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  1. is this for?
  2. Yea the ps vita version is pretty much unplayable,keeps crashing on me as well
  3. Obviously for vita😉
  4. Another easy artifex game beside maybe 1 pain in the arse puzzle
  5. Alrighty,cool thank you🙂
  6. Keeps crashing on me upon starting the game & now trophies aren't popping for me😠
  7. Still not live & was curious when.
  8. I couldn't find the release date anywhere
  9. If you are going for the platinum,there is an amazing plat walkthrough.Don't know if i can mention site so i won't.
  10. Seems like they forgot about it,game been out since wednesday.
  11. It came out at like 11:00 or 11:30A.M. in North America🙂
  12. For future reference,I believe artifex mundi games usually release on fridays in th U.S.
  13. Is this game ever getting an EU release?
  14. It is now the 16th & still not out,game will probably never come out lol
  15. Cool,thanks for the info buddy☺️
  16. Anybody have any clue when they are gonna make the trophies sync to the servers?
  17. I love all the trophy descriptions especially the Mario one lol.I hope this is a point & click type game☺️
  18. Does Anyone Know What Battle Is The Battle With Instant Shama? For The Trophy A Lethal Mistake? Is It The One In Town? Or The 2nd Battle With Shama? Also For The Stun And Stun Again Trophy Has Anyone Tried Stunning The Boss Twice? In 2 Different Battles? The Boss Can Be Fought An Infinite Number Of Times After The 2nd Battle
  19. This is just a poll it doesnt mean its a rumor or announced,but with enough positive feedback its a better chance than just hoping it will happen, so if the poll shows enough positive feedback maybe 70% or more people want to see it happen and someone tweets or emails the poll results it can be a good possibility.Also im sorry if a thread like this exists or if i did post something misleading or something wrong like the wrong forum etc i dont post much
  20. At least they put trophy pictures in this version,the PS3 version trophies were pictures of trophies lol
  21. The Wheel of Fortune game actually froze up on me once.
  22. I only need about 50 more matches PSN:iamdemon84 i'm eastern time
  23. There is no thread for wwe 2k17 & can you tell me how to select eastern time zone?