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  1. BLOODBORNE: The Old Hunters (DLC) Laurence, the First Vicar -My final trophy for Bloodborne 100% completion.
  2. Definitely. But excluding shitty ending LA Noire had. Most similar games to LA Noire I can think of are Heavy Rain and Murdered: Soul Suspect. Heavy Rain is my favorite out of the bunch.
  3. Does that mean we (EU) can buy NA avatars now? I'd really like that Dark Souls: Remastered avatar bundle. EDIT: You can only change between EU countries and all EU countries have the same things in PS Store. Basically useless function.
  4. GoW. Uncharted is alright but too cheesy for me.
  5. Considering SJWs made the game and it has nothing to do with zombie apocalypse anymore I will say one big NO.
  6. Hopefully.
  7. #66 Bloodborne Enjoyment: 9/10 Difficulty: 7/10
  8. Imho, Watchdog Of Old Lords (previous boss in Defiled Chalice) is the hardest f*cker in the game if playing solo. That’s what I say everytime but for some reason it’s hard for people to remember that Amygdala is a female lol
  9. It’s pretty easy to cheese her. Look it up on YT.
  10. Master Assassin 5.66% (Assassin's Creed 3)
  11. At least it’s this year 😁 Can’t wait.
  12. I reported a person for hacking trophies (trophies completely out of order) like 3 weeks ago. Is that person ever going to be removed? Because it still isn't.
  13. It was like 76% off on EU store few days ago.
  14. #58 YAKUZA 0 GAME : 8/10 PLAT : 8/10