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  1. It just got removed from the PS Store, weird.
  2. EU region. This avatar appeared recently out of nowhere: https://store.playstation.com/en-hr/grid/STORE-MSF75508-AVATARS/1?releaseDate=last_30_days EDIT: it got removed today lol
  3. I think that a new avatar has finally appeared in a PS Store after like a year and half. It's some pirate avatar.
  4. My friend got Spiderman platinum like a year ago and never received an email. He contacted support about it and they said the only way they can fix the problem is if he gives them a call (seriously no live chat or smt?) even though they don't live on the same continent. He would also have to give them the serial number of his console and some other nonsense like that LMAO. So yeah, it's definitely not that simple.
  5. Don't forget to play this theme while you're doing it:
  6. I got the platinum for this game on two different accounts when I was 14 years old so don't give up. I remember that pool and golf were crazy hard but not 'impossible'. You can do it, just be stubborn.
  7. That would be amazing if true. When it comes to MGS, Konami is clueless without Kojima. MGS VI could be insane if made by Sony+Kojima.
  8. Nice, it's going into my huge ass backlog.
  9. Teslagrad and InkSplosion comes to mind.
  10. For some reason Faster, Baby! DLC is still not free in EU region. EDIT: It's free now.
  11. Yes, the actual DLC expansions (Stones Unturned, Faster Baby and Sign Of The Times). Yes, they will appear on your EU PS Store download list. Can confirm.
  12. I'm 100% sure PS3 didn't lose to XBOX 360 but whatever you say.
  13. No way. Bob would do something terrible to me 🤕.
  14. Wow, you actually did it! It looks so much better now. @Santa would have loved this, shame he left for Exophase. I understand that you and all the mods must have access to people's name history because of the cheaters/forum bullies etc. but the reason it bothered so many people is that absolutely anyone who visited this site had an access to a user's name history and they didn't even have to be registered. Trust me, a LOT of people will appreciate this change, thank you so much.