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  1. PS2. Best console ever.
  2. Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Hitman: Contracts Hitman: Blood Money Yakuza 0 Yakuza 1 Yakuza 4 Hotline Miami 1 Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Bully
  3. Nothing, never lucky..
  4. So basically deleting trophies? I doubt Sony will ever do that. It would be cool tho.
  5. I heard that it's because ports for PS Vita became much more expensive to make recently so they gave up.
  6. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
  7. Dishonored series.
  8. -PS2 -PSP -PS3 -PS Vita -PS4 -PS5 (soon)
  9. Football (soccer) for 3 years and handball for 1 year.
  10. It's from Arkane Studios. That's a good enough reason for me to buy it.
  11. The leaks were right for once.
  12. I like it but it's kinda sad that a remake of a PS3 game had to carry the whole stream.
  13. If you're such a good friends with them why don't you just ask them on PS4 if they're banned from the site? 'I have come across profiles that have both friend requests and messages (from people outside their friend's list) disabled' So you're not friends with them on PS4 even though you said you were interacting on a regular basis: 'But if I interact with certain members on a regular basis..' Sounds like a You problem to me.
  14. Any updates on this feature? They promised it almost 2 years ago.
  15. It just got removed from the PS Store, weird.