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  1. Yea the ps vita version is pretty much unplayable,keeps crashing on me as well
  2. Obviously for vita😉
  3. is this for?
  4. Another easy artifex game beside maybe 1 pain in the arse puzzle
  5. Alrighty,cool thank you🙂
  6. Keeps crashing on me upon starting the game & now trophies aren't popping for me😠
  7. I couldn't find the release date anywhere
  8. Still not live & was curious when.
  9. If you are going for the platinum,there is an amazing plat walkthrough.Don't know if i can mention site so i won't.
  10. Seems like they forgot about it,game been out since wednesday.
  11. It came out at like 11:00 or 11:30A.M. in North America🙂
  12. For future reference,I believe artifex mundi games usually release on fridays in th U.S.
  13. Is this game ever getting an EU release?
  14. It is now the 16th & still not out,game will probably never come out lol