free DLC which adds another character (Yasuko Fujita, another pro-level mahjong player) and 10 new costumes for existing characters to the game.
  6. Saki: Zenkoku-Hen Plus and all downloadable content will end digital sale on March 31 in Japan, publisher Entergram and developer Kaga Create announced. From today until March 31, the base game will now only cost 1,000 yen, while the downloadable content set “Zenkoku Ticket” also costs 1,000 yen. A bundle containing both the base game and “Zenkoku Ticket” is available for 2,000 yen. There's also free DLC which adds another character (Yasuko Fujita) and 10 new costumes for existing characters to the game. Here's a list of the free costumes: - Maid costume for Shizuno Takakamo - Maid costume for Ako Atarashi - Bunny costume for Nodoka Haramura - School uniform for Mihoko Fukuji - School uniform for Kana Ikeda - Yukata costume set for the members of the Senriyama Girls' High School Mahjong Club (5 costumes)
  7. The official English website is also live: Here's an overview of the story, characters, and systems (Source)
  8. [Retro Leaks] First GoldenEye XBLA, now Dinosaur Planet. Yes, THAT Dinosaur Planet, which was intended to be Rare's final swansong for the Nintendo 64, but was then moved to the Gamecube and released as Starfox Adventures instead. This is one of those leaks I always wanted to happen, but never expected to really happen.



    Their server is currently under heavy load, so here's an alternative download link:

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    2. Suminya


      @Honor_Hand  Here's what the people who dumped it said about emulators:



      Note: The game will currently not run 100% perfectly on any emulator. Expect many graphical issues with shadows and lighting, and some slowdown. It should however, work perfectly fine with flashcarts.


      I can confirm the latter, it works just fine with an Everdrive X7. But that doesn't mean it runs smootly, the framerate can be quite choppy during certain sections, just like in Perfect Dark or Banjo Tooie. A typical Rare game through and through, lol. Here's a video of it running on actual N64 hardware.



      What's interesting about this leaked build is that it seems to be one of the earlier builds with Fox McCloud. Sabre's model had already been replaced with Fox at this point, and there's even voice acting of him referring to the Lylat System, while other characters and even the game itself still refer to him as Sabre. Personally, I didn't even know such a build existed, I always thought Fox and the Lylat System were brought in after the transition to the Gamecube. Moving to a much more powerful system was definitely the right choice, but throwing Star Fox in there was one of Miyamoto's worst ideas to date, at least in my opinion.


      Also, I wouldn't be surprised if Sabre's original model is still somewhere in the game's files.

    3. Suminya


      Also, speaking of Hard4Games - they streamed the game just a few hours ago.



    4. Honor_Hand


      @Suminya Haven't had the chance to try it on any of the emulators I have, but eh, that's to be expected. I could try it on Project64 on my PC or on a couple of N64 cores I have for my Android Retroarch setup.


      Anyways, the frame rate being choppy, lol, it wouldn't be a Rare game on the N64 if the frame rate went down several times playing. Those games always pushed the hardware well beyond its capabilities back then. Seeing that clip there with a fully modeled Fox running in Dinosaur Planet makes me think that the folks at RARE were already adapting the Star Fox theme into the game well before they moved development to the GameCube. This is interesting because I always thought the Miyamoto intervention came when they were working on the GC, not on the N64. We can see in the clip there that even though the health icon shows a picture of Sabre and even though he's still referred to as Sabre in the game by the other characters, Rare was already working on adapting the game to be a Star Fox game.


      Maybe Nintendo had already seen the Dinosaur Planet build on the N64 and pushed Rare into adapting the game there and then, which is way earlier than we had expected. And yes, moving the game to a more powerful system at the time was definitely the right choice. Rare was able to harness the power of the GC at the time and created an impressive-looking title back then. It still looks pretty good, actually. But yes, the decision to adapt the game into the Star Fox franchise was really the worst that it could've happened to it. That move made zero sense to me and that's what really dragged the game down in the end, in my opinion.


      It'd be awesome if Sabre's model was still in the game's file and people could restore it so that the game played how it was supposed to be. ^^

  9. Here's the western box art (and yes, it's been “adjusted for retail”, lol) For comparison, here's the original japanese box art: