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  1. I've also noticed that sleeping for 48 or 72 hours in between waiting helps the happiness increase faster. Reduced my waiting time from 15 or so minutes down to 3 or 4.
  2. Is it just me or does this game have really poor mechanics for a stealth game. The climbing and jumping are completely unpredictable at times, there's no way to simply incapacitate an enemy rather than killing them, and you can only use each hiding area once for bodies despite there clearly being room for 2 or 3. Given the number of enemies and the lack of ways to distract them (at least in the early game), it seems like you're almost forced to engage. Then there's the mechanic that locks you into combat, which makes a no-kill run pretty un-intuitive. These are all staples of a successful stealth-oriented game and this game fails on almost every note. Not to mention the writing is atrocious and downright laughable at times. I try to play every stealth game that releases and I put this one off for a while because I heard it was so-so, but I had no idea just how hard to play it would be. I understand they're a small team, but come on. I'd be willing to give Shards of Darkness a try if it seems like they've worked on some of these issues, but I don't have high hopes. Anyone else have a similar experience?
  3. I haven't encountered any bugs with the exclamation marks not updating, but I often get inconsistent input lag in the menus. It usually comes in batches, but I can't seem to pinpoint any cause for it. Anyone else?
  4. Have you tried docking with a mappy on every area to see the places you haven't been?
  5. 1) There are several upgrades you can only get by having the Mirrored Shield upgrade to block both beams at once. The upgrade in the top left is one of these, so just go through with your shield up. 2) The cracked wall gets broken when you come through on the other side. You get to that area later. 3) To get under the laser, you need to use the little green vacuum bot which you can find a few rooms back. You can tell what room it is by the small green door at the top left of a larger room. Cheers
  6. It doesn't matter, the encounter resets all your stats.
  7. I seem to be having this issue as well. There's only one treasure I intentionally missed on my second playthrough because it tracked from the first playthrough so I guess I'll go back and get that and give an update. Update: Went back for the one I skipped and nothing happened. I checked my save through the Load Game menu and it says 108 treasures, but then the in-game stats only has me at 106. In the Treasures menu I have everything, so I really have no idea what's going on. I may have to wait for a patch or something for this one.
  8. If I remember correctly, It won't ask you to make a save when you chose the Epilogue if you've done everything else correctly. At least it didn't for me. Either way, I wouldn't suggest saving over the new save from the encounter.
  9. I found this method for getting the Sharpshooter trophy in just a few minutes. The only prereq is completing the game on any difficulty. The method is pretty similar for the speedrun trophy and probably would work the same, but the specific rules are a little more involved for this one because resetting your accuracy stat is a little complicated. 1. Back up all saves 2. Delete all saves on system except for profile and the save you beat game on 3. Start a new game making a new save (selecting yes to keep all stats, etc) 4. Start the Prologue then quit after a few seconds for driving the boat around 5. Load the Epilogue (the system always will ask you to make a save. Press O and it will say ......Start this chapter without saving? Press YES). Then quit after few seconds (I failed the minigame and walked around for a second or two). 6. Now go to Encounter Select and pick one you like (I chose Reunion in Chapter 20). Kill a few enemies to get acc to at least 70. 7. There should be the options to save and load game which is normally not available like this in an encounter. Save your game on a new save and quit out. 8. In the main menu, check your stats in the Extras menu to make sure the save carried over 9. Load up Epilogue in Chapter Select and play through. Once the credits roll, the trophy should pop Original credit to kawasumimai on
  10. It seems I've been able to fix it at the cost of about 4 hours of progress, but better that than a total softlock. I went back well before this quest and ran through everything again. I think the problem was that after my conversation with Father on the roof of CIT, I didn't give him enough time to teleport away, so the game didn't know what to do with him. After letting the whole conversation and his departure fully play out, things seem to have returned to normal.
  11. I tried one in an earlier part of the mission and one right before it started but I run into the same problem. From what I can tell, when you meet Father on the roof of the CIT ruins, he stays there for me until I fast travel to an area near there and then he teleports straight to his seat at the meeting at which point he says we can talk later. From what I've seen in other people doing this mission you take your seat and Father makes his way in, but for me he's either completely missing or already in his seat.
  12. I'm on the short mission Mankind - Redefined where you need to meet with the Directorate in the Institute. For a while Father wasn't showing up in the meeting room, but after a lot of fast travel and reloading he showed up, but I'm still not able to attend the meeting. When I walk up to Father, he just says let's talk after the meeting and all the other attendees basically say the same. No amount of leaving and returning or loading saves is changing this. Has anyone else seen anything like this? Side note: I have also have the brotherhood mission From Within and the Railroad quest Underground Undercover hinging on attending the meeting so this one glitch has halted all progress.
  13. I was able to get it after waiting the truck to drive out of the airport, so thanks everyone for the help. It's weird that it has to trigger like that, but glad it got worked out. Just waiting on my resources to process and then I've got the plat.
  14. The problem isn't that I don't know when to grab him, but that when I do get him, it doesn't register. I've defeated the skulls and went back to get him but the objective never pops. The only thing I haven't tried is to wait until he gets to kaziba camp since that's where I got him in the original mission.
  15. All I have left to do for all the optional objectives is to extract the driver in this mission. I've tried just running in and grabbing him before the Skulls show up, during the fight, and after the fight. Nothing seems to make it work. I've reset the mission and exited and restarted the game entirely since that's worked for other glitches before. Anyone have any ideas?