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  1. Its not that hard to get the score if you kill the right enemies repeatedly and don't die. Saying that I don't think I'm getting this anytime soon since I checked it out and apparently they're asking for $8.00. That is way too expensive for this especially considering the Collection has this and so much more for a little extra money. I'm pretty sure the Arcade Archives I bought a while ago used to be $5. so this isn't worth it to me rn.
  2. I'm not exactly sure what this is, does anyone else? I still might have to get it to complete my 100% on all possible Castlevania games but if its anything like Haunted Castle, it won't require beating the entire game to earn all the trophies.
  3. As someone who beat the shit out of the PS3 Trilogy of Batman games AND Arkham Origins Blackgate but never got Knight: what's wrong with it?
  4. Check my profile, I have about 6 or 7 100%'s of various Castlevania games. Its my all-time favorite franchise. I'm a rabid Castlevania fan and even I can't justify this or Grimoire. I'm also a Contra fan just don't have any on profile because they haven't made any that looked sweet. So far from anti Konami but if I see a piece of shit am I not supposed to call it what it is? The day they step up quality is when fans will return. And shitting on the fan base by cancelling desired projects and not releasing new quality entries of classic franchises is not the way to keep people caring. Btw, you're really keeping this thread alive and in view for a dead ass clunker like Rogue. They should pay you lol!
  5. Sterling hilariously ripping this an asshole is the best thing to come from Rogue Crap!
  6. They're total garbage nowadays. Grimoire of Souls just came out too, did ya hear? No! No one gives a shit because its on mobile! Wtf were they thinking?
  7. I would bro but like you said, the demo sucked kinda and the price..... OUTRAGEOUS! When this becomes free on PSPlus I'll look into it.
  8. I would take your name tho, I love it Yowza! Its like you have sight beyond sight....
  9. Its really, really fun and will drive you to find more as you find cool gear. Eventually you'll find an Armor that transforms you to Shovel Knight!
  10. I'm wanting to start this topic after about 10 hours of playtime with it, because the amount of gear and items is spinning my head sometimes with how strange things can get. This is fashion Souls all over for me as I rarely will take stats over things like my awesome Wolf Head Hood! Was also rocking the Stone Mask with Elf Ears and it appears there is a shard to totally become Shovel Knight based off the launch trailer, I'm hoping he also drops his Shovel and individual gear so I can wear his helmet! What items are you guys rolling with, in a fashion sense?
  11. Add me on PSN bro you got good taste in games
  12. No, I was confident it wasn't glitched and saved beyond the point of no return.....The Twilight Zone....
  13. Its my last trophy as the first time I beat it the items were glitched and didn't count even tho I had them. So I'm waiting, kinda hoping they would put out some DLC to bring me back in as I'm not excited about grinding this one out.
  14. There's also this cool Scarf you can customize the color of, sort of like the cape you can adjust the color of in Symphony. I only wish it had double the accessories and clothes it does!
  15. Yeah.... I'll wait. The game looks very much my style so I hope it gets fixed and running smoothly, no trophy problems.
  16. I'm curious to know too as the patch after release messed with my item tally and the hair styles didn't register as anything other than '?', even tho I already turned them in to the barber.
  17. Its a fine tune-up game for all you would- be Platinum Hunters! It'll get you ready for the Medium/Hard range Platinum out there and the type of goals that typically come with a Plat! Not hard but time consuming, yet very addicting so you'll get it naturally if you really are having fun.
  18. Oh so now because you said so I have to listen to what you think? Truth is I replied to you because you sound annoying trying to tell others what to or what not to do. Then you get butthurt about it and do the same stuff again.
  19. Wo-MEN, maybe???
  20. The Crowns suck. And I'll play it if I want. And they still suck.
  21. Best way would be to try to stay on top of all those annoying pancake robots he likes to drop down. Do damage to him because he goes away quicker if you beat his ass. If you try to wait, you increase the chances of him killing you the longer he's on screen.
  22. Is this strategy for your personal attempts? If it is, I chose Raph because he's the strongest so his damage is the best and since all combat is close ranged his weapon is the best as its the fastest to attack with, more hits since its small. The only roadblocks you really need to look out for is the end of the Sewer with all the Mines. The Technodrome section with the freezing floor, and the Hover Board section with Krang Boss. Everything else should be easy enough, good luck!
  23. What Crown Events were there for Black/Regular Diablos?
  24. Well that's settled now, isn't it? A crap ton of trophies AND those precious Gold Crowns lol! I might just puss out and ignore it since its a separate list...
  25. Its separate. It won't affect the old list at all. Personally I love that they did it this way, that way us who don't want to kill ourselves over Gold Crowns can just ignore it and keep 100% on base game. Optional for those who really need more!